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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Assistance Needed

The good folks at Barking Spider Pottery, just 1 mile down the road from the Penland School, are looking for a studio assistant! It's a part time position, hours are flexible, and no previous clay experience is required. They will train you!

Contact Jon and Becky at 828-765-2670.

or email them!

Check out their web site while you're at it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Local Honey For Sale

Local Mitchell County Honey for Sale: $7.00 a pint/ $14.00 a quart.

Call John at 828-467-5020 or email


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rubies and Vines -Lane and Kline

First, I have to say, I just love this title for their show. It's a title that came from the imaginations of Michael Kline and Stacy Lane. Husband and Wife, Father and Mother, Potter and Jeweler, and all around outstanding community members. At it's inception in 2010, this show was to be a celebration ofthis well respected duo from the Mountains of North Carolina. A celebrationof their skill, dedication, fortitude and kindness.

The idea was to display a body of work not yet seen by Michael's collectors; work in porcelain, and a body of work form Stacy that connected the two artists in some way. Stacy comments below on how the show progressed from idea to exhibition.
"I have loved making the work for this show. I gave myself permission to play with some new materials, and think that this work will serve as a new beginning in the studio in several ways. At the end of the stash of my real rubies, I have been struggling with whether to buy more when it is so difficult to trace where they were mined, and under what conditions they were cut. I decided to experiment with super sparkly faux rubies in much of this work, and I love the juxtaposition of the somewhat crude metal surfaces with the crazy brightness of the stones. It was also great to be able to use as many “rubies” as I wanted, without concern for the cost of the stones. With the gold market at an all time high, I have also been drawn to the yellow color, but unable to work freely with gold. I tried casting an Ancient Bronze alloy - the color is great, and the patina appeals to me because of the feeling of age it conveys. I explored bi-metal pieces – something I haven’t done in a long time. I am particularly excited about some signet-type rings with silver tops and gold bands.Because I am sharing the show with Michael, I have been searching for subtle connections in our work over the course of the past year. I found some beautiful blue faience (clay) beads, and have made two necklaces using this material – one is a choker with a little twist, and the other a bit more tribal in feeling. Michael is experimenting with a glaze on porcelain that hints at this aqua color. I also found some beautiful dendritic quartz stones, which remind me of little gardens. The stem and leaf motifs seem connected to his painting, so I’ve used a few of these in necklaces. There might be a few snakes appearing in our work, too…

As I review the pieces for the show, I am grateful for the challenge that trying to push myself brings. This work is definitely related to my previous jewelry, but feels like a step in several new directions. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Stacey Lane, Studio Jeweler
May 7th marks Michael's 50th year on this planet, Happy Bithday Michael. Some of the pieces in this exhibition have "50" marked on the backside, one has it glazed! A collectors dream for certain. Friday we will post again about this show and hear a few words from the birthday boy himself.

Exhibition begins May 7th online and in the gallery. Check it out online @

David Trophia
Crimson Laurel Gallery

"Containment II" Excited yet ?

Excited yet about "Containment II" - the inside story? Well, we certainly are. Last Spring Crimson Laurel Gallery opened it's first concept show called "Containment, an exhibition of ceramic boxes". The show went on to be a great success with it's thirty plus national artists showing their design ideas for this widely popular theme.Wanting to continue the momentum of this show into 2011, we invited thirty five artists, most of whom were new to the theme, to contribute to this years show with a twist. The twist is not mind blowing but it did allow for a new area of creative energy. Simply have your piece contain something...anything.

As you can imagine, we have received some really interesting work. I want to touch on a few to wet your appetite for the upcoming show. Lets start with Noah Ridel, Chapel Hill NC. Noah's work really impressed me because it's all about design which I particularly love in ceramics. Influenced by designers such as Alvar Aalto and Charles and Ray Eames, Noah has created three lidded pieces that beg to be touched and opened. A lid that you slide your hand into to remove and another that uses the influences of a coffee bean to form the handle of it's lid. These are standouts and are a must see. Another artist who's work I admire very much and was excited to receive is Judith Duff, from Brevard, NC. Judith created two wonderfully formed lidded houses that are very rich in form and surface. We asked Judith to elaborate on her entries to the show this year.

