Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arch-Top Canopy FOR SALE

For Sale:
An Arch-Top Canopy with a porch cover and side walls ( This model was discontinued, but if you need parts, they can still be obtained. This was their top of the line model. It is in very good shape, clean. $650.

Also offered are Propanel walls ( They are buff in color. They are half panels, so you can set up just a half height. In very good shape, clean. $800.

Both for $1200.
Ron Slagle 828 385 0400

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Must SOLD!!!SOLD!!! - Slab Roller/ Extruder/ Raku Kiln etc.


Small 'bookcase' size wire shelving $15

Extruder $20

Bats 10 for $20

Raku Kiln (homemade) $75

Northstar Slab Roller on Stand $225

Clay: "Spackle" cone 6, six boxes; "white" cone 7-10 clay, 15 boxes (make an offer)

Make me an OFFER!!


Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Get Rid of a Wobble
This problem has vexed me for years. I've tried many, many fixes. The other day, it occurred to me
that the wobble is created while the pot is in rotation. From that idea came the answer.
Spin the pot, making a mark with your fingernail on the side that's leaning towards you. Turn it
opposite of you. Put a vise grip on the wheel head to keep it stationary with your knee. Then pull
the pot with both hands towards you, down and to the left. This works really well so don't over do
it. If you do, turn the pot the other way and correct. Jim Whalen, Paradox Pottery

Metal Kiln Shed

If anyone is interested: here is an image of my kiln shed.

It has two I-beams (from Benco Steel in  Hickory) and then Bar Joists like you see in industrial buildings like Lowes or Walmart. I got them from Roger at Grassy Creek Hardware but think he got them from ABS (American Building Systems in Johnson City TN)

Those are welded together and then Hat Channel (from Roger) and then the 5-V metal roof (Roger) is screwed down.

It will make you feel better!

National Juried Show of Contemporary Trompe l’oeil- Call for Entries

John F. Peto Studio Museum

Deadline extended to August 31, 2013


The John F. Peto Studio Museum invites artists working in the trompe l’oeil style to participate in its’

National Juried Show of Contemporary Trompe l’oeil. Works in any medium (excluding photography) are


The John F. Peto Studio Museum is located in Island Heights, New Jersey, and was the home and studio of

the late nineteenth century renowned still-life painter. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase

contemporary art work that “fools the eye” and demonstrates the innovative ways in which artists continue to

express themselves through trompe l’oeil.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Parkway is endlessly beautiful!

New batch of Turkeys

I know this is a bad image but it is through the screen showing the latest batch of baby turkeys. Probably 14 or so in the group. Maybe more. Boy are they cute!

Two new studios in Mitchell County NC

Got two new studios in the works in Mitchell County, NC. Tracy Hicks and Victoria Loe Hicks are building in High Cove:

Here is his webpage :

Victoria is a writer and potter.

And here is the start of Will Baker and Joy Tanner's studio off Wilson Road.  

Here are there web pages:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Burnsville Planning Meeting


The public is invited and encouraged to 
attend a special Burnsville Planning 
Board Commission meeting on 
Monday, July 22nd at the Town 

The meeting will begin at 7PM. 

The Planning Board has been working, 

for the last few months, on 
Design Guidelines for the town 
of Burnsville. 

The purpose of this meeting is 

to present, to the public, 
the Planning Board’s considerations
 and recommendations for 
Design Guidelines for the future
 development of Burnsville. 

We will present the results of a

 recent public survey on 
Design Guidelines and we want 
to hear from you. 

lease join us for this meeting

and be a part of retaining and
 enhancing the unique character 
of Burnsville.


TRAC supports the Burnsville Planning Board recommendations; it supports our smART Initiative goals to further economic development in Burnsville and surrounding areas.


Hello all!

I am looking for economical used or less-than-market-price Brick/refractories to build a wood fired kiln this autumn. 

 I need medium, high or super duty firebrick of any shape and size as well as K-26 IFB and kiln shelves.

