Friday, January 29, 2021

Follow-up from Akira Satake on Mountain Xpress article ("Local Artists Respond to Pandemic Challenges in Creative Ways")

Akira asked to share this follow-up statement about his interview with the Mountain Xpress:

I was extremely flattered and honored to be interviewed for the article in the Mountain Express, “Local Artists Respond to Pandemic Challenges in Creative Ways,” but I would like to clarify one point where I feel I may have been misinterpreted due to my still imperfect English. The interviewer asked me toward the end of our talk whether “the darkness of current events shows up” in my work and I honestly had to say no. It is my nature to find joy in creating. Having the great fortune to able to do what I do makes me happy and find positivity. I hope that no one reading this interview felt I was at all indifferent, or unaffected by the hardships brought on by the pandemic to artists in Asheville and throughout the world. The challenges are very serious and have been felt by all of us. It is my sincere hope we all can come out of it stronger and more resilient in the face of this challenge and whatever lies ahead.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Registration now open for all-virtual 2021 NCECA Conference

Registration is now open for the 2021 NCECA Virtual Conference, to be held March 17th-21st. There are a number of registration options available. From NCECA:

Registration for the 2021 NCECA Virtual Conference, Rivers, Reflections and Reinventions is now open! NCECA has adopted a flexible pricing model for this event. You can review the options here. Select the rate that best meets your circumstances at this challenging time. This virtual event will include a wide array of programming and a densely packed schedule. It will be easier for you to attend and explore ideas and trends to deepen your interests and expand your awareness of ceramic art, teaching, and learning.

All individuals, including those who chose to defer their 2020 Richmond conference fees to 2021, will need to register through NCECA’s User Portal here. Email or with any questions or concerns.

Let’s jump into Conference Mode! As we finalize our 2021 NCECA Virtual Conference experience for March 2021, follow NCECA on Instagram at #nceca2021 and #nceca to get a preview of upcoming content, Demonstrating Artists, Keynote Sessions, and Speakers that will make up NCECA’s robust conference environment! Follow our stories to hear directly from the presenters on what they will be discussing during the conference days. In February, we will be announcing the 2021 Emerging Artists and additional information on upcoming registration dates. Join us daily as we reveal the NCECA 2021 Virtual Conference Experience!

More info here:

(image from the NCECA website)

Akira Satake on creativity during the pandemic

11/29/21 update: Akira asked to share a follow-up statement about his interview with the Mountain Xpress. Read it here:

Akira Satake talked to the Mountain Xpress about working and creating during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Like many artists, Akira Satake’s creative rhythms suffered an interruption in March 2020. “My domestic and overseas workshops got canceled,” says the ceramist. At first, he panicked but then centered himself and began to think about the future.

“This is a time for me to focus, to create something very new, a little bit more adventurous,” he decided. “I thought that would be kind of a wonderful idea, because I always wanted to have a little bit more time to focus on my art.” But he felt a responsibility toward the six people working for him.

So with his gallery in Asheville’s River Arts District closed to the public, he shifted to online sales. “We put out 500 pieces of work,” Satake says. Between his mailing list and social media, he was able to reach a wide audience. “And surprisingly,” Satake says, “that did well.”

He also decided to be adventurous, launching Convergence, an online workshop in collaboration with Ken Matsuzaki, a potter based in Japan. The three-day workshop attracted students from around the globe. “We sold out in four hours,” Satake says, with amazement in his voice.

Read the whole article here:

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Nick Moen featured on Making it in Asheville

Nick Moen is featured on the current episode of the Making it in Asheville podcast. From the podcast website:

Nick Moen of The Bright Angle Combines Artistry with Technology

Nick’s focus is on bridging the gap between design and craft by using technology to create home decor and lighting. The BrightAngle recently landed a position as a partner for YLighting, with an exclusive ceramic brand contract, The Bright Angle’s team of four is taking porcelain and the use of the technology within pottery creation to the next level.

In this episode, we interview Nick Moen, the founder of The Bright Angle, a technology-driven porcelain design studio.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

• Why being relentless in outreach efforts is so important
• The Bright Angle’s exciting new partnership with YLighting
• How in the 1700s Porcelain was such a hot commodity that  Europe sent ships to China full of gold in exchange
• How hosting local events with chefs and musicians helped Nick’s visibility in the restaurant scene
• The challenges in the life of a potter: then vs now

Listen wherever you listen to podcasts. More details here:

Monday, January 25, 2021

Young Individual Seeking Opportunity in Ceramic Apprenticeship


My name is Catherine Siravantha, and I just moved to Asheville, NC recently.  I have taken beginner ceramic classes while in high school and college, and I fell in love with the connection I felt to the earth and my hands while working in the trade.  Since graduating college, I have been removed from the practice with difficulties accessing space and finances to work with clay.  After moving to WNC and being inspired by the amazing ceramicists and potters in the area, I have been deeply yearning to reconnect with, learn much more about, and be able to practice ceramic making again.