"In my past trips to Japan I have been inspired by Japanese architecture and also the lanterns found in their famous gardens. For several years I have been making large Toro's (Japanese Lanterns) and these new box forms were derived from my lanterns. They took on special meaning to me when, during their construction, the terrible earthquake and tsunami shattered the lives of the people of Japan. They are architectural in nature and are reminders of the thousands of homes and structures that were devestated in this disaster. Rather than holding light like the lanterns, these boxes hold hope and the promise of recovery. The treats that are inside the boxes hopefully represent a more optomistic future". - Judith Duff

"Containment II - the inside story" is a must see if your're in our area and, if your're not, just go to our website May 7th to view and purchase these one of a kind works. The website will also be introducing a new feature this year, a shopping cart feature that we have wanted to add for quite some time now. Bravo to our web designer Marsia Falcigno who worked hard to get this new feature up and running in time for this amazing show.

Coming up next on our Blog, Michael Kline and Stacy Lane, our featured exhibition for May and June, talk about their show and give us a glimpse of what to expect from this highly respected artist duo.

"Containment II - the inside story" opens to audiences May 7th at 10am both in the gallery and online. Artists Reception - May 7th as well 6pm. Mark your calendars collectors.

David Trophia
Crimson Laural Gallery

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pug Mill For Sale 4/22/2011

It's Doug Brown in Edom, Texas.  
In Jan. I purchased a Bluebire Powerstar1 pug mill.

It makes beautiful dense clay, however it only produces 1200 lb per hour.  

I would like to buy the Bluebird 3000 which makes 3000 lb per hour.  

I need to sell the Powerstar1.  I

 paid $5372.00 for it and will sell it for $4000.00.  It has about 30 hours of run time.  If you know anyone who needs a pug mill, this is a great deal.

Doug Brown

John's Golden Fish

Mellow Mushroom in Asheville purchased the mobile, so if you're in the area check it out. They have bought 6 of John's pieces thus far. While you're there look for the airplane with the 6 foot wingspan, the blue elephant that hangs over the bar, the blue moon, the angel, and the big pink flying pig.

If anyone out there uses cat food with the pop top lid and could send John some of them it would be a great help. He needs millions!!

We also invite you to visit us here at the Puddle. The Toe River Studio Tour takes place June 10, 11, and 12 here in Yancey and Mitchell county. There will be more than 100 artists participating. Go to and make plans to join us. John and I will have our studios and gallery bursting with great art. Joining us for the Tour is daughter, Kathryn, who will be showing her fantastic bags and We hope to see you all soon.

Thank you again for your support! 
Claudia, John and the fish!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea Time pick up?

Anyone from WNC going to be near the NC Pottery Center in the near future? Or, is anyone going to pick up pieces from the Tea Time exhibit down there? I'm hoping my pots can hitch a ride back.

Ian Meares Cup

Ian Meares / Red Lodge Show 2011

Featured Artist
Ian Meares  Meares
Inchoate [in-koh-it, -eyt]
1.not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.

Employing familiar vehicles of cups and bowls, Ian Meares conjures  alchemical surfaces .      Surfaces with the ability to unnerve us in their resulting  ambiguity--often referred to as a "rupture" by the artist.  He calls this body of work Inchoate because it is in the beginning phases of conception and form.  Linear marks retrace horizons of a grasp, (re)purposing the mark of the  maker, as well as our understanding of landscape.   And while his objects have the potential for cerebral  philosophizing,  it is equally challenging and rewarding to acquiesce, allowing the senses to explore and indulge in the depths of crystals and flow.

IMC Dead or Alive

Any one know what this is: IMC Apex 400 Extender?

