Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Clay Club Ever

We had the best Clay Club ever last night!  (Except for a few of the John Ferlazzo's extravaganzas) But seriously, it was really good fun and I want to thank Jillian Wolf and  Marian Parkes for all their hard work and hospitality! ( I am also sure that there were a bunch of others that helped make it such a fine event, but don't know their names. Maybe Marian can help me?)

We learned several things...Kyle Carpenter, Michael Kline and Tom Turner are the best marketers of the group, with Kyle leading the pack. He was also won the contest, which was guesing who made the pots from the bone yard.

They had chosen about 25 pots and we all had to quess who made them. To tell you how bad I am, I did not even recognize my own pot!  (loser) But Kyle got the prize and a bag of dirty wet clay to take home. (overachiever!)

Anyway Kyle invited everyone to his studio opening and used those time honored magic marketing words ...Free Beer.

So, it was a really fun event. I even met Sue Greer who remind me that we were in a Tim Mather workshop in 1987 at Arrowmont!  Wow, is she old!  (Just kidding, I guess I am the old one cause I can't even remember my name!)

So, thanks again for a super fun time and we will let you know about the next Clay Club which will be at John Hartom's in Mitchell/Yancey County.

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John Britt


Jillian said...

Thanks, John, and it was one of the best times we've had at Odyssey...must have a lot to do with Clay Club. You all are a great show to take on the road!

Sue said...

Whoa John - guess I'm older than I was then...

Great to be at the
clay club and looking to bowling in May.

John Britt said...


Hope to see you there- John Hartom's.