Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clay Club Nov 2011

Had a great time tonight at the Clay Club. We had about 25 freaks show up. We had a Chili cook off with 8 different pots of chili.  As usual Kirk came in first but in a surprise showing Marian tied him!! And then she won the coin toss.  But Emily got third and Sheilah and Jim Sockwell got fourth.  Great showing and thanks to all who came. Also some good corn bread and desserts as well as some excellent Malbec.

Then, we retired to the theater area and Emily gave us a nice slide show of her amazing China travels. 7 weeks with the WVa Program

Thanks Emily!  (You can put Clay Club on your resume if you dare!!!)


Anonymous said...

What a nice nice at britt's, good food and friends. Thanks to all.

Dave and Deb.

Emily Reason said...

Delicious Chili & good company.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on!

John Britt said...

Anyone posting chili recipes?

Marian Parkes said...

I'll do mine later this afternoon.