Monday, April 26, 2010

May Clay Club 2010

The Imagine Render Group, proud parents of:

The Empty Bowls Project, requests the honor of your presence at a gathering/celebration of the Clay Club and other special individuals on May 12th.  

We wish to say “thanks” to everyone for your remarkable support of Empty Bowls over the years!


2-6 pm: Tours, kiln opening and optional bowl making, throwing and decorating. Clay and underglazes provided.

6-9 pm: Good food and beverages provided by Imagine Render.

Please arrive whenever you wish. Visit the studio, office and archives. Help us unload 150 or more bowls from the gas kiln. We will have some low-fire bowls made in advance for decorating. And we have lots of clay, much of it donated recently, if you wish to build or throw some bowls for future events such as The Mt Mitchell Craft Fair.

134 Lynnwood Lane, Burnsville, NC (directions available on request.)
RSVP by May 10th appreciated:
Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom, 828.675.0008

And please advise others who should join us. We do not wish to forget anyone.


Carolanne said...

Beautiful bowl! Is that glaze in your book, John?

John Britt said...

Yes, Pinnell Celadon on porcelain.