Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Val's Satin Black with Daly Red with titanium over cone 10

This is a porcelain tumble with Val's black then Daly with Titanium over and then Val's again.

Val’s Satin Black  cone 10
20.00 g. -Soda Feldspar
20.00 g. –Cornwall Stone
  2.00 g.- Whiting
20.0 g. – Silica
10.00 g –Ball Clay
13.00 g –Talc
15.00g -  Dolomite

3.00 Red Iron Oxide
2.00 Manganese Dioxide
3.00 Cobalt Oxide
1.00 Chrome Oxide

Daly Red with Titanium cone 10
1.0 %Bone Ash
3.0 Talc
15.0 Whiting
2.0 Zinc Oxide
17.0 Ferro Frit 3110
35.0 Nepheline Syenite
27.0 Silica 
100.0 %
Add: Tin Oxide 
1.5 %
Titanium Dioxide
3.0 %
Copper Carbonate 1.5 %

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Decades of free ceramic/pottery magazines

I've been cleaning out some bookcases and have a huge pile of pottery/ceramic magazines - Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, Clay Times, PMI, Ceramics Technical dating back about 20 years to the present(must take them all!). They must be picked up here at my home in Bakersville. If there are no takers, they'll be going off to the dump very soon! Email me is you want them: shambhalapottery@frontier.com

Friday, February 24, 2012

Time to Retire the old Kodak

It's time for me to kick the cow and invest in a new camera. Mine appeared to have all the bells and whistles for it's day, but after many failed attempts to get a good quality photo, and then laboring (and I do mean laboring) through a large and very boring manual, the ten year old Kodak camera is just not up to the task. (yes, I am blaming it all on the camera at this point!)

We've got the complete photo booth setup all ready to go at OOAK. Many thanks to Kari for help setting it up! AND to Joy Tanner and John Britt for the awesome Photo class!!!

I can't afford my first, and probably not my second choice, (and maybe not even the third choice) for the camera of my dreams. Any suggestions for a great little, mid-priced (i.e. cheap as dirt), camera that takes awesome pictures to be used on the website and for jury pics, etc?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My new favorite cup

My new favorite cup from our Glazing Techniques class 2012.
Kuan Crackle cone 10

79.0 % Custer Feldspar
  9.5% Whiting
  9.5% Silica
  2.0% Bone Ash

Add: 10 % zircopax
        2.0% Bentonite

Fire to cone 10 then stain with India Ink

Glazing Techniques Class 2012

Here is Hansa busting up the Glazing Techniques class.  More images when the kilns cool.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Director Search - Appalachian Center for Craft

We are in the midst of some very exciting developments at the Appalachian
Center for Craft.  TTU has finally approved the spit of the Department of
Music and Art, and our current Craft Center director Ward Doubet will be
moving down to the main campus to be Chair of the Art Department, so we are
conducting a search for a new director.  Ward was already acting as Art
Chair for all practical purposes, so the primary change is that the new
director will have far less to do with the academic mission and will focus
instead on other program development, publicity, recruiting, fundraising,
etc.  The BFA program is still the centerpiece of what we do, but Ward will
be in charge of that part of our programs.  In the current job market we are
hoping to attract a lot of exciting candidates.  If you know anyone who
might be interested in this position please encourage them to go to

https://jobs.tntech.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?po stingId=138769

or more information.  Note that the entire application
process is now online.  If anyone has questions or has trouble accessing the
information online please have them contact me at wpitelka@tntech.edu.

As part of the same developments our full-time tenure-track painting and
foundations positions have been restored and we now processing candidates
and have moved beyond accepting applications.  We are thrilled with all
these changes, at a time when so many schools are cutting back and
eliminating positions.  As a member of both search committees, I have been
interviewing candidates and their referees, and everyone I have spoken to
seems surprised and pleased that we still place such emphasis on materials,
process, and technique.  We are very proud of that.

Please email me off-list if you have any questions or comments.

- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University




Event: Claymakers Celebration Auction, Durham, NC

Friday March 23, 2012 at the Durham Armory; Doors open at 6:30 - Bidding 7-9:30

Join ceramic artists from all over North Carolina at a celebration of all things clay to support Claymakers, a one-of-a-kind Durham non-profit. It's a guaranteed treat for clay lovers!

Come enjoy wine and cheese, desserts, music, friends, and an array of work by artists from North Carolina and beyond.

