Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upcoming Glaze Workshops

  • Glaze Workshop   (with a Cone 6 Reduction Firing)

October 8 – 10, 2010

University of North Carolina Wilmington, Cultural Arts Building

Ceramic Studio 1004 and  Lecture room 2005

This workshop will be a general overview of ceramic glazes and glaze materials as well as different firing methods. The workshop includes a cone 6 reduction firing as well as a cone 6 oxidation firing of participants’ work using glazes developed by John for this workshop. The glazes include Shino, Temmoku, copper red and others. This is a fairly new process that has been getting a lot of attention because it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly. John will discuss cones, kilns, firing dynamics and properties of ceramic materials. It will be done in a fun and relaxed atmosphere of question and answer as well as some more structured lecture periods. The content of the talk will be directed by the participants’ interest. For more information see John Britt’s article in Ceramics Monthly October 2008 issue and visit his website
www. johnbrittpottery.com

Fee: members $90.00 non-members: $100.00

To register contact: Vicky Smith at vickysmithart@gmail.com


Upcoming Glaze Workshops

Understanding the Magic of Glazes and Firing  (with a Cone 6 Reduction Firing)

October 1 – 3, 2010
Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311-5097

For more information contact:
or call 703-615-7872




Three New Exhibits Open at Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC on September 4th (Artist Reception 6pm.)

On September 4th, Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, North Carolina presents three new exhibitions featuring three of the finest ceramic artists in the country and and one of the most unique painters in western North Carolina. Our featured exhibition is "Collecting, Creating, Connecting...Ceramics by Liz Zlot Summerfield and paintings by Sarah Faulkner" and our showcase exhibition is "Leaning into the Light...New Ceramic Sculpture by Melisa Cadell". Additionally, our online exhibition is "New Work by Hayne Bayless".

For Liz Summerfield recontextualizing utilitarian objects is a common thread woven throughout her work. Her interest lies in what an object once was and what it can become; this curiosity fuels her to create her work. She references functional, everyday objects and intends to formalize them by focusing on their form, surface, and presence in space. Her recent body of work continues to reference functional objects and address theories of collection. Currently, the most important influence in her life is her daughter, Roby. She finds that the objects that surround her, and in turn influence her work, belong to her. They are playful items: toys, games, and balls. They are stacked, grouped, and contained throughout her home. She has acquired a new collection and inspiration, and thus a new body of work has emerged.

Sarah Faulkner seeks to capture, in her work, the important relationships humans have with trees, flowers, animals and all things in the natural world. These relationships offer a sense of peace, grounding and calm which is so essential to the quality of one’s life. Growth is reflected consistently throughout her work. She experiments with different materials in order to capture the mysterious and atmospheric qualities found in nature. Most recently, she has been working with wax to add depth to her paintings. This translucent and misty material blends and softens the undercoat colors to give the work an element of light. In addition to wax, Sarah also uses a combination of materials to build up the surface of the paintings. This gives the work a three dimensional quality. The work represented in the upcoming exhibit will be the first collage series in the artist’s career. The work will reflect the simplicity and repetition found in the patterns of nature.

Melisa Cadell is interested in the figure and the spiritual being that is represented by it. She wishes to record the triumph of the human existence as she has observed it in the strong people who have entered her life. Clay allows her the opportunity to form figures who sing of their past, and who are witnesses of their history. She trying to communicate the past of individuals who have had to endure hardship, persecution, and poor health. People have always amazed her because of their ability to face life with determination when so little hope seems apparent. Their stories have touched her soul in a way that words fall short in describing. It is her hope that this is communicated in her work. Her works represent people who were changed because of their life experiences and it is reflected in a beauty and strength that has nothing to do with what our society typically deems beautiful. Their beauty is one of dignity, courage and of inner strength. Melisa's exhibit will feature a very broad range of new works.

For Hayne Bayless the unintended result, often misread as a mistake and so dismissed, is one of the most fertile sources of new ideas. "The trick is not to fool with clay's inherent desire to be expressive. Pay attention to the clay, not only for the sake of each piece, but because the clay will offer - or impose - its own suggestions of new forms and ways to work."
His pots are not so much about harmony, although that does happen, but more about tension. He loves what spawns in the friction between what he wants the material to do and what it would rather do. Hayne's exhibit will feature a great selection of new works.

These exhibitions will open on September 4th and remain through October 31st with an artist's reception at 6pm on September 4th. Melisa Cadell's exhibit will feature some very unique lighting for reception night only. Each exhibition will be available online on September 4th. For more information call 828-688-3599 or online at www.crimsonlaurelgallery.com.