Contact Eric Knoche


The Clayspace has an available studio opening. Located in the Wedge, right in heart of the river arts district of Asheville, NC.

The Clayspace has been promoting the artistic growth and success of its members through cooperation for the past 10 years! This would be good match for a clay artist looking for a communal studio setting, more public exposure and retail sales.

Here are some details:
208 sqft of personal working space, representation in the gallery with great retail potential, access to common equipment including slab roller, pug mill, electric kiln, 3 awesome wood kilns, utility sink, bathroom, small kitchenette.

$225.00 month. Available immediately.

The Clayspace Co-op

The Wedge Building
119a Roberts St. Asheville, NC 28801

Contact Eric

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It gets worse....

"Being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant - it tends to get worse."

Read more at 

Phoebe's are cute

Got the cutest pair of Phoebe's breeding at the house.  (As well as a Carolina Wren in the lid to the propane tank- will get a photo of that later.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Squeaky Wheel Potters

Squeaky Wheel Potters was founded in the spring of 2011 by Bob Tirman after he saw a need in the community for a place for advanced beginners / beginning professional potters to work. Although Bob is not a potter himself, he has enabled many potters in the community to have a place to play in clay at a reasonable monthly membership fee.

Squeaky Wheel Potters opened its doors in July 2011 and is now celebrating its second anniversary. It is run as a community of potters, with everyone taking on various jobs and responsibilities to make the studio function. From cleaning, to running the kilns, from studio stroll to paying the bills, it is all handled by the members. The membership is capped at 20 potters, due to physical space. There is 24/7 access to the studio for each member.

Come to the October 9, 2013 Clay Club meeting at Squeaky Wheel -- conveniently located next to White Duck Taco in Asheville's River District. Pot Luck, Hear our story, see our studio space along with our sales gallery, and maybe even see some mini demonstrations. 

Web Site is

Spaces left in class on Terra Sig

There are a couple of openings left in my Terra Sigilatta class that I will teaching at my studio on August 17.  It is a one day workshop in which we will be experimenting with the ancient process of Terra Sigilatta.  If you are interested please contact me at

Art Department Coordinator In Asheville NC

Warren Wilson College seeks candidates for a full-time Art Department Coordinator. The coordinator will be responsible for faculty support, administrative assistance, supervision of two student work crews of 8 to 10 students, and facilities operation. The coordinator plays a key support role in department-related business and events and assists in the day-to-day operations of the academic art department, including budget management, communication with students, faculty, the student work crews, college offices and the public.

The successful candidate will have excellent organizational, communication and management skills; solid computer skills, including internet, Windows and Mac platforms, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and Excel; prior experience in managing a budget and tracking expenses preferred; and interest in the visual arts and in making a meaningful contribution to the college and the Art Department. Bachelor’s degree or college coursework preferred. Demonstrated experience in office and personnel management necessary, preferably in an institution of higher learning.

Warren Wilson College is an equal opportunity employer committed to the diversity of its community. Please send cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references by email to

Electronic submissions are required.

Review of Applications will begin on July 17.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The aim of art

American philosopher Will Durant once wrote, 

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  

Going out of business Sale in Kernersville, NC

Hi Everyone,

In Jan we decided to stop producing Lace Pottery.
I am in the process of selling some of our production stuff.

Here is what we want to sell at this time.
1. Skutt Oval 3 Phase Kiln -
2. Advancer Kiln Shelves - Barely Used - I have original receipt.
QTY - 48 - SIZE - 26" x 13" x 5/16" We paid $176 each in 2010. We will sell for $120 each.
QTY - 24 - SIZE - 16 x 26 x .313 We paid $276 each in 2010. Will sell for $190 each.
3. Pottery inventory is 70% OFF.

At a future date we may consider selling...
The Lace Pottery business
Electric Slab Roller
Spray Booth
Show Tent

I have a lot of admiration for what you do as a potter. It is a lot of hard work.
Kernersville, North Carolina


Studio Fire in Mitchell County

Terry Gess had a studio fire this weekend. No one was hurt and the damage was limited because Terry was in the studio when it happened.