It's ancient, hoary.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Fishy about John Richards

Hello Clubbers,

Some of you may already be aware that John Richards entered a contest sponsored by etsy and NBC, among other sponsors, for art projects created with recycled materials. John is one of the Top 10 Finalists. John's project, Flying Alumifish, and the other finalist's projects can be seen at

Tomorrow morning on the  TODAY SHOW they will show John's piece and mention him. We also will find out if he is the Grand Prize Winner tomorrow. Perhaps on the Show? This will happen during Kathie Lee Gifford's segment. We're not sure of the exact time, but if you have an opportunity to watch you might want to tune in. The mobile is currently hanging in the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville so you can visit it in person if you live in the area.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


Yummy Mud Puddle
264 Clear View Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714

Last Call for Kiln Share

Any local yocals with pots for cone 10 reduction firing, please get in touch with me-
loading Sunday May 1 , unloading Thu. May 5
firing takes place in Marshall

Kiln For Sale Mitchell County NC 2011

Call Jerry Virden 828-385-2882

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Energy XChange Earth Day Party

We welcome everyone to come up to the Energy XChange for our Earth Day Party on Friday, April 22, 5 pm!

On Earth Day–1999, the landfill gas system fueling EnergyXchange studios and buildings was activated. Twelve years and several graduating classes later, we celebrate the day at the top of the hill.

Come enjoy an evening with good food and friends–old and new! We’ll have a short tour of the campus including the new gallery. There’ll be live music and performance art. We’ll be grilling up EnergyXchange raised tilapia with the community potluck.

We’ll even begin a new tradition at the Xchange that evening by planting a fruit tree in honor of the planet.

Mark the date-Friday, April 22, 5pm. So bring a dish (we'll provide the beverage) …friends…family...or just come and share the fun!

Want More Information? Call 828.675.5541
Need Directions?

Pottery Equipment FOR SALE


      15" octogonal shelf (1 full size)  $ 28
      15" octogonal shelves (4 half shelf) $64
      various sizes of posts
      1 bead tree
Kiln used only 2 or 3 times.

     Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Classic Pottery Wheel 1/3 hp
gently used 5 or 6 times


        North Star #551
    30" Standard w/ roller, 4' table, wagon wheel handle & canvas        30"x 48" Slabs .01" to over 2" thick

     -clay carving tools, sponges, cookie cutters, couple of 25 lb blocks of clay

Contact :
Drew Kennedy 336-707-8276.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Lost and Found

After Wednesday's Clay Club meeting, we found a UV filter 001 for someone's camera. Just give us a call, and we'll figure out a way to return it to its owner. 675-0690

Free silicon carbide beams

Hey all,

A friend of mine has access to approximately 100 silicon carbide beams which are 2" x 3" x 75" long and about 1/4" thick. They usually cost $350 each but he has them for free.  Someone would just need to get them out of the shop in the next 10 days. 7000 pounds of them. So either someone has to pick them up or pay shipping.

He says that they can be used to span some stilts and then your shelves can rest on those beams so no center post.  Do you know anyone who could use them?  He hates to see them trashed.

Let me know if you are interested or know someone who is and I will give you the contact info.  Maybe someone in Arkansas/Texas/ western Tennessee.

 It needs to happen quickly.  

TAKEN/SOLD 4/15/11

Take care,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oil Spot and Hare's Fur

Here is an upcoming article in Ceramics Monthly:

One Piece Lidded Jar

OOAK GALLERY and Clay Club

Had a great time at the Clay Club last night 4/13/2011 which was held at the OOAK Gallery in Micaville.  

Here is their latest ad in the Toe River Arts Council Newsletter. (You should get the  newsletter and "read the damn thing"!  Which was the best quote from last night's meeting.)  There is a lot of good stuff in there including job opportunities and calls for artists, events, etc. 

Join the Toe River Arts Council; you don't have to be an artist to support the community that supports the arts. Receive news about our art programs, upcoming cultural events, and opportunities. For more information or to join online, go and click on the left column for membership. You can call 828-682-7215 in Burnsville or 828-765-0520 in Spruce Pine, or email us
Do you know someone who might be interested? Let us know, we'll give them a free trial subscription.

OOAK, ONE OF A KIND GALLERY in Micaville opened for the season on April 1, 2011 under the new ownership of Lynda Gayle Banner, Kari Weaver Hopkins and Estela Shackelford. 

OOAK features artwork in a variety of media by many well-known and not-so-well-known local artists. Artists such as painter and sculptor Brette Barclay Barron, jeweler Judy Presnell, and "Art Machine" John D. Richards are among the many artists represented. Visitors can also expect to see pottery and clay art by the owners. 