Soda Chicks and Chet Pottery Home Sale

Good pots, good company, light refreshments.
Special Guest Artist Silvie Granatelli.
This weekend!
Sat. Sept. 4th: 10-6
Sun. Sept. 5th: 10-5.
1782 Fork Mountain Road, in Bakersville.
More info at www.sodachicks.com
We looking forward to seeing you!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Turquoise Oribe Base color blend

Here is a group of tiles from our color blend of Turquoise Oribe Base.  This one had 8% Mason 6485 Titanium Yellow Stain, cone 13.


Arrowmont Class Photo

Here is the class photo.  Everyone seems so normal!


Tooth Paste Refill

If you want to save some money on small toothpaste for traveling, just hold them together and squeeze the big one.


New Milestone

We just hit 


for our blog!


Bill Griffith Recent Work

Here are a few of Bill's pieces that we saw at his house.  He has some really nice work!


Bill Griffith at Arrowmont

He is Bill Griffith showing his excitement over the decision to stay in Gatlinburg!  And the upcoming Figurative Sculpture Symposium.

John Britt

Arrowmont Glaze Class August 22 - 28, 2010

Just got back from a really nice class at Arrowmont. (They had a press announcement while we were there that they are staying in Gatlinburg! That is good news!)

Anyway, it is a great facility and a fantastic staff.  Everyone seems to love working there. If you ever get a chance to take a class there, do it!

I will post more images on the Facebook when I get some time to put up captions.  As always we had some interesting things happen.


Turtle Head

Got some nice shots of this Turtle Head by our creek during the rushing rains a week or so ago.


This site also has some good descriptions:


John Britt

Flower Question

For all you flower aficionados...... What is this called?


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice Opening at TRAC

Just wanted to thank everyone for a really nice opening at TRAC last night.  Thanks to Kathryn for all her hard work and late nights getting it arranged and then set up. Thank you to Jerry Jackson for helping her set it up and making it a great visual experience!

Jane Peiser had some tremendous pieces there from her personal collection. AMAZING!  

Stop by if you get  a chance this month.  Probably never get this chance to see her "special" pieces again.  She had her first pot from 1963 there.  I think I was still eating dirt out of the play pen then!?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Save Money on Razor Blades/ The Ultimate Solution to pouring your money down the drain....literally!!

Here is my take on the way to save money on razor blades.  (Saw it on the HLN with Clark Howard.)

You immediately dry your razor with a towel or hair dryer after shaving.  (I just blow on it with my large mouth and excessive wind) Then you put it in a  Handmade Ceramic Cup with about and 1" of baby oil (or mineral oil...cooking oils will spoil.) .  (I sell these special ceramic cups!  Come to TRAC tonight and get one.)

What this does is prevent the razor from oxidizing or  "rusting" and becoming dull. A razor blade is much stronger than your hair, so shaving doesn't dull it very much. What dulls the blade is water ...either from leaving it wet after using it,  or in our case, HUMIDITY.

Mitchell County is in  a neo-tropical rain forest so it is about 80 - 90 % humidity every day, which dulls the blade. I noticed that my blades stayed sharp longer in Dallas TX, which is pretty dry. But when I moved to western North Carolina they only lasted a month or so.

With this method, my razor lasted one full year!!!

Give it a try and pass it on . I call it GREEN SHAVING.

John Britt


Need a Decent Cup/Tea bowl????

I am doing my part to address the severe shortage of cup and tea bowls in Mitchell County.  So if you need one or two or three...or more....stop on by the Toe River Arts Council Gallery in Spruce Pine, NC and pick of some of the finest in the land!

The Penland Potter's will have an opening tonight from 5:00p.m. - 8:00 p.m Saturday August 28, 2010. Don't miss it or you will be really sad tomorow morning!