Hello everyone!

My name's Caroline and I'm a French aspiring potter.
I'm currently looking for a studio assistant job opportunity!

I discovered pottery while living in New Zealand and then followed a 2 years full-time courses in a private ceramic art school in the south of France. After passing the national C.A.P. diploma in a governmental ceramic art institute/school (French equivalent of the Vocational Training Certificate in pottery) and obtaining the Ceramic Artisanal Diploma delivered by my school, I went to assist different professional potters around France.

My predilection domains are stoneware and porcelain and I really favour Asian types of glazes and firing process. (Up until now, I've only fired in gas kilns, but I want to experiment a lot of different firing techniques)

I'm now interested in moving abroad while learning and improving my pottery skills! Therefore, I'm looking for a master potter or an art school willing to take me in as a full-time assistant, so I can keep on learning in contact of skilled potters while broadening my view of this craft! :)

I'm really interested in Canada, but I'm willing to take any other interesting opportunities from all around the world into consideration! :)

If you want to get a better idea of who I am, you can visit my website at :

Be kind while looking at my portfolio, because those are mainly school works. I know they're not perfect!

Thank you for taking the time to read my message and have a nice day! (...and hope to hear from you soon. :-)


Larkin Sale of Bricks

1.  If you don't already know, Larkin is having a sale. I got a pretty good deal on most of my brick and a fantastic deal on the fiber blanket.

I put in a large order (rebuilding my kiln!!!!) to be delivered to my house in West Asheville and put a hold on it just in case anyone wanted to jump in on the order...the more weight, the cheaper the shipping. 

Email, text or call me if you want to join the order (Larkin will handle all the money).

Laura Somervill

2.   I have a large flat piece that needs to be bisque fired, but I only have 1/2 rounds. Would anyone be willing to loan me a full round shelf for a 1227 skutt kiln?



Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rochester Folk Art Guild needs help!!

The Wood Kiln Project for the Rochester Folk Art Center is coming down to the wire. Only 10 days to go but they only need around $4,000 more! Out of $21,000.  If just a few more folks donate they will make the goal. (in case you don't know..if you don't make the goal they get nothing!!)

If you could help me spread the word I would appreciate it and so would they!

Spread the LOVE !!

Click the photo or :



Olympic Kiln Model 3018 HE in excellent condition.

single phase
57 amps
13200 watts
max temp 2350 F
cone ten
controller v6-c4

Additional specs and information can be found here -

Retails for $3800. Asking $650 or best offer. Pickup only. Thanks!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Type K Thermocouple 12"

Unsheathed K Thermocouple

Does anyone know the best place to buy a Type K Thermocouple?  I researched and got these prices:

Axner - $ 20.00-
Ward Burners - $32.00-
Clay Planet - $21.95
Bailey - $ 27.00
And Highwater - $28.25-

But Axner adds $3.95 for handling and then $7.00 shipping . So that makes Highwater cheaper. Some how I think that there has to be a cheaper place in the area??

Anyone know?

July 10, 2013 Clay Club report

Yo Clubbers,

I want to thank Susan and Steve for hosting the Club last night. We had a great time in Weaverville NC. Susan Clusener and Stephen Foehner hosted at their Rabbit Ridge Studio.  Susan showed one of her new works:

Not sure of the title but I think it is a California Aster.  

She then did a demo of how she makes her colored porcelain.  And described how she makes the parts and then "sews" them together.  Here are some more images:

Then Stephen Foehner did a demo of sodium silicate on a thrown cylinder and the crackle effect you get. I will post both videos soon. 

He also showed some of his recent soda fired pieces!

Thanks again to all who came and brought such great food. Loved the humous dips!  Next month is at Kyle Carpenter and Karen Newgard's studio in Asheville. 

Also wanted to thank Emily and Tria for organizing everything! 

