Friday, April 23, 2010

Feldspar chips

Making some feldspar chip and dip bowls.

John Britt


FetishGhost said...

That's a lot of chips!

John Britt said...

Yes, I have some with a lot and some with a little. Can't help experimenting!

ronan kyle peterson said...

i wedged some chicken grit up and put some feldspar included pots into cone 6 electric. they fused but didnt quite melt. gonna try in cone 6 soda in a few months.

chicken grit i bought is listed solely as calcium carbonate...thoughts?

John Britt said...


If it is calcium carbonate then if you get it wet it will swell or cause pop outs. Not sure what it is,


ronan kyle peterson said...

jb, said chicken grit did neither...maybe the calcium carbonate listing on the bag is for chicken nutritionists? like i said, no other composition listed on the bag, may email the company.

ronan kyle peterson said...

rechecked bag, says "guaranteed 11% calcium minimum..." so it was for fowl nutrition...ingredients says ground its the real deal. will keep yall posted after cone 6 soda tests.