Bid on extraordinary local and regional artwork in silent and live auctions.

Enjoy music from local swing band Sidecar Social Club. All proceeds benefit the newly incorporated nonprofit Claymakers Arts Collaborative.

Pre-event tickets ($20) may be purchased online now or at Claymakers starting February 15th.  Tickets at the door will be $25.


705 Foster Street  Durham, NC 27701
(919) 530-8355 ::  info@claymakers.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barium Carbonate

Anyone in the Spruce Pine area have some barium carbonate I could borrow?

Maybe a pound or so??



Arrowmont Class Schedule 2012

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN) is taking registrations for the 2012 workshop season. Weekend, one-week and two-week workshops are available in wood, metals, enamels, jewelry, fiber, textiles, baskets, paper, books, glass, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, clay, stone, mixed media and special topics beginning March 22. Most workshops are designed for all ability levels. Educational assistance and scholarships are available. Studio assistant and work-study application deadline is March 1. Select scholarship application deadline is March 1 (some scholarships are on an open cycle). Visit Arrowmont’s website for more information and to view the 2012 workshop catalog. www.arrowmont.org.

Featured clay instructors for the 2012 workshop season include:

Alice Ballard
Ingrid Bathe
John Britt
Meagan Chaney
Charlie Cummings
Chandra DeBuse
Thaddeus Erdahl
Heather Mae Erickson
Erin Furimsky
David & Tracy Gamble
Arthur Gonzalez
Phil Haralam
Bryan Hopkins
Pamela Earnshaw Kelly
Michael Kline
Ron Korcyznski
Martina Lantin
Forrest Lesch-Middelton
Simon Levin
Shadow May
Ted Saupe
Lana Wilson with visiting artist Sandi Pierantozzi
Gwendolyn Yoppolo

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
556 Parkway, PO Box 567
Gatlinburg, TN  37738
(865) 436.5860
(865) 430.4072 FAX

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mitchell County Empty Bowls needs help.

Attention Potters:

The “EMPTY BOWLS” fund raiser, for the Mitchell County Food Bank, is coming up quickly.  It will be held May 4th, 2012.
The purpose of Empty Bowls, is to have local potters donate bowls, which will be sold, filled with soup, to those who come to the event.  All proceeds go toward buying groceries, to fill the shelves of the Food Bank.  The food will then be distributed to those in need, in Mitchell County.  It is a wonderful opportunity for artists to give back to our community.

Calling ALL Potters:
Please make bowls to donate.  We will be collecting the bowls at the April Clay Club Meeting.  The Food Bank hopes to have over 200 people come to the Empty Bowls Event.
That’s a lot of bowls!  (Call to say how many bowls you will commit to donate.  ph.765-7140 Annie) 
Donate as many bowls as you feel you are able.  Also please provide a business card for each bowl.  Some bowls may be auctioned.  Sets of bowls welcome.

If you are unfamiliar with the Mitchell County Food Bank, please go to: mcshepherdstaff.org

Please help those who have fallen on hard times in Mitchell County, by participating in one of the following.
Make and donate soup/chili, cornbread, etc. (volunteer 765-9411)
Make and donate pottery bowls to be filled with soup, at the fund raiser.
Make a financial donation.
Come and buy a bowl of soup in a pottery bowl.
Tell others and bring them with you.

Save the date:
May 4th, 2012, 6:30 PM
It will be held in the Dinning Hall of:
First Baptist Church,
125 Tappan St.
Spruce Pine, NC. (Across from the Dry Cleaners)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Handles, Handles, Handles....

Basic Glaze Chemistry and Firing

Still have some spots open in both the Glazing Techniques class next week (February 20 -24) and the Basic Glaze Chemistry Class.

Basic Glaze Chemistry, Firing and Raw Materials
John Britt Pottery Studio
March 5 – 9, 2012
Learn the basics of glaze chemistry and raw materials. We will run progression and color blends to discover and understand  glazes at low, medium and high fire. We will cover glaze theory, kilns, firing, cones, ash collection, etc. as well as focus on ash glazes.

