Saturday, November 30, 2013

Applying to Fairs, Festivals, Pottery Show and Tours

In planning for 2014, it occurs to me that there should be a place to go on-line or on this blog to assist  us with applying for the various events for the year so we can apply on time and with the requisit photos, fees, etc.  Is there such a place on-line? There are so many events throughout the year, many of them local to which we can apply directly.  how do we access this information? Is this a guarded secret?  After 5 years of trying to figure it out, I need help.  thanks in advance for your input.


2nd Annual Clay Olympics 2014

Yo Clubbers,

We are in the planning stages for the 2nd Annual Clay Olympics which will be held at Odyssey Center for Ceramics Arts -January 8, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

 Tish and Melissa have again, generously agreed to donate $100 per event as prize money. And Brian has agreed to donate the clay. I am looking for a few more sponsors so we can have several prizes. I would like to have :

1st prize -$100,
2nd prize $50 and
3rd prize - $25 .

So that means I need a $300 donation and a $150 donation. If anyone is willing to donate it would be great and would make this a really fun event.

Also if anyone else wants to get in on the planning - let me know. Mellie and I are just going to wing it unless someone else steps up.

So far the events are:

1.            Biggest thrown vessel (8 inch base/cylinder, must have bottom, 10 pounds of clay in 10 minutes. Two balls of clay, must wedge up prior to event. Judged on height and quality.)

2.            Fastest thrower (most 1 pound bowls, 6 “ x 2”, must have bottom, in 10 minutes, must wedge up prior to event. Judged on quantity and quality.)
3.            Blindfolded throwing (3 pounds of clay in 5 minutes, must bring blindfold.)

4.            Team throwing- two people throwing together, one persons hand on the inside, the other persons hand on the outside. (3 pounds of clay in 10 minutes, must have bottom. Judged on height and form.)

5.            Largest coil- pot in 15 minutes with ( 6 inch base minimum- 5 pounds of clay  in 15 minutes, must pre-make coils and base. Judged on height and form.)

6.            Best Face Jug ( Jugs provided 15 minutes. Judged on ugliness!)

If you want to sign up for any event let me know. We will have limits depending on the number of wheels and amount of clay available.

Trac Tour at John Britt Pottery

This next weekend is the TRAC tour and we will be participating.

  The dates are:

Friday, December 6, Noon to 4 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 
December 7 and 810 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We - meaning:

Kristen Flournoy, 

Amy Waller, 

Lisa Gluckin, 

Rodney Hopkins 

and myself, John Britt

Word of the Day 2013

Spluttering-  (Or Sputtering )- a glaze defect in which small pieces of glaze fall from the ware during fusion and are found fused to the shelf after the firing. The glaze layer sometimes heals over but sometimes crawls.

From "The Potter's Dictionary" Hamer 5th ed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

NEEDED- Raku firing help

I have several Christmas gifts/ pottery pieces that I need to get fired ~ Please let me know if you know of any communal groups that share a kiln; that could help me get the momentum going that I want to with my pottery~ I am on a budget that cannot afford to go to the Odyssey, however, I can afford to contribute to a group

I would really like to find a group where I can contribute my time; energy into making the studio even better :) I am an easy going 28 yr old female who will be respectful & clean up after myself as well as contributing to the tasks that need to be accomplished for the space to run efficiently :) Hope to hear from you ~ Ashley ---my email is

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Arts related jobs in North Carolina 2013

When grandpa can't see the cones....

When the cones get hard to see ....just get a 

Stanley Fat Max 2000 Lumen Spot light and blast away!

The 2000 lumen spot light will overpower the light in the kiln and allow you to see everything clearly. Be sure to where eye protection (I have a hand held welding glass).

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Homemade Plywood Glaze Chemical Bins

Here is the front view. 

This is the key feature. A plumbing steel pipe is running the length under each bin and they are secured with U-Brackets. Slightly off center and a 2"x4" is at the back to hold it.

Here is a longer view. Very simple construction.

Here are the bins.  

To keep them from falling forward, the back of each bin is about an inch higher so is stops the bin.

Fall day on Round Mountain 2013

Mr. Cutie says : It is a good day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bascom Artist Workshops in Highlands NC 2014

2014 Workshop Series at The Bascom
Study at a State-of-the-Art Ceramics Studio in Beautiful

Highlands, NC

April 19 - 20 Spring Fling with Colette Clark

April 25 - 27 Horsehair, Fuming, and Raku with Frank Vickery

May 2 - 4 Face Jugs and Mugs Party with Rob Winthrow

May 26 - 30 American Art Tiles with a Modern Twist with Susan Bach

June 6 - 8 Inspiration Through Surface Design with Paula Smith

June 16 - 20 Drawing with Pencil, Forming with Clay with Alice Ballard

June 23 - 27 Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze with Will McCanless

July 14 - 18 Glaze Calculation with John Britt

July 21 - Aug 1 The Nude Figure: Modeling the Figure Using Oil-Based Clay with Wesley Wofford

Aug 8 - 11 Slow Down and Approach Handbuilding with Shirl and Jim Parmentier

Aug 18 - 22 Fowl Renderings and Other Animals with Fred Johnston and Carol Gentithes

Sept 5 - 7 Portraits in Clay with Mike Lalone

Sept 13 Three Potters Symposium with Jim Connell, Fong Choo and Brandon Reese

Sept 22 - 24 Endless Possibilities of Surface Decoration Using Porcelain Slip with Joey Sheehan

Sept 26 - 28 Human/Animal Hybrids: Sculpting with Solid Forms in Clay with Kelly Thiel

Oct 20 - 24 The Art of the Teapot with Rick Berman

Oct 18 and 25 Spooky Raku Firing with Frank Vickery and Rick Berman

The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts • 323 Franklin Road • Highlands, NC 28741 • 828-526-4949

Free stuff from pottery studio that is closing

My mother's pottery studio, located in Marietta Georgia. Their house will close December 30 and the developer buying the property plans to demolish the studio.

 We still have items we would like to give to those in need.

If you know someone who needs stuff, tell them to call me to discuss?
Thank you.

Marty - 770.331.5767

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Steve Tenglesen RIP!


We will miss you Steve!

Marshall Handmade Market - THIS SATURDAY!

We're proud to be celebrating our 5TH Annual Marshall Handmade Market this year.  Fine Art, craft, body care, delicious food, coffee, award winning musicians all in cozy Marshall High Studios.  Stop by studio #109 to see me and some of my new work.
-Emily Reason

check out the Mountain Xpress Article:

Featured ceramic artists at this year's Market:
Stephen Foehner, Melissia Weiss, Theresa Pietsch, Rob Pulleyn, Emily Reason, Lisa Joerling, Mellie Lonnemann

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking for a book title....

I'm looking for a book title... does anyone know of a book about humor in pottery? What is the full title? who published it? Thanks

The Yancey County Potters in Burnsville at the TRAC Gallery


Be sure to come out and see the Yancey County Potters show at TRAC (Toe River Arts) in Burnsville November 23 - December 29, 2013!

Courtney Martin in Ceramics Monthly this month

There is a great article on Courtney Martin in this month's CM December 2013. Check it out if you get a chance!