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Jenny Lou Sherbourne is Awesome again and again!

Jenny Lou Sherbourne is Awesome again!

Jenny Lou Sherbourne is Awesome!

Sue Snook Encore

Sue Snook Vase

One more shot of Lindsey

Intern from Appalachian State

Exchanging Pottery?

Art Babble

Rice Hull Ash

Ang Blog

Low Melt Spodumene


Polarizing Filters

Nora Thomas Jar

penland potters

August 31 - Sept. 4, 2009

Need 20-25 Soft Bricks


Tony Clennell Missa 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Workshop Testimonial

Laurie Knopp "Creamer and Sugar"

Mary Ruth Webb Sculpture

Free Styrofoam Peanuts in Spruce Pine

Liz Zlot Summerfield Benefit Auction

Reed Handle Class

Laurie Knopp Cup

Steve Slatin's GNU BLUE cone 6

Nelle Pingree II Detail

Nelle Pingree II

Nelle Pingree I

Sarah Danforth Sculpture

Digital Photo Class July 19, 2009

My Lovely Wonky Pots

Haynes White

Digital Photo Class

Metchosin View

TRAC donations

Killer Ash with in focus image!

Summer Workshop

Spruce Pine Batch

Killer Ash

Nice Ash !


Penland summer marches on....

MISSA 2009

A Productive Meeting

Clay Club Meeting Tonight in Bakersville

Kid's Tiles

Tile Installation by Kathy Triplett