Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Positions Open

The ceramics program at the University of Arkansas has two great opportunities.

1. Resident Artist/Technician Position:

This position is for someone who wants a year to work in an academic studio interacting with faculty, Jeannie Hulen and Amanda Salov but also the ceramic students. Benefits include private/locked door studio, all materials, all firings, $4000 stipend and good possibility for additional teaching. We ask that this person supplement studio needs when they occur which ranges from changing elements in a kiln to taking inventory of material this usually ranges from 5-20 hours a week. Direct supervisor for this position is Amanda Salov.

2. Post Bac/Special Student:
This is perfect for someone who is wanting to build a portfolio. Benefits are shared private studio, $640 a semester which includes materials and firings.

We've included images of Jeannie and Amanda's work.

Please share with anyone who this maybe of interest to.

Thank you,

Amanda Salov
Jeannie Hulen

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