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

$450.00 includes glaze notebook (PLUS $50.00 FIRING AND MATERIALS FEE)

John Britt Pottery Studio
154 Sparks Road
Bakersville, NC 28705
To register contact John Britt at:            johnbrittpottery@gmail.com

Friday, February 10, 2012

walker pugmill for sale

My friend julie has a walker pugmill for sale. It appears to still have the safety bar and screen cover! hard to believe!!!! This walker is in great condition. It has been serviced and was put in storage 2 years ago. You can email julie at ootapottery@charter.net for more info or pictures.


New Blog: Diane Puckett

Glaze Drama
Swept Up Off the Studio Floor Glaze

This past summer I took John Britt’s week-long glaze class, aka Glaze Chemistry Boot Camp for Masochists. It was fun and inspiring, leaving us determined to create our own glazes. Upon returning to my studio, I decided to make some of the semi-matte glazes found in Hesselberth and Roy’s Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. The three glazes have the same base glaze and different colorants.

Lesson 1 - If something seems like a dumb idea, check it out before doing it.
John had said that, when mixing dry glaze, to lay it all out on a sheet of paper. John, of course, meant to write out the recipe, but my brain had imploded from all the discussion of chemistry, so I translated his remark to mean laying the dry chemicals on a sheet of paper. It seemed like an asinine idea to me, but I was determined to follow directions and lay out each 5000-gram batch on a sheet of newsprint.

My intuition told me the paper would tear on the way from the counter to the bucket, and it did. The entire 5000 grams of dry chemicals ended up on the floor of my studio. Thankfully, I had not yet added the colorants, so the mess was not as toxic as it could have been. Keeping on my respirator and gloves, I swept up the mess into a glaze bucket. I figured I had nothing to lose by going ahead and mixing it up as a glaze, so I did.

Lesson 2 – Pay attention to the details.
The recipe for Field Mouse Brown called for manganese dioxide as a colorant. I did not realize it came in two different size grits, and I purchased the 80/100. Maybe 5% of it made it through my 80-mesh sieve. After consulting with several more-experienced potters, I decided to add 200-grit in the amount called for.

Lesson 3 – Do not try to test new glazes in a brand new kiln, and don’t make assumptions.
My test tiles looked fine, so I decided to try the glazes on actual pots. In addition to bisque ware I had been hoarding, I had a set of very small, thin bowls. The one in the photo is about 3 inches across at the rim. The cone 5 test cone which had come with my new kiln had come out perfectly in a previous firing, so I assumed the kiln was firing correctly. In reality, it was not even close. The small bowls came out fine, but the larger pieces fired way too hot, and the glaze ran a lot. Thankfully, I had listened to my intuition this time and used extra bisque ware to catch drips.

The new kiln is a whole other story, but it took numerous firings to correctly calibrate the thermocouples. They are now set to 45 degrees more than the factory-set 18 degrees. The cone 6 firing was actually 7+. I like the glaze on this bowl, but only thin, small pieces can be fired with this glaze at 7+. The bowl has some nice striations running vertically, I think from the larger grit manganese dioxide. To get any of these three glazes to look as they do in Hessberth and Roy’s book, I have fired them to cone 5 with a 2-minute soak. They would probably look better fired to cone 5 ½ or with a longer soak .They all run off pots if fired to cone 6. I have not yet figured out why and am open to suggestions.

Lesson 3 – Keep your sense of humor. It is the only thing standing between you and insanity.

Field Mouse Brown
(HIGH CALCIUM MATTE  BASE) cone 6 electric oxidation
20.00 Ferro 3195
29.00 Wollastonite
  4.00 Nepheline Syenite
30.00 EPK China Clay
17.00 Silica

4.0% Manganese Carbonate
0.4% Cobalt Carbonate
6.0% Rutile

Posted by Diane Puckett


Kilns for Sale 2012

From Potter's Web:



1 year warranty

HB89E: 3 key $505
129FLE: 12 key $635
129E: 3 key $600
1414FLE: 3 key $840
1414E: 12 key $810 knife kiln
1414E: 3 key/12 key $$675/$705
1414HE: 3 key/12key $775/$810
1818FLE: 12 key $970
1823HE: 3 key/12 key $915/945 1 pc. electrical box
2327HE: 3 key/12 key $1430/$1465 1 pc. electrical box
2827HE: 3 key/12 key $1705/$1740 1 pc. electrical box
2527HE: 12 key w' cntrwt lid $2285 hole drilled for vent
FL20: 12 key $6210
DD30 propane w' ignition system $9590

