Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crimson Laurel Gallery opening three new exhibitions, Saturday, Sept 3rd.

On September 3rd, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, North Carolina will open three new exhibits. Our featured exhibition is "South by Southwest: Collaborative Pottery by Jason Bohnert and Mark Knott" and our showcase exhibition is "Shawn Ireland - Pots and Paintings". Additionally, our online exhibition is "Ceramics by Dan Anderson". Join us for an artists reception on September 3rd at 6pm.

South by Southwest is a exhibit of collaborative pieces by Arizona potter Jason Bohnet and Georgia potter Mark Knott. Jason's work is heavily influenced by the natural world and travels to China, Italy, and all over the U.S. Most heavily he draws from Chinese folk pottery and the tradition of tea. The forms that interest Mark most reflect his love of the ocean: boats, water, continual movement, and repetitive patterns. These forms are softened by an ever changing color pallet and the atmosphere of his soda kiln This exhibition reaches across borders, miles of country, firing temperatures and differences in shape and form, to focus on commonalities between creative thinkers, makers of utilitarian objects, and soda-firing lovers of surface and decoration.

Pots and Paintings is an exhibition of pottery and paintings by Penland artist Shawn Ireland. Shawn utilizes local clays and glaze materials in his pottery described as both rustic and modern. His recent figurative candleholders and bowls have been influenced by travels to Italy where he experienced folk maiolica traditions and Etruscan antiquities. Still life and landscape have been the subjects of his paintings. ‘Pots & Paintings’ will be the first time Shawn has exhibited both his passions side by side.

Dan Anderson's work is an amalgam of vessel and industrial artifact. His pieces are handmade replicas of man made objects, soft clay renderings of metal objects aged and impotent reminders of a once powerful age. By firing his pieces in his anagama kiln, he is convinced that instead of merely heating the clay, the flame and ash have the capacity to alter and enhance his clay cans. The etched surface, created by sustained three to five day firing, imbues a "poetic" richness.

These exhibitions will open on September 3rd and remain through October 29th. Artists reception is Saturday Sept 3rd as well at 6pm. Each exhibition will also be available online starting September 3rd. For more information call 828-688-3599 or online at

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