 See ya.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beautiful Kick Wheel for Sale!

This is a great wheel, newly powder coated tractor seat, and painted.  Solid cast iron fly wheel.  Wheel head is true, and it spins like a top! This may be an early Soldner wheel or a modified Randall, not sure but it's cool!! You can easily put a motor on it for an electric wheel.  This wheel weighs a million pounds, you'll need two strong backs to move it!  I have a dolly so you can get it on your truck. You will be able to back your vehicle with in a few feet of this beast!!  Sad to see it go, want a good home for it, I just don't use it. the wheel is in Waynesville, NC.  

e-mail me  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brent CxC -----FOR SALE

Got a Brent CxC for sale, Burnsville NC. 

Good Condition - About 15 years old but only used sporadically. $600 - $800 obo.

Contact John  828-675-0008

Monday, July 8, 2013

Free classes on Adobe Indesign & more at Mayland Community College

Mayland Community College has some classes coming up that may be of interest to local artists. In particular this includes "Adobe InDesign, Introduction," which takes place over three Thursday evenings, starting this Thursday, July 11. InDesign is desktop publishing and design software that can be used to design flyers, postcards and more. This class is suitable for people with no experience with InDesign, and the software is available on Mayland computers. (Also - just FYI - Mayland computers may be used by non-students when classes and/or students aren't using them.) Other topics include social media (July 9 and July 16), Google Apps (July 18), and "Creating Your Business Website" (July 23 and July 30). These classes are free but registration is required. More info on the Small Business Center Classes & Seminars page of the Mayland website.

Clay Club meets @ Rabbit Ridge Studios, Wvl July 10!!!

Clay Club meets THIS WEDNESDAY July 10 @ 6pm

Susan Clusener & Stephen Foehner are our hosts at their Rabbit Ridge Studio in Weaverville.

Susan and Steve will grill brats. Please potluck whatever you wish to bring!

Susan will be mixing colored porcelain and Steve’s doing a throwing demo.

see the FB event:

Rabbit Ridge Studios
62 Union Chapel Rd, Weaverville



From Asheville:
Take I-26 to exit 21 – New Stock Rd
Turn right onto New Stock Rd
Turn left onto Weaverville Rd
Turn right at next light onto Reems Creek Rd
when you see the Exxon Station on your left
Turn left onto Union Chapel Rd

We are number 62 on left

From north of Weaverville:
Take I26 to exit 18 for Weaverville
Merge onto 23 (stay straight) which turns into Main St
Turn left onto Hillside St
Turn left onto Reems Creek Rd
when you see the Exxon Station on your left
Turn left onto Union Chapel Rd

We are number 62 on left

Sunday, July 7, 2013

For Sale

For Sale
-Vintage 1950's Craftool Electric Wheel  $175, motor works, needs belts.
-Blue Diamond Kiln, new elements included but not installed yet.  $250 
Call Cynthia Lee 828.626.2491 or email

Studio Space in Micaville, NC

My studio is gathering dust as I spend more time managing and operating OOAK Gallery. Although I fired a bisque last week, I haven't glaze fired in almost 11 months. I am still working, but in a much more limited capacity. I just don't have the time to make enough work to fill the kiln.

I am looking for someone to share my studio and make use of my equipment. It just needs more love and attention than I can give it. The studio space is located at the Mushroom Factory 2 miles south of Micaville Loop. I have two wheels: one electric, one kick, an electric slab roller, an 18 cu ft downdraft gas kiln. I glaze fire cone 6 and cone 10 reduction. I share use of a manual electric kiln for bisque firing. My electric kiln sits under a tarp, in need of new elements, but could be repaired and wired.

If you are interested, please email me at singingtreepots(at)gmail(dot)com. The email account attached to my blogger is one I no longer check. Or you can call me 828-335-0856 (cell) or 828-675-0690 (work).

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wood Kiln Project

Wood Kiln drawing

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I grew up, and now work at an educational non for profit and intentional community called the Rochester Folk Art Guild, which is located in western, upstate New York.