(New cone 10 kilns with solid electrical box)
1818, 1823, 2323,2823, & 2827 sizes available.
2827HE: 12 key $1740
Call or e-mail for special pricing.
MAS2327HE: 12 key factory second $1780

Tophat 239: 12 key $1025
DM1414HE: 12 key $905

Happy Clam: 3 key/12 key $600/635
139FLE: 12 key $805 guillotine lift, punty door
Sq.146GFE: 12 key $620
146GFETLC 12 key $745
239GFETLC: 12 key $995
3014GFE: 12 key $1970 cntrwt. lid, quartz window

USED KILNS - Refurbished: 1 year warranty

129FLE: 3 key $590 bottom hinged
139FLE: 3 key $610 bottom hinged
1823E Raku: 3 key $1105
Skutt KS1027: sitter/timer $1355
Skutt KM1027 12 key $1355
3018HE: 12 key $2120 cntrwt. lid

Happy Clam: 3 key (8" sq. x 6.5" d) $555
Traveler: 3 key/12 key $645/$675
Sq.146GFE 3 key/12 key $490/$530 Lid element only
3014GFE: 12 key $1880 cntrwt. lid, mercury relays, 50 amps
Clamshell: 12 key fiber w'brick floor $3800 42" x 30" x 12" deep - 50 amp breaker



Christina Sydor 2012

Here is a nice cup cake stand that Christina Sydor made and to a photo of at the class.

It is about 3" high and 5" dia.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

 Nelle Fastman Pingree is the featured artist for February in Poetica Magazine.

Click here:

 Poetica Magazine

Understanding Glazes and Firing

June 17 - 23, 2012 Shakerag Workshop

Course Description
This course is designed for potters who want to learn more about glazes and color development, or who are frustrated with not knowing what makes glazes work or fail, or who want to develop or adjust their own glazes. We will work as a group with low, mid-range, and high-fire glazes creating line and color blends to explore color possibilities over a broad range of bases. We will discuss what makes glazes work including oxides, kilns, firing, cones, Seger UMF, recipe method, etc. We will mix and test glaze recipes on test tiles, and participants may bring small bowls or cups to glaze in order to fill out the kilns (test tiles will have priority for space in the firings, and bowls and cups will be put in as we have space available). We will be firing in electric kilns to cone 05 and cone 6, in a gas reduction kiln to cone 10, and in a soda/salt kiln to cone 10. Students in the class may participate as much as desired in the actual loading and firing process.

Skill Level
Participants with some experience in clay and glazing will benefit the most from this class, but all levels are welcome.


Claire Reishman
c/o Shakerag Workshops
290 Quintard Road
Sewanee, TN 37375
931-598-5651 x3165

Lisa Joerling 2012

  Untitled "Bird Girl", Lisa Joerling, 9 1/2"x 5"x 5" High Fire Cone 10- 2011 NFS

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Diane Puckett 2012

Jar, Diane Puckett, Stoneware, cone 6, multi-fired, 2011, $60.00
 — with Diane Puckett.

Bottle, Diane Puckett, 7.5" x 5" x 5", Soda and salt fired, cone 10 stoneware, flashing slip, 2011. $1,000,000.00

Cindy Reed 2012

 It is fine, the tall bowl is 7x7x7 cone 6 oxidation 
 my webpage is

Jennifer Kincaid 2012

"White Clouds" (footed bowl), Jennifer Kincaid, 2"x 13" x13," white earthenware, bisqued at Cone 04, glazed at Cone 05, 2011, $134

Diana Gillispie 2012

Cup and Saucer, 6"H, maiolica, red earthenware, cone 04, 1995 NFS. 
Diana Gillispie Asheville Tileworks 360 Kenilworth Road Asheville, NC 28805 828-768-9050 (cell)

Amy Winston 2012

These are fabric figures mounted on a stand or wall frame.

Doc Welty 2012

Doc Welty can be reached at :

Bob Galloway 2012

Lidded jar, thrown and altered, 7"Tx5"W, cone 10 gas fired with soda/salt vapor glazing and Ohata Khaki at the shoulder

Don't have a website as of yet, but email is pilgrimis@aol.com

Bob Galloway

Edge Barnes 2012

Edge Barnes -Black & white one - Horsehair Vase, 7" w x 9" t - NFS ( it,s a second)

Edge Barnes -Sagger fired piece - Foil Saggar Fired "Seaweed Vase", 7-1/2" w x 12-3/4" t  -  $-275

 Both pieces were made from my burnishing clay, bisqued to ^09. Horsehair pot heated  to ~1700 F w/ carbon markings from hair, feathers, other combustibles applied after removal from the kiln. Seaweed vase second firing to ~1270 F in foil Saggar. Both pieces cleaned post-firing and sealed/polished w/ clear paste wax.