I have basic understandings of hand building techniques and have more experience in ceramic sculpture, but I would also love to learn more about functional ceramic making and other techniques as well.  I am a fast and dedicated learner and would love to help with any duties and tasks (general maintenance, mixing glazes, firing kilns, making clay, helping with sales, etc.) in the studio that you may need assistance with.

If you need some assistance in your studio and are interested in taking on an apprentice or just have any general advice for me, please feel open to contact me at the email below—I would be honored to be able to more in-depthly speak with you about both of our interests and needs!  

Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you all well!

Catherine Siravantha

Pottery wheel for sale in Hendersonville, NC

Here are the details from Lisa Renee:

FOR SALE ASAP: $600 OBO Selling my pottery wheel! It is an electric pottery kick wheel.

Trying to sell as soon as possible it has cosmetic flaws but works beautifully. It is definitely an antique the only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I'm moving. It comes with lots of bats. It is a kick wheel with a motor addition on it it is not pristine but works so good I wish I didn't have to get rid of it but it is to big. I paid 600 for it 2 years ago and want to be fair!

Located in Hendersonville, NC

Also am looking for a smaller electric wheel.

Text me at 828-333-3521 or email

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Make Better Pots - enhance your skills!

Asheville, NC

Make Better Pots - 6 week class - with Julia Mann

When: Thursdays from 10am - 12:30pm

Sessions Dates: February 4 - March 11, 2021

Where: The Village Potters Clay Center, 191 Lyman St. #180, Asheville, NC 28801

Register (or more info) HERE: or call us at (828) 253-2424

This intermediate class is designed for potters who desire to create and improve their skills, refine their abilities and make excellent forms. Julia will help you expand your skill set by challenging you to push your boundaries in clay. You can expect to explore a variety of forms and bring your interests and goals to class! You will walk away with vastly improved work and abilities as a potter. 

This class fires in cone 6 oxidation or cone 10 reduction kilns.

*Please visit our website to read about our COVID-19 safety policies regarding in-person classes: 

Testimony from Student: Julia Mann’s class is a must-take for any intermediate potter! The class has a realistic pace and provides studio time between sessions to complete each type of piece. Julia’s demos are clear and she adapts them to the design ideas of each student. Hard parts? Julia will walk you through them. If you get stuck while throwing (making the same mistake over and over), Julia can watch your technique, identify exactly what you are doing wrong, and tell you what you need to change. She is patient and encouraging, and wants every student to succeed. At the end of the class, all pieces are fired to Cone 10, which can add beautiful reduction effects to the glazes. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this class (or any other) from Julia Mann! – Barbara Hebert

Friday, January 15, 2021

Clay 101 at Haywood Community College

Registration for Clay 101 at Haywood Community College now through February 25. 

This course provides extensive time and studio access for new and seasoned potters and clay artists to explore the medium. Weekly instruction will include demonstrations, discussions and skill-building exercises in hand building, wheel throwing and glazing and firing techniques. 

Class meets Thursdays from 9am-1pm March 11 - May 6 (excluding April 1).

$444 covers tuition and clay. More information and registration can be found HERE.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Kiln and kiln controller for sale in Huntersville, NC


Kiln For Sale:

Used Olympic Torchbearer updraft gas kiln 2827. This kiln was a used electric kiln converted by Olympic to natural gas. Easily re-fitted for propane. I have fired the kiln to cone 6 in reduction; haven’t tried cone 10. Comes with custom made vent hood to use with 8” B-vent chimney pipe. Inside of kiln has some cracks; burners are new.

Bartlett Controller V6-CF. Bought new for $685, used only as pyrometer. $450 or best offer.

Email for more photos.

Both in Huntersville, NC.

704 576 5060

Memorial for Jeff Kleckner Pottery online

From Terry Gess: Memorial for Jeff Kleckner Pottery online

Happy New Year to you.

We’re honored to announce the launch of our website tribute to our potter-friend Jeff Kleckner who passed away late August, 2020. More than 25 of his fellow potters, collectors, gallery clients, former teachers and students have submitted tributes and recollections in his honor. There’s lovely, perceptive insights, lots of respect, as well as some hilariously-recalled encounters with Jeff from good folks fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. Lots of old and new photos of Jeff Kleckner and his work. See young Jeff way back when in art school!

Here’s how potter Mark Shapiro begins his contribution:
"It kills me to think of the guy gone. Kleckner. His droll voice: nasal and magnetic. His stories, his self-deprecating humor. The world was all a hopeless mess, full of missed opportunities and crappy deals, intentions impure or gone awry: his, ours, everyone’s. Making pottery was the most noble gesture he could come up with. Jeff was way ahead of most people understanding the now commonplace concept of precarity, whether it was the gig economy of adjuncting, the unpredictability of craft-show juries and sales, or the scant remuneration and micro-humiliations of wholesaling to galleries. But he made the indignities funny, too, savoring the ironies and the (perhaps too rare) pleasures of sharing them with colleagues and friends."

Visit the site: