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Empty Bowls

Natchez was Awesome!

Tom Turner Show

Sample of some of my latest C 10 soda glaze tests


Sign of the day

Katie Herzig Music

Crimson Laurel Gallery presents "Anthropogenic" ceramics by Eric Knoche and Matt Jacobs



Name that potter

Chalk Cup

World Ceramic Symposium Book

Digital Photo Cautionary Tale

Learn to Fire

Mouse in the House (or Kiln)

Reed Handle Class

Digital Photography Class Openings

More: Selsor Base

Selsor Copper Red Cone 6

Malcolm's Shino Fired at Cone 6

So lucky...

New Oil Spots

Cone 6 or Cone 10?

MudFire in Atlanta

Bringle, Hewitt and Stuempfle show

Emily Reason Workshop at Natchez Clay

Now I Feel Like a Potter

I need a kiln!

Dorkin' Out

Name that Kiln

Master Baiter

Yes, We Did!

Barbeque Blues


Name that potter