The gallery is located in the old Micaville General Store, 573 Micaville Loop, at the intersection of the Micaville Loop and Highway 80 S and is part of the Mt. Mitchell Scenic Drive. 

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10-5:30 and Sunday 12-4. For more information call 675-0690 or

OOAK is currently looking for metalwork, blacksmithing, woodworking and glass art. Artists should call the gallery to arrange a time to bring work.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clay Club

Thanks to Kari, Lynda and Estella for a fabulous Clay Club at the One-of-a-Kind Gallery in Micaville.  Great attendance, good food and wonderful company.

Summer Residency @ Odyssey

Odyssey Center for Ceramics Arts is accepting applicants for its Summer Residency Program Odyssey’s Summer Resident Artist Program The mission of our Summer Resident Artist program is to provide progressive students with a stimulating environment to pursue their development in the Ceramic Arts. The program emphasizes exploring new ideas while working within a diverse community of Ceramic Artists both at Odyssey and in the River Arts District. The Summer Residency is a great opportunity for artists who are looking for time, space and resources to experiment with new techniques and create new work in a supportive creative environment. The residency is a 12 week commitment from May 30- August 26, 2011 with the week of July 4- July 10 off for holiday break. The program suits those who are self-directed, detail oriented and community minded. Applicants must have the willingness to work hard at studio maintenance as well as assisting students and instructors. Benefits include community studio space, 24-hour studio access, attending weekly Visiting Artist’s lectures, discounts on clay purchases, and use of kilns to fire work*. Residents will also receive a weekly stipend of $75. Residents are responsible for their own housing and living expenses. *Firing fees may apply for the exclusive use of kilns. In exchange for what the center provides, the Resident Artists are responsible for assisting Odyssey’s Kids Clay Camps. The work requirement is a minimum of 4-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday, working the morning or afternoon shift. Residents act as representatives of Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts and will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to execute their responsibilities thoroughly and efficiently. Duties include assisting instructors, working with children, kiln loading/unloading, cleaning, keeping up with tools and supplies and general studio maintenance. Summer Residency: May 30-August 26, 2011 Application Deadline: May 6, 2011 For application & more information please contact: Heather Springsteen Programs Coordinator 828-285-0210

Closed Salt Shaker

4 Bridges & 4 NC Potters this Weekend

Jim & Shirl Parmentier, John Ransmeier & Emily Reason will be representin' NC in TN. Check us out if you're in Chattanooga! 4 Bridges Arts Festival� will be celebrating its 11th year on April 16 & 17, 2011 at the First Tennessee Pavilion in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The festival is produced by the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) and has become a staple in the Southeast, as well as the nation, for presenting some of the finest original artworks made by contemporary artists from around the country. Live music from talented local and regional performers and a new focus on artisan foods, offering richly diverse dishes, add to the festival's atmosphere. For budding arts enthusiasts, the Kids' Art Creation Area is free and open to children of all ages, offering original art projects from trained art educators. These projects change every two hours � or as long as supplies last! Hours are Saturday: 10am to 6pm and Sunday: 11am to 5pm. Admission to the festival is $7 for one day or $10 for both days and free for ages 18 and under. Proceeds from the festival benefit the Association for Visual Arts. For more information, please call Director of 4 Bridges Arts Festival�, Jerry Dale McFadden at 423.265.4282 ext. 106.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Throwing & Teapot Workshop

"Throwing and Creative Construction of Forms" - SUE GRIER WORKSHOP
April 30th & May 1st at The ARTS Center in Clemson, SC.

Demonstrations will explore altering freshly thrown forms, mark making, the use of line, texture and profile to develop original and animated pottery forms.

Saturday morning, Sue will use the teapot form as a starting point for throwing demonstrations. The teapot is a potter’s most complex and endlessly satisfying form for discovery. Other thrown forms will be done as time allows(including lidded forms, throwing off the hump, altering cylinders & plates, cups/saucers, goblets).

Sunday starts with a discussion & demonstration of teapot assembly including various types of handle solutions. We will then trade previously thrown/made spouts, lids & teapot bodies to be constructed/assembled into 2 finished teapots. As our group hands-on event unfolds, participants will start with 2 teapot bodies, 2 lids and 2 spouts drawn at random from the "pool" of parts. We will then trim, assemble, alter, add handles/knobs, carve, whatever it takes to discover new teapot forms. Sue will work with you to problem solve construction and give advice on forms as we go.

The finished forms may end up being utilitarian or sculptural - the objective is to have fun discovering new forms and expression within the forms!

Please contact: The Clemson ARTS Center (located in Clemson, SC) for registration and more information.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kiln Share

looking to share kiln and propane cost for my next cone 10 reduction kiln load in Marshall

loading April 26/27
need about 9 12"x24" shelves worth of work (about half a kiln load). Propane cost charged at approx. space usage.

Anyone interested in sharing a please email me

Clay Club April 2011

Yo Clubbers,

Looks like we are having the Clay Club at the One Of A Kind (OOAK) Gallery on the Micaville Loop this  Wednesday April 13, 2011 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

OOAK Gallery
573 Micaville Loop
NC 28755
(828) 675-0690

Kari Hopkins, Linda Banner and Estella Shackleford are the new owners !  (I hope you were nice to them when they were nobodies and now that they are Gallery owners, I hope that they remember us peons!) 

You can bring any potluck item you like or just come on by and check out their new space!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Potter's of Madison County Unite

Please join us for the 1st annual show and sale of fine pottery by the
Potters of Madison County
this Saturday, April 9, 9am-5pm
Bentley Fellowship Hall - Mars Hill College, I-26 exit 11, Hwy 213. 
FREE admission, raffle, food, and live demonstrations beginning at 10am by Mary Mikkelsen, Becca Floyd & Jim Parmentier
Featuring the work of Madison County potters: Becca Floyd, Mary Mikkelsen, Henry Pope, Jim & Shirl Parmentier, Alex Matisse, Jane Renfore & Emily Reason with guest potters John Ransmier & Kyle Carpenter. 
visit for directions and more information.

Looking for studio space in exchange for work

Hello all,

I recently moved to Asheville and have been searching for a place where I could volunteer (loading kiln, cleaning, helping during open studio) in exchange for using ceramic studio space at certain times of the week. 

I began doing wheel pottery a few years back but haven't been in a place to continue it as a hobby until now.  I know that Odyssey offers membership to community members, but their prices are more than I can pay in my current state of underemployment, so in the mean time I'd love to help out a local potter in exchange for occasional use of studio space and kiln. 

I have some chronic back problems, so I couldn't do lots of heavy lifting and I probably wouldn't want to do wheel work more than twice a week.  If anyone is looking for some help in their studio and has times of the week when I could do some of my own amateur work (bowls, mugs, plates), please be in touch!

Sarah Gibson

Come enter the Bathsphere! Artist Reception for Jason Bige Burnett and Eleanor Annand

Crimson Laurel Gallery Artist Reception April 7th at 6pm.

On April 7, 2011, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, North Carolina presents Submerging the Bathysphere: Illustrative Ceramics by Eleanor Annand and Jason Bige Burnett. These two artists have come together to investigate life at sea through illustrative ceramics. In both form and content they have combined their playful sensibility to create decorative and functional ceramic work.

Eleanor Annand is primarily a printmaker and illustrator. She creates prints with strong central characters that tell tales of exploration, escape, and disg
uise. These stories evoke folklore of the past and urban legends.

Jason Bige Burnett involves screenprinted and digital printmaking methods into his ceramics. Simultaneously he incorporates pop influenced imagery that is both personal and universal creating a sense of deviancy and play to his ceramic work.

This exhibition will opened on April 2nd and remain through April 30th. The exhibition will be available online on April 2nd. Join us for an artist's reception on April 9 at 6pm. For more information call Crimson Laurel Gallery at 828-688-3599 or online at

Wet to Dry

Clayclubbers, Do any of you know of anything you can add to a wet glaze mixture to reduce wet to dry shrinkage? I have buckets (and buckets) of scrap glaze, Slopadon (a very nice, olive celadoney glaze in cone 6 electric) that shrinks and cracks a lot after I apply it to bisque, and later there are tiny, but annoying, bits of crawling out of the glaze firing. I'm thinking there is a fair amount of clay in there (I put slips and sigs into Slopadon, too) which made me just think maybe green glazing could be the answer. Any suggestions for chemical additions? Thanks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apple Blossoms

