Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Voorhees - finished pots.

David Voorhees had his wood firing and wanted to post these finished pots. It was a great firing and I will post some glazes we used when I get the tiles.  John

DV Puckerware pots.jpg

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Studio Closing/ SALE

Selling out

Posted by: "Linda Falcone"  claymaster69

Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:12 am (PDT)

Hi guys I live in Waynesville NC and I have ALL the equiptment a potter could want including a  Portable Raku Kiln. I am also left handed so I have a Left Handed Giffin grip for anyone interested. I won't bore you with a list,as I have everything you may want.If you need ANYTHING call or write to me. I have it all except a slab roller. That includes a NEVER been fired Skutt 1027.
Hope you call or write as we've been out of work for 2 years. I'm NOT giving anything away as I'm doing this because we need the money to live and you'd have to pick up whatever you want.

Thank you,
Linda (red) Falcone

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Needed - a drive wheel rubber for a Randall Wheel

I use a Randall wheel that I bought over 30 years ago (ghack).  I need the rubber drivewheel that attaches to the motor. I can't find one since they stopped making the Randall years ago.  So, I'm trying to ask around in hopes of finding the part off a used Randall or maybe you know of a resource where I can find what I need. 


Let me know if you can help?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Georgia Pottery Invitational 2011


Hello Fellow Potters!

It is that time again—“Perspectives 2011: Georgia Pottery Invitational” is fast approaching!  There will be another lineup of 50 ofGeorgia’s finest potters in two exhibitions, along with demonstrations, studio tours, gallery talks, opening gala and preview sale…and more.  Information about each of these events is available on the OCAF website

I am writing to tell you about the wonderful workshop we have lined up for this year.  It is quite different from our other workshops in many ways.  For one, we have two instructors—Kate Tremel and her former teacher Jose Luis Yamunaque.  For another, you will participate “hands-on” and learn the pre-Columbian paddle and anvil technique used in Jose’s native northern Peru.  They will have paddle and anvils for your use in the workshop and will also have some available for purchase.

The attached flyer should provide all the information you need to register.  After you are registered, we will provide a list of items you should bring to the workshop.  If you have additional questions, you may contact me by email (above) or phone 404.402.0940. Registration is only through Cindy at the contact information specified in the flyer.

Hope to see you there on August 27 and 28!

Lynne Burke
Perspectives Planning Committee
Workshops, Demonstrations and Studio Tours

More Summer Reading

I have 3 selections for the reading list - Edge Barnes  (a.k.a  by his hip name - The Edge!)
A Single Shard

"A Single Shard" by Linda Sue Park
ISBN 9780395978276
A children's book, but very readable (I've read it twice)about Korean Celadon pottery in the 16th century or so.

The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story

"The Arcanum" by Janet Gleeson
ISBN 9780446674843
An historical account of the development of European porcelain.

The Road Through Miyama

"The Road Through Miyam" by Leila Philip
ISBN 9780394578187
An account of life in a Japanese pottery village during the 1980's by a young woman who apprentices herself to a Japanese potter for two years.

The Power of Words

Henry Pope wanted me to post this. He thought that this is : what every potter needs to know when writing about him/herself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Recommendation by Tant Mossig

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I recommend a Swedish book (of course!):
"The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" by Larsson Stieg 



Anyone want clay?

Yo Clubbers,

Anyone need clay. I need about 1000 pounds. I want to get it on Thursday if possible as I am going that way.  Anyone want to split a ton?

John Britt

Summer book recommendations

Anyone else got summer book recommendations?

John Britt

Ceramics from Islamic Lands

Ceramics from Islamic Lands
Ceramics from Islamic Lands by Oliver Watson -- amazing photographs and information. I especially liked the chapter on fakes and restorations (written by someone else -- don't have the book to see the author's name).

Amy Waller

Pottery Analysis

Pottery Analysis: A Sourcebook

Pottery Analysis by Prudence Rice -- an archaeological/anthropological perspective, comprehensive in scope. Almost 25 years old but still relevant and (for me) thought-provoking.

Amy Waller

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls...

Making bowls. If anyone wants to get in on the action, we are having the July 13th, 2011 Clay Club at John Hartom's Empty Bowl Factory.  We should have some good fun and it is really close for all you Mitchell County residents, and Yancey County for that matter!  

If anyone wants to demo some bowls that night for our You Tube videos, just let me know.  

Here is some more bowl porn ......

Monday, June 20, 2011

Korean Tea Bowl

Kizaemon Tea-Bowl, Korea, 16th Century (used for Japanese Tea Ceremony, 17th Century).

What's  not to like?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Google Art Project

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh

Just found this amazing page by Google. You can go into famous museums and see the artwork in 3-D.  You can select an image or bowl or whatever and zoom in on it, or you can travel around the museum.  Amazing.

Here is a bowl from the Freer Gallery.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Gray's Lily (Lilium grayi)

On Friday, we went for a hike up on Grassy Ridge Bald which is on the Appalachian Trail just past Jane's Bald. Amazing to see all the Rhododendron catawbiense and Rhododendron calendulaceum and  in bloom!  This is an amazing flower - Gray's Lilly after Asa Gray.

If you can get up there - it is spectatular!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ceramic Masterpieces

Ceramic Masterpieces: Art, Structure and Technology

If you haven't read this book...It is fantastic. It is an analysis of how a handful of Ceramic Masterpieces were made, including forming, glazing and firing techniques. But it has other sections which talk about all aspects of the pottery process. Fantastic!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bailey's Ceramics Workshop

This is a pot by Frances Palmer

Had a great workshop at Bailey's Ceramics last weekend!  We had 23 people and a great firing- no--- scratch that- the best firing ever in Jim Bailey's new Advanced-Logic gas kiln.

More images later.

Red Sucking Bugs

Here are some little red sucking bugs that are in full bloom on some weeds in the yard.  Aphids, I presume.

Spring in the mountains!

Wren Egg

Here is the last of the Wren Eggs that were in the sandblaster glove. The neighbor's cat ate all the babies in a horrific act of violence.   Keep your cats inside.

Rice Hull Ash 2011

Hello all,

I'm looking for a source for rice hull ash and the only name I've gotten is a source in Arkansas, I believe. Unfortunately their smallest quantity is a pallet, just over half a ton.
Do you know of a supplier that sells in smaller quantities? If not, do you know of anyone who would like to go in on the purchase of a full pallet? Between myself and a friend in the Triangle area we could account for about a fourth of a shipment. My best estimate on price is about 50 cents a pound delivered to Raleigh. The packaging is in 22# bags, 48 to the pallet, so would be wanting quantities in multiples of 22# bags.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Edge Barnes

Rice Hull Ash 2011

Hello all,

I'm looking for a source for rice hull ash and the only name I've gotten is a source in Arkansas, I believe. Unfortunately their smallest quantity is a pallet, just over half a ton.
Do you know of a supplier that sells in smaller quantities? If not, do you know of anyone who would like to go in on the purchase of a full pallet? Between myself and a friend in the Triangle area we could account for about a fourth of a shipment. My best estimate on price is about 50 cents a pound delivered to Raleigh. The packaging is in 22# bags, 48 to the pallet, so would be wanting quantities in multiples of 22# bags.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Edge Barnes

Saturday, June 11, 2011


The TRAC (Toe River Arts Council) Studio Tour is this weekend.  Be sure to stop up and check out the work. Great weather in the mountains!  The honey pot above is June Perry, who is one of the hidden treasures of Mitchell County.  She is on Sandy Branch Road in Bakersville, NC

Pottery beats Styrene

One more good reason to buy pottery,  with the latest on Styrene being categorized as a possible human carcinogen along with formaldehyde. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


All studio equipment sold--extruder, slab roller, fan, light fixtures. The power of JB's clay blog! Nothing like it. hp.

David Voorhees - "Puckerware" pots.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

David Voorhees shows: How to crease a vase 2011

June 8, 2011 CLAY CLUB

Had a great time at Clay Club last night.  David Voorhees hosted us and showed us his Boury box/car/wood kiln / pizza oven.  The only thing it didn't do it make the pots!

Anyway it was a beauty and he also demo'ed for us.  I will post the video later.  

He owns Hand in Hand Gallery in Flat Rock:

2720 Greenville Highway
Flat Rock, NC 28731  
(828) 697-7719

Ceramic Mo Archives

Free CM's

I have boxed sets of CM 1969-1993.

I have unboxed sets beyond 1993.

They are all free, you pick up or I can deliver within a reasonable area; that would be Mars Hill to Asheville.

