Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cone 6 Reduction

My first clay club post! Here are some images from our last foray into cone 6 reduction at Claymakers in Durham, NC. As a studio, we are working towards converting over to firing cone 6 reduction regularly, and reducing (HA!) the number of our cone 9 reduction firings.

Shown are a few different shinos: Sprague Shino, Malcolm' Shino, and Carbon Trap Shino. All cone 9 reduction glazes, unaltered, fired to cone 6 in reduction. Another cone 9 glaze, Shaner's Red, works great with lots of variation. We have been working with our cone 6 palette as well. The tagine pic shows Panama Red and New Tyler Amber, with some Iron Rutile Wash brushed on top. The cup has Chinese Ash Slip applied over Carbon Trap Shino.

More to come!


John Britt said...

Nice Ronan,

Thanks for sharing. Got any recipes?

I don't know some of those.


Kevin F Chamberlain ceramic art and pottery blog said...

Sounds great! I think converting to a primarily cone 6 studio will be highly beneficial. Keep it up!

ronan kyle peterson said...

sure thang, jb, ill get some recipes up soon, also some more pics. also, i think i will unleash the Rogue Palino is something to behold.

John Britt said...

Can't wait Ronan! Unleash the plague, John