Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peach Bloom 2

Hey Po Wen,

How about these?

John Britt


powen liu said...

It looks right. Did you use CuO instead of CuCO3?

John Britt said...

Yea, used black copper oxide.

Joshua Ronnebaum said...

Hi, I'm a masters student at the University of Michigan taking my first-ever pottery course on Japanese ceramics... and I think I'm hooked. I love the artistry, science, and chance involved in ceramics and glazes in particular.

I love this peach bloom bowl. It is the exact color and effect I was imagining for natsu-jawan I'm working on. We have a copy of John's book in the studio, and I'm definitely going to try this Peach Bloom 2. Any pointers for a novice ceramic artist?

John Britt said...


I am writing an article and so if you get back with me a bit later i can share it with. But first have to get accepted.