Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Studio Closing/ SALE, SALE, SALE...

 $4,000 for all !
Stuff Includes:
Custom built portable Raku' Kiln,
Skutt 1027, 3 phase 220 .....NEVER been fired.... All the furniture (shelves and posts)... stand and for under the stand 2" tiles.
Brent  CXC (only used about 30 times) 
Left Handed Giffin Grip........
Asst. tools you'd have to come and see them
Sieves  40, 60 and 80 mesh two sizes.....
I have some chemicals which I'd have to go over and weigh, but I have them.
Many different size and shaped stamps..... again to be seen.
Bats all sizes and shapes and made of  different materials

Call for a complete list-
Linda Falcone  (828)926-0607  or


Gluck said...

all interesting — would love a list @ THANKS

John Britt said...

Send it to Linda:

Linda Falcone (828)926-0607 or

Erin Essin Campbell said...

If anyone is interested in buying the whole lot and then splitting it up, let me know. Linda wants to sell it all as a bundle and I'm only interested in the Skutt 1027! Email me at