It got a bit cold last night and the Saylor's Orchard was spraying to save the apple blossoms.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lee's Black Glaze cone 05/04

Lee's Clear Black cone 05/04
26 Gerstley Borate
20 Nepheline Syenite
30 Frit 3124
  4 Lithium carbonate
10 EPK
10 Silica

10 %Mason Stain

(A.k.a. Lee's Satin Black Glaze)
Now you can always find it - just Google

Euan the Potter

Some of us on Facebook are following Euan's blog about his pottery in Japan, and the aftereffects of the earthquake. His posts, going back to the day of the quake, are heartwrenching.

Monday, April 4, 2011

lost yummy satin black recipe

I had a recipe that I had affection for ... a low-fire matte black, I think it was "called" Lee's Black?
Lee's Satin Black? Does anyone know it? guidance much appreciated!

Dippy Dots

Here is a little image of our weather on Saturday.  Little round snow balls covering the Boo.

How to open a Highwater Clay box

Here is a little gem on how to get the clay out of Highwater Clay boxes. I think Doc Welty told me this little secret. (Shows how stupid I am since I never figured it out myself!)

Since they don't tie them and they just drop them in, instead of opening them from the top where it is hard to find anything to grab on to, just turn the box upside down and open. Then the bag is right there. 

It might make your life better?!  Or not!

Wired: How to Page

Here is an interesting page:


How to compete?

Cheryl just went to Wal-mart and got some new dinnerware ...I know ...a disgrace!  But the thing is she got :

Which is a 4 place setting-  with 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls and 4 cups for $20.00!!!

How is that possible!!??

How can potters compete?  I may just start going up to Wal-mart and buying my dinnerware and then put decals on them and resell them for $25.00. Wait a minute...I still couldn't make any money!!???


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snowflake Crackle

Been working on some Snowflake Crackle - let you know when I get further along the trail.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Perfect Grey cone 10

Here is a grey glaze from Bill Sanders who lives in Colorado.

Perfect Grey              cone 10 R            

Potash spar                       55
Whiting                         25
EPK                                 10
Glomax                       10
Cobalt carb                        0.25
Nickel carb                        1.25
Rutile                                 3.5

breaks brown where thin

Honey Butter

But that can be remedied by a dose of John's Honey Butter.  Bitchin!

Still Winter

When you look out the window and see means that it is nature's April Fool's joke.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Question about a Skutt 1027 kiln

Riddle me this: What happens if, instead of putting only one top/bottom element in the top and bottom sections, you put two top/bottom elements in? The recommended elements are a single top/bottom for the very top and the very bottom. They then recommend that a center element goes into the bottom of the top section, the entire center section, and the top of the bottom section. Right now we have 4 top/bottom elements and only 2 center elements. And they won't exchange them since the pigtails have been cut.

Google puts in $4.5 million offer

It has just been announced that Google has put in an all stock offer to purchase "The Glaze Free-Trade Society" for an estimated $4.5 million dollars. "We really see the upside potential for this company and feel it would be a win win, considering both of our corporate cultures consider openness and the free sharing of information to be vital to global cooperation and the betterment of mankind" said a Google co- founder Sergey Brin.

"In this economic climate, I thought that this was the best thing to do for our share holders considering our balance sheet and the pressures from global interests that are shrinking our market share" said John Britt, founder and bon vivant of Mitchell county. " We are only interested in sharing glaze secrets that have been held for centuries by the wealthy glaze hoarders to oppress the recipeless, and this practice has held artist's back for thousands of years. Without this merger I don't know if we could have held on with the pressure from thousands of artist's blogs that clog the internet. They are simply giving secrets away", said Mr. Britt, as we caught up with him an Asheville Best Buy loading up his cart with overpriced Apple products that he had previously been unable to purchase.  "Life it good Trolls!" said Britt as he drove off in his new red Prius.

Also, involved in the trade was the hugely popular NC Clay Club Blog which will now be loaded with advertisements but not to worry, the endless streaming of mindless chatter and shitty videos will continue unabated.