Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Measuring Specific Gravity of Glazes

Here is another way to measure glaze thickness in the bucket if you don't have a graduated cylinder. (I learned this from Mike Tkach at Homer Laughlin China Company up on the Ohio river. )

You just take a empty water/pop bottle and zero the scale and then fill it so it forms a meniscus and then weight it. That way you always have it "full" and don't have to guess on the line of the graduated cylinder.

Then mark the number and whenever you have to check it you can,

John Britt


David Voorhees said...

I use this technique but divide this number (weight of the glaze) by the weight of the same volume of water. That number gives me a specific gravity index that I can replicate and note with the recipe.

John Britt said...

Very good!

sunslipceramics said...

So you guys mean that it is a reference as opposed to an exact measure right?
Sylvie Parisien

John Britt said...

That is right it is a reference to your thickness.

Anonymous said...

homer laughlin china co. is not in ohio its in newell, west virginia