Betsy Gray 2012

Teapot. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2,  porcelain, cone 10 reduction. NFS

Bowl:  10 1/2 x 4. Porcelain with underglaze brushwork, cone 6 reduction.  $85

Julie Covington 2012

Here is a note from Julie Covington. Check her out!  covingtonpottery.com.

I'm so glad I finally got to come to this workshop!  I learned a lot and am excited to make my set-up.  Here are a couple of the pix - it's all cone 10 reduction - teapot is stoneware, 2012, cups are porcelain, 2012.  Teapot's going to Dobra I think and cups went today to the cup show @ Blue Spiral, so I reckon they're not really for sale from me anymore.

Also I'm in a show that just opened at Lark and Key in Charlotte if you're looking for more stuff to post on the blog!  Here's the link - http://larkandkey.com/exhibitions.php.  And Eric Knoche and I are both in the cup show at Blue Spiral, think it's up for another month - http://www.bluespiral1.com/currentx.htm.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Laurey-Faye Long 2012

"Bottle", Laurey-Faye Long, 7.5" x 4" x 4", little loafers clay body, trailing slip, amber and green glaze, fired to cone 7 electric, 2012

"Plate", Laurey-Faye Long, 1.5" x 9.5" x 9.5", little loafers clay body, trailing slip, various glazes, fired to cone 7 electric, 2012


Looking for Clay Employment 2012


     My name is Sam Hitchman, currently I am living in Cincinnati OH, and am looking to move to the Asheville area. I am currently working for a potter and a handmade tile manufacturer, and just recently left a large community studio where I was Director of Education and full time mold maker for a professional figurative sculptor.

     My girlfriend and I are looking to move to the Asheville area mostly for our love of the beautiful scenery, but also for me to continue my potting career. I have been working in clay for about 13 years now and I received my BFA in Ceramics and Metalsmithing from Miami University of Oxford, OH in 2010. I am contacting you today because I am trying to clay based employment. Our eventual plans are to open a studio/gallery in the area given we are totally enamored with our move (shouldn't be too hard!). 

    I have been trying to find employment in your area for a few months now so if I have already contacted you, please excuse the redundancy. If not my girlfriend and I are going to be making a trip down to the Asheville area to do some leg work the week of February 13th (our dates are completely finalized yet). If you would be interested in meeting me, even if you are not interested in picking up an employee, we would love to meet you, and hope to schedule a time. 

    I appreciate your time and any help you may be able to offer, if you happen to know of anyone who may be interested in picking up an employee please forward this information along. 

Thank you very much for your time,

Sam Hitchman 


Photo set-up

For all those of you who missed out class, here is the set up:

Here is another way we did it courtesy of Marian Parkes and Michael Coffee:

I will take a photo of the pvc stand when I get it back from Joy (unless someone else has an image?).

Jennifer Kincaid 2012

"Crow's Shadow" (sculpture), Jennifer Kincaid, 7" x 3" x 2", white earthenware, bisqued at Cone 04, glazed at Cone 05,2011, $84

Jennifer Kincaid


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Images from the Digital Photo Class

Here are some images from yesterdays class. I will post names and dimensions tonight.

Car Pool to Clay Club


If anyone is coming from the Waynesville/Asheville area to Clay Club on Wednesday ----could I get a ride?

(Can't drive at night.)

Thank you,
Linda Falcone


Friday, February 3, 2012

Penland Community Open House, March 3, 2012

And also, if you haven’t already heard, Penland’s annual Community Open House event is coming up Saturday, March 3. Visitors are welcome to tour Penland’s many studios and participate in hands-on activities from 1 to 5 PM. Everything is free and kid friendly. In the clay studio we offer two activities. Visitors can make a pot on the wheel with one-on-one help from a volunteer or they can make and decorate a little sculpture or hand built pot.