John Britt

Penland Potters Opening Tonight in Spuce Pine NC,

Penland Potters Exhibit

Barking Spider Pottery, Bringle Gallery, Bruns-Joerling Studios, Jane Peiser
Pottery, John Britt Pottery, Shawn Ireland Pottery, Soto-Cordova Studios
Sat Aug 28 – Sat Sep 25, 2010
Opening Saturday August 28th 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Toe River Arts Center (TRAC) Spruce Pine Gallery

Move over Kline

My good friend Michael Kline thought he had a monopoly on DIRT. Here's my dirt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

500 Judaica

Nelle Fastman Pingree of Oy Clay!!! Pottery is proud to announce the release of "500 Judaica", published by Lark Books. Five of her pieces are represented here, along with Paul Frehe, Leah Leitson, Emmett Leader, and Sandy Marx.  While most of the pieces in the book are made in precious metals, fiber, glass or wood, Judaica in clay is also recognized here as not only functional but art.
 At Amazon .com

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comma (Polygonia comma)

Penland Potter's Exhibit

Penland Potters Exhibit

Barking Spider Pottery, Bringle Gallery, Bruns-Joerling Studios, Jane Peiser
Pottery, John Britt Pottery, Shawn Ireland Pottery, Soto-Cordova Studios
Sat Aug 28 – Sat Sep 25, 2010Opening Saturday August 28th 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Toe River Arts Center (TRAC) Spruce Pine Gallery


Here is a sample Marian was talking about in the Comments from the last post.  The is Nuka over Oribe.

This pot is by Spencer Kyle Jones.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Black and Blue

And another "discovery" from the Glazing Techniques Class.  Alan Perlof (California) found this combination.  Val's Satin Balck with Nuka sprayed on the cup which was upside down.  We all thought it would run but to our surprise!! Best cup ever!

Val’s Satin Black  cone 10
20.00 g. -Soda Feldspar
20.00 g. –Cornwall Stone
  2.00 g.- Whiting
20.0 g. – Silica
10.00 g –Ball Clay
13.00 g –Talc
15.00g -  Dolomite

3.00 Red Iron Oxide
2.00 Manganese Dioxide
3.00 Cobalt Oxide
1.00 Chrome Oxide

NUKA cone 10 (From, Michael Coffee via Marian Parkes)
Custer Feldspar    36.00
Quartz   30.00
Whiting   22.00
OM-4   6.00
Wood Ash (unwashed)   3.00 or Frit 3134
Talc   2.00
Bone Ash   2.00

Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a Creamy White with low gloss to satiny finish. Good over tenmoku, will run if applied too thick over thick tenmoku.


Stain and Wax Technique

Here is another sample of a technique we did at the Glaze Techniques Workshop. This is the stain with wax and applied with a brush. (From Michael Kline who does it much better, and did a demo at the Clay Club July 2010.)

I then poured on a shino and sprinkled dry wood ash and reduction fired to cone 10.

I added stain and frit to Michael's recipe (or at least what I thought was his recipe.) I thought it looked better on our light stoneware and in a non-atmospheric firing.

 Kline’s Black Wax (rev.)
2/3 cup Mobil Wax
1 part Red Iron Oxide (½ tsp.)
½ part Cobalt Carbonate (¼tsp.)
½ part Manganese Dioxide (¼tsp.)
1 part Black Stain (½ tsp.)
1 part Frit 3110 (½ tsp.)

Mashiko Plates

As always, I learned something during preparation for the Glazing Techniques class. I was trying to get the Fake Mashiko Glaze thick enough so that it wouldn't fade into the background and in doing so I determined that an Sp. Gr (Seicific gravity) of 170 was about right.

But that was so thick that after pouring it on the plate, it cracked when it dried. Although this was a nice surface design, I wanted to stop it, so I added some deflocculant (sodium silicate) to the glaze (it thinned a bit ) and that changed the pouring properties a lot and stopped the cracking. It only took a couple of drops in a cup of glaze.

Enjoy.  Thanks to Chet McLaughlin for our little chat!

FAKE MASHIKO Cone 10 Reduction
37.60    F-4 Feldspar                     
  8.90    Silica                             
  8.20  Redart Clay
35.00  Calcined Redart Clay                        
  5.70  Wollastonite                       
  4.30  Talc
  0.40  Bone Ash                     

  3.60    Red Iron Oxide 

Fake Mashiko is poured over a plate glazed with two coats of Hamada Rust.

Hamada Rust cone 10

77.0 Custer Feldspar
0.1 Silica
6.2 Whiting
4.3 Kaolin
12.4 Gerstley Borate
7.5 Red Iron Oxide

Cadagon Design

I had some questions on the design of a cadagon during the Glazing Techniques class so I thought I would post this image.  It is just like the salt shaker design just bigger.

Hope it helps,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two of the finest!

Sue and Nora were in the Handle Workshop and felt it necessary to be themselves.  ....Taxing!

Reed Handle Making Workshop

Here is a sample of the work we did at the handle workshop.