The mission of the Guild marries the commitments of its residents, members and participants to engage in traditions of artisan crafts and agriculture; and to strive together to be creative makers considerate of our surroundings. A diverse group of individuals, we dedicate our endeavors to fostering the growth and possibilities that arise from challenging, teaching and learning from each other. In practicing and sharing our skills and knowledge we cultivate a tangible sense of community both for ourselves and within the larger network of artists, farmers and craftspeople who we work alongside and host at our farm.

Ceramics has always been a predominant craft at the Guild, and the pottery studio, akin to any of the shops here, is a gathering place for artists of all experience levels to engage in a creative process that is wholly informed by the materials of our environment. We forge unique, handmade practical wares, process clay from our own pond and now....
we aim to build and incorporate a fast firing, efficient wood fire kiln into our studio!

Through the fund raising platform of, we NEED to raise $21,000 by July 24th!

This project is multifaceted in its educational potential, and we truly believe it will be an enriching addition to our community. In its essence, the kiln will seamlessly align our efforts as artists and hopeful homesteaders, but we need help in making this necessary dream a reality!

Please, I am writing not only to ask for your time to consider our project but to spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested in our aspirations. As someone who has and continues to benefit, firsthand, from the nurturing of this institution, I hope that the Guild will sustain itself in the future as a venue for artists, gardeners, and craftspeople to work together. Regardless of the outcome of our campaign, it is just as important to my heart that others engaged in the arts and working towards sustainable practices may be reached by our efforts-- growing and strengthening the community we are all a part of.

Thank you so much for your care and support,

To see our kickstarter page, watch our project video and read more about the kiln (and the wonderful "thank yous" for those who are able to contribute) visit:

To read more about the Guild, its history and current happenings visit:

Thank you again! Please don't hesitate to pass this forward! It'll mean the world to me,
with sincerity and best wishes,

Gabe Schliffer

Friday, July 5, 2013


Call to Artists!

Final entry deadline for the Bakersville Creek Walk Arts Festival has been extended to August 1st, 2013!

The ninth annual Bakersville Creek Walk Arts Festival will be held in historic Bakersville, NC on Saturday, September 21nd, 2013. The festival features juried exhibitors from North Carolina and throughout the southeastern United States and will further establish Bakersville as a destination for individuals seeking fine art and craft.

We invite local & regional fine artists and craftspeople to apply for space at this year's show. The entry fee is $100 and the non-refundable application fee is $15. (The $15 application fee is waived if you have been previously juried into this show.) The jurying committee will require 3 images of your work and one of your booth set-up.

Awards include: Best of Show $1000 :: Second Place $500 :: Third Place $300 :: Honorable Mentions (3) $100 each

Middleton Emerging Artist Award $250

The BCWAF is holding an open mic music event this year, coordinated by Polly Lorien. If you know anyone that would be interested in performing, please spread the word and have him or her contact Polly at

Brette Barclay Barron

Festival Coordinator

Bakersville Creek Walk Arts Festival

September 21, 2013

10am - 5pm

or : thank you!

Making Stuff Again

Finally back to making stuff again - other than test tiles!

Wire cut chairs waiting for fire and glaze.

Maybe a youtube video next?!

Need Help with Wood Kiln Project

I am trying to help out these potters at the Rochester Folk Art Guild build a wood kiln. They are not rich to say the least and need a bit of help. 

This is not a Kickstarter project of a bunch of rich kids trying to game the system. These are a group of conscientious, hard working, ethical people who are trying to realize their mission of conscience work and keeping a connection to the earth.

If anyone would like to assist me in passing the word on or donating a small amount it would go a long way toward helping them!

They are a good group with limited funds trying to hold on to a dream in this complicated world!!  You can watch the video (with some Claymation) or read about them. They live in a community and survive of pottery and crafts.  I really hope they make their goal or they will get nothing.