Penland is seeking volunteers to help with the event, too. If you’d like to help in the clay studio, or in any other Penland studio, we would love to have you as one of the many talented, hard-working volunteers. Last year, Penland welcomed approximately 450 visitors to campus for hands-on activities, and couldn’t pull it off without the help of many hands. In thanks you get wonderful food and a special souvenir apron designed by Meg Peterson and Paulus Berensohn to keep you tidy in the studio throughout 2012.

The volunteer schedule is as follows:
11:00 am – Setup
11:45 am – Volunteer pizza and soup lunch
12:30 pm – Return to studios
1:00 – 5:00 pm –Visitors arrive, create and have fun
5:00 – 6:00 pm – Clean up

If you can’t be here all day, there are several jobs that you can help with early or late in the day, or even in the days before the event. You can also come and go the day of the event at your schedule. If you’re interested, please let me know: Susan at clay@penland.org, or call me at 828-765-2359, ext. 29. Thanks everybody!

February Clay Club Rocks!

Yo Clubbers,
This month’s Clay Club will meet here at the wonderful Penland clay studio from 6 to 8 PM, Wednesday, February 8, for our annual mug-making extravaganza. Pizza, soda, and stoneware are provided. Please bring anything else you’d like to share. However, it’s a BYOCT event. That means bring your own clay tools as there might not be enough shared tools to go around. We have buckets and towels. Please remember that we can’t drink alcohol in the studio while we are working, but afterwards we can adjourn to the porch for a beverage.

Each year, Penland gives away 500+ handmade mugs to the many patrons and volunteers for the school’s Annual Benefit Auction. The cups are available at the Saturday morning Breakfast at the Barns event. Following Penland’s spirit of community, the mug-making is open to any who would like to participate. So, come have fun with us! You can throw or handbuild. There will be some leatherhard cylinders already made for those who would like to attach handles or decorate. Or just eat pizza and entertain us with stories from your exotic life.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Susan Feagin at 828-765-2359, ext. 29 or e-mail me at clay@penland.org. See you soon!

Top it Off class @ Odyssey

I've got a great class I'm working with at Odyssey right now. We're focusing on lidded vessels, mostly canister sets and casseroles.
We were oohing and ahhing over Tamsin Allpress's elephant canisters. The elephants are from sprig molds she made.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Magruder Red cone 6

Here is a really nice cone 6 Iron red. Don't have an image but trust me- it is nice!

If you get an image - send it to me and I will post it.

Magruder’s (Iron ) Red cone 6 oxidation
44.8 Kona F-4
12.3 Silica
18.2 Talc
16.1 Bone Ash
  4.3 EPK
  4.3 Lithium Carbonate

2. Bentonite
12.3 Synthetic Iron Oxide

Ceramics Solution on Facebook

Guess I am out of it, but discovered that there is a Ceramic Solutions page on Facebook:


Michael Sherrill in the White House

Here is an image and article of Michael Sherrill in the White House collection:


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carpool to Saturday's Photography Workshop

I will be driving from Weaverville to John Britt's workshop on Saturday. If you want to ride along, call 713-4195 or email dianepuckett@gmail.com.

FolkStreams » Unbroken Tradition

Here is something for the Turners and Burners

Glazing Techniques February 20 -24, 2012

Hey all you Potters/Glazers,

I have a Glazing Techniques class coming up with a couple of spots open.

It is a perfect class for Beginners (to intermediate) who don't really get good glazing results.

We will talk (and actually help you do it ) about how to Dip, Pour, and Spray and then fire and  see results and repeat until you get it right. It can make all the difference and take you to a new level of your pottery skills.  Why wait years when this can help you in a week!!?

We will also have a variety of other projects and techniques, like wax/latex, overlapping, pencils, chalks, decals, stains, etc.  And everyone will work at their own pace. No stress!

Should be a fun class but you should let me know asap because you will need to bring about 30 bisque pieces. (nothing complicated -cups or teabowls will do) So you may need time to make them.

If you can't do that I will have some samples here.

The location is near Penland School. 1 hour north of Asheville NC.

Let me know,



Digital Photography Class Feb. 5, 2012

Hey, we have two spots open in the Sunday Feb. 5, 2012 Digital Photo class.  Should be fun and you will finally learn how to take great images cheap with your camera and never have to hire someone again. And you will get in more shows!  Presentation is important!

Did I mention a delicious lunch. homemade bread and salad by Joy Tanner and soups by John...maybe pecan sticky buns if I can get to it.

John Britt Pottery