What's so great about these issues? There are articles on Nampeyo (the first Nampeyo, who died in 1940; if you don't know, she and her family of potters were/are the greatest of the Native Hopi potters--whom I consider greater than the great Maria since they created new forms based on tradition, search Rick Dillinham articles), Bernard Leach, M Wildenhain, and all sorts of potters famous in earlier eras, some long gone.. Don't get stuck in the immediacy of your own small efforts to make a splash in the pot pond. The pot world started to take off in the late 60's so you can read aboutg some of its beginnings. Good to know your history--a history that is broader than the local stars of the juggers and facers, however great and inspiring they are. Reply by email:

Monday, June 6, 2011

June Clay Club

Yo Clubbers,

The next Clay Club is Wednesday June 8, 2011  at David Voorhees studio!  Should be fantastic! Regular potluck food.  

He has offered to demo: throwing and altering as well as discuss the kiln and firing.  Also, if anyone else wants to demo just let me know and we can figure out the logistics..

David also invited each person bring a bisque fired cone 10 clay mug to be glazed here and fired in my June 25th firing.  I could bring the fired mugs to the July meeting. 

The Voorhees Pottery wood-fired car kiln, built in 2009 is possibly the only one of its kind in the USA. Stacking space about 60 cu. ft., cross draft design kiln with Bourry style fire box and built in pizza oven.  The kiln fires in about 28 hours using one cord of wood and 1 1/2 lbs. soda sprayed as solution at top temperature.  The kiln is located at David's home/studio Sunburst Hollow, 2212 Green River Rd., Zirconia, NC, 40 minutes south of Asheville.

Directions:  from Asheville take I-26 East to Exit 54, taking US 25 South toward Greenville, SC.  Follow to Exit 3, Green River Rd.  At end of ramp turn right and drive 2 miles to driveway on right.  Look for #2212 on post and mailbox.


David Voorhees
Hand in Hand Gallery
2720 Greenville Hwy.
Flat Rock, NC 28731
697-7702, fax



John C Campbell Folk School

I had a wonderful and exhausting week teaching Wonderful Wheel Throwing at John C Campbell Folk School last week. Met lots of friendly & interesting people, had my eyes opened to fascinating techniques through demos hosted by instructors in other studios (my favorite was white coopering by Will Hines) and ate delicious food 3x a day. I highly reccomend taking class at the Folk School. A great time indeed.

A Match Made in Potter Heaven

Congratulations Will & Joy!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for a Studio in Baltimore, MD

I'm moving to Baltimore, MD in August and am looking for a studio space to rent, share, work/trade etc. Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me with any helpful info at

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Requires Some Patience

Redux: I found the box with the extruder paraphernalia. There are 7 dies for the 6" expansion box, mostly hollow, with attendant clamps. Big stuff! And there are several hollow forms for the 4" extruder. Don't like throwing? This is the perfect remedy.

Henry & Mary

Studio Equip for Sale

We are selling the following pieces of equipment, all in great shape, really!

1. 30" Bailey Slab Roller, one of the early SR manufactured with the large double rollers.
New price: $1034 plus frt
Sell price: $600
2. Bailey extruders, both 4" and 5" barrel with 6" expansion box, both barrels stainless steel. Included are some hollow dies, clamps, blanks, etc.
Sell: $350 (replacement price hard to determine as Bailley doesn't sell the 6" expansion box anymore. We do
have all the extras, the clamps, dies, some blank 6" marine plywood boards, including 2 dies, on hollow rd.
3. 'Commercial Grade' 18" high velocity fan to blow your dust, hot air, and personal troubles away, away.
Sell: $50.
4. 2 Grainger fluorescent shop lights, excellent condition, not installed (I have two installed, myself).
Sell: $50 ea.

All items can be picked up at our studio or I can bring to designated rendezvous pt, in Asheville or Weaverville,at your discretion. We live just below Mars Hill, on the Ivy River.

5. Speaking of which, we are selling our house, beautiful contemporary on 2 floors, @ 4000 sq ft, studio building @ 600 sq ft, 22 plus acres, along the Ivy River. Growing fields, one organically farmed by local farmer, two others could easily gain organic status. Feeling good about life? This is paradise, priced under 800 k.

Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen


For equipment:

The house will be listed by Weaverville Realty, soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

US Pigment order

Just to get you an update, I got my oxide order from US Pigment and I saved $439.90 buying it from US Pigment vs Highwater!

Shop on Clubbers!