Click on this Kickstarter link below:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

looking for a pug mill to use

looking to "rent" a pug mill in mitchell county — use it where it lives
if you can help let me know

or if you know of one for sale


Pottery stuff for Sale _- Moving!! ASHEVILLE NC

My husband and I are moving to Colorado and I need to sell two kilns and a kickwheel.

One is a Jenken model B-24. It's 5 cubic ft of loading room. Perfect for quick batches of work. The lid is perfect, the bricks inside are great and the floor is in good shape. It has 2 switches with: off, low, med and high. and 8 rows of elements. 240 volts. I fire it to cone 5. $200 obo

The other kiln is a very small L&L model 90 test kiln. Best for tiles or small work. It's 110 volts so it can plug into a regular wall outlet. Stuff like decals and lusters would be perfect. I've not fired this kiln but I have turned it on. It has one 3 way switch. $100 obo

The kickwheel was made at Haywood Tech and stored in a barn for years when I got it. It spins true and works like a dream, very smooth and silent even though the shaft is rusty. Standard bat pin spacing on the wheel head. I'm sad to let it go but transporting it to Colorado is unrealistic. $200 obo

These items MUST be sold before I leave on the 10th of July so come and get 'um! e-mail or call me at 828.273.7796

Also, we're having a yard sale and lemonade stand at our house in Montford this Saturday the 6th. Come buy our nice stuff. Furniture, books, stereo, desk, office chairs. We've already sold several things so make sure you get there early. 8am at 188 Cumberland Ave. At the corner of Cumberland and Cullowhee near Nine Mile restaurant.

Molly Poore

Tuesday, July 2, 2013



The clayspace has an available studio opening. Located in the Wedge, right in heart of the river arts district of Asheville NC, the Clayspace has been promoting the artistic growth and success of its members through cooperation for the past 10 years!
here are some details: 
208 sqft of personal working space, representation in the gallery with great retail potential, access to common equipment including slab roller, pug mill, electric kiln, 3 awesome wood kilns, utility sink, bathroom, small kitchenette.
225$ month.
message me for more information.

The clayspace has an available studio opening. Located in the Wedge, right in heart of the river arts district of Asheville NC, the Clayspace has been promoting the artistic growth and success of its members through cooperation for the past 10 years!

Here are some details:

208 sq. ft of personal working space, representation in the gallery with great retail potential, access to common equipment including slab roller, pug mill, electric kiln, 3 awesome wood kilns, utility sink, bathroom, small kitchenette.

225$ month.

message me on Facebook for more information.

Eric Knoche

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mitchell County Postcard

Looking pretty green in Mitchell County 2013!

Honey 2013

Yo kids - here is the honey from this year on the left and the honey from last year on the right. I collected this early and probably more locust/sourwood and then on the right more tulip poplar and blackberry.

SOURWOOD: Sourwood Honey is rarely sold outside the area in which it is produced because of supply and demand. Sourwood honey is light to medium in color. Usually mild in flavor, this honey varies from year to year. It is considered one of the best honeys by many and is produced mainly in the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. Sourwood is a tree that grows 40 to 60 feet and blooms from late June through July. The honey is definitely NOT sour! 

Job at Southern Dharma Retreat Center

There is a job opening at SDRC!  In Spring Creek NC

You can enjoy the peace and quiet year-round as the Retreat Manager. A brief job description is below. Please feel free to message me for questions about the position; I've loved my time here and would be happy to talk to you about it.

The Retreat Manager is a full-time, residential, salaried position. Start date: July or August 2013. Compensation is $1,100/month plus room and board, health insurance, and 10 paid vacation days a year.

The Retreat Manager is responsible for office management (processing phone and email questions about retreats, processing retreat registrations and assigning rooms, keeping guest list records up to date), planning and making breakfast for 30 people, and oversees housekeeping of the entire grounds.

You'll need to have a meditation or contemplative practice.

I can email you a full job description if you ask. In order to apply send a cover letter and resume to