John Britt

New Sand Blaster and Spray Booth

Thanks to the Glazing Techniques Class I finally got my spray booth installed and a new sandblaster.  Wahoooo!


Attn: Carbon Trappers

Yo Carbon Trappers,

You know how you never wear gloves .....and when you glaze and your fingers get all slippery from all that soda ash?? Then your fingers crack and get all dry!?

Well it dawned on me one day, looking at my container of Epson Salts that I ( oh I mean YOU) could just dip your hands into the Epson Salt water to neutralize the basic effects of carbon trap glazes.

But the real solution (pun) it to wear gloves.

John Britt

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Call for Entries

 Call for Entry to Crystalline Glaze Artists

A Crystalline Glaze Exhibition
In conjunction with NCECA 2011

Deadline for Entries: December 15, 2010
Exhibition Dates: March 25/May 1, 2011

Submit Digital Images via Email to: crystallineglaze@gmail.com
Submit PayPal payments to: crystallineglaze@paypal.com

You may also submit a check payable to FIFCW and send it with your application to the address below:

or send CD with images to:
   Frozen in Fire Exhibition
   c/o Avi Harriman
   1012 W. 8th Ave
   Eugene, OR  97402

Number of submissions:
You may submit up to 3 entries at $15 per entry

Digital Image Format Requirements:
•    Resolution - 300 DPI
•    File Format – JPEG or TIFF
•    1 or 2 views per submission

•    December 15, 2010 -- Deadline to submit entries.
•    January 15, 2011 -- Jury process complete.
•    January 31, 2011 -- Notification process sent out by email.
•    February 28, 2011 -- Pieces accepted must be received by the Dunedin Fine Art Center.
•    March 25 through May 1, 2011 -- Exhibition dates.
•    March 24, 2011 from 6:00pm to 9pm  -- Exhibition Opening/Reception
at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida.

Any questions contact:


WANTED: Cone 10 work for Reduction Firing

I have two baskets that didn't make it into the last kilnload, and I'm scheduled to fire next week. I've been busier with school and home stuff, and frankly I don't think I'll be able to fill the kiln. I'm making bowls as fast as I can, but don't have as many as I thought I would. If anyone has work to fire, let me know. I'm loading Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The other day while firing our kiln we heard a loud pop and saw sparks coming out of the middle box and smoke! The kiln stopped working! :( If there is anyone out there who knows of a good kiln repair guy Tzadi and Tria would love to meet him! Thank you! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Studio Membership in Marshall, NC

Pottery studio membership includes personal work station -wheel available, or bring your own, must provide your own storage shelf, access to electric and gas kilns. Marshall High studios. Join the marshall community, it's awesome. Inquirees contact Emily reasonpots@gmail.com

Friday, August 13, 2010

Glazing Techniques Class

Just finished up the Glazing Techniques Class. It was a great success and I will post some fantastic images of things we learned later.  Resting now!

John Britt

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haywood Community College Hearing

As you may know, its an exciting time at Haywood Community College. We
are moving ahead with plans for a new Creative arts Building, but we
need your help!

The new Creative Arts Building will replace the crumbling Professional
Crafts Building, as well as be a beautiful base for Community Education
studio classes. In addition, the building will house the Film & Video
Production Program.

There will be a Public Hearing on the funding for the Creative Arts
Building at HCC on Monday evening, August 16 at 5:30PM.
Plan to arrive 15 minutes early and sign up to speak for 3 minutes to
express your opinion to the Commissioners.
Please join us if you can and please join us in supporting Crafts in
Haywood County and Western North Carolina!  Your support is sincerely

Public Hearing - Funding for the HCC Creative Arts Building
Monday, August 16, 2010
5:30 PM
Haywood County Commuisoners
Historic Courtroom
Haywood County Courthouse
215 N. Main Street
Waynesville, NC 28786


Terry Gess

Professional Crafts Program,
Creative Arts Department

All e-mail correspondence to and from this address is subject to the
North Carolina Public Records Law, which  may result in monitoring and
disclosure to third parties, including law enforcement.

sorry about that

I'm a new blogger and photos didn;t attach. here they are, I hope.

gravity II

First off, thank you Courtney and John for a great evening. As for gravity, sure it works. I saved one 100%, one about 90%, and lost one due to it leaning over because of a thin shoulder. So I fired three pots in 8 hours and saved two. I don't think the firing costs much, so I am way ahead, plus it quenched my curiousity. If you have a hunch, try it; no plunge no pearl. Oxypotter.