Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Stuff 2

Thanks to everyone and my Wildflower Book :
Bear Root or Squaw Root or Cancer Root

I have to figure out what these are called and I will get back to you.  (Have to look them both up.)

Viburnum, Nannyberry flowers

Spring stuff

Lots of spring stuff happening here in Mitchell County. But when swarms of butterflies show up it must be real!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Deadline for Open Studio Tour in Henderson County NC


May 15 DEADLINE for Henderson County potters to be a part of Sept 21-22 Open Studio Tour, building on the success of 2012.

For registration and 2012 artist online Tour go to:

 Info available to be guest in other artist studios.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Check out Stephen Foehner tomorrow


Charlie Tefft, from Guilford College, NC, will be teaching a 2 day workshop at Rockingham Community College May 4th and 5th. 9am to 4pm. It is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

(You have to google it yourself!!)

Try going digital

Yo potters,

Try going to a digital scale- for accuracy and speed. Believe me ...it saves time and money and they are very accurate now!

Hey --admit it--you have an I-pod, an I-pad, GPS, Facebook, twitter  instagram, Kindle and .....WHY won't you use a digital scale?????

I just use my triple beam to test the accuracy and then put it away.

I have this one which has been oustanding:


Friday, April 26, 2013

And again . . .

Also for sale:

One accurate 10 lb scale by Accu-weigh.  Very accurate, great for measuring out sm. amts of clay.
One accurate 25 lb scale by Correct Count (Santa Barbara) similar to above.

$50.00 for both.

Please call: 828-380-9596

Trying to get outa town

Equipment for sale:

7.5" Shimpo banding wheel in new condition: $45.00
6 ' fiberglass tables: 4 @ $20.00 ea.  (in good shape)
4'      ditto                 4 @ $10.00
large masonite bats:  @3-4 free
  Lexmark all-in-one ink jet printer:  $20.00  (takes a $5.00 black ink cartridge; cheap to use, good quality)
  APC  Line-R  1250VA  voltage and amp filter. (Look up on Google.) Why do you need this: protects your valuable electronic equipment much better than a simple surge protector.  I would take it with us but it weighs too much and I'm tired of stuff. Tired!  It's free.

There's some more stuff in storage if interested.

Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen (reluctantly)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

april ..salt kiln 2013

Skutt 1227 element for sale, 25% off!

Bought the wrong elements & can't return them!
I've got a center element for a Skutt 1227, 240V kiln.
Has not been used, just been opened.  I snipped one of the rounded ends off, which you have to do before installing any way.  Have it for $36, 25% less than Highwater's price.
Email Emily reasonpots@gmail.com

Skinner Blending of Colored Clay

IMG 2440

There is a great article in this month's Ceramic Review magazine. It is by Chris Campbell (Raleigh NC) who shows how she used the Skinner Blending method to make colored clay blend into shades.  Think there is also an article in Pottery Making Illustrated (January 2013).

Very simple and nice!

Green City
FYI, Chris Campbell is giving a workshop this 

weekend at Claymakers in Durham, NC, and there's 

still space: 



Monday, April 22, 2013

Burners for Sale 2013 Penland Area NC

Venturi High Pressure Nozzle Burner

Charles Hones Inc "Buzzer" high pressure nozzle burner with 30 psi pressure regulator and all hardware, set of 6 for only $2000

Contact: Laura P. Schulman, 828-777-0630


Also Wooden bats, large and small, square and round, some with foam surfaces for trimming, $1 to $5

Laura Schulman 828-777-0630

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cone 6 glazes in progress

Yo, getting some NICE cone 6 glazes for the book. Can't tell you the recipes yet but soon....

Barred Owl on Round Mountain

Got some nice shots of a Barred Owl yesterday during a walk in the woods.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I have about 75 pounds of Desert Buff and some other, small amounts of other Highwater clays to get rid of. All need heavy wedging or pugging. Located in Weaverville. dianepuckett@gmail.com or 828-713-4195

Blaine Avery Opening!


The kiln Opening starts tomorrow, I posted some pictures of pots on my blog of some of the new work as I was loading it in the kiln. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you this and next weekend. But If you can't make it out to the studio I'll be listing some of the new work in my etsy store the fist of the week. The last few weeks have flown by. I have been so busy getting everything ready. I apologize if I haven't been able to return everyone's emails and phone calls., I just couldn't get to everyone with so much to do. I'll reply to everyone as soon as I can also feel free to contact me again if I haven't gotten back to you in the next few days.

Avery Pottery & Tileworks averypottery@gmail.com

It's going to be a beautiful weekend!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blood Root on the Parkway NC

Akar Yunomi Invitational 2013

Check out the Yumomi Invitational:  Not a blatant sales pitch ..just check out the great stuff!


Red Lodge Short Term Residency -Ceramics


Short Term Residency Application Deadline: May 1, 2013

The Short-Term Residency (any time between September 1 - May 31) is ideal for the ceramic artist who is working to complete a special project requiring two to eight weeks' time. Accepted short-term residents are provided with studio space and 24 hour access to the studio. Housing is available for $450.00 per month or a prorated basis congruent with the scheduled residency. Short-term residents will be responsible for personal living expenses, as well as all material and firing expenses. The application deadline is May 1st annually.

Application Fee: $40

The Red Lodge Clay Center welcomes applications from ceramic artists who will thrive working as a team, in a community minded atmosphere.

Apply Online at Slideroom

For more information:



Monday, April 15, 2013

Cone 6 book in progress

This is what a Cone 6 glaze book looks like in process....if I could take a picture of excruciating pain..I would!

North Carolina Arts Council public meetings

The North Carolina Arts Council is going to hold four public meetings to "share ideas about how partnerships between the state and local communities can ensure the arts remain essential to North Carolina’s future." The first meeting is tomorrow in Charlotte and on Wednesday they'll be in Morganton, which is as far west as they are going. Details on their website:

Creative North Carolina Connects

Sunday, April 14, 2013

3rd Annual Madison County Potters Market April 20

Join us this Saturday April 20, 9am-5pm at Marshall High Studios for the 3rd Annual Madison County Potters Market.  

One day only!  Food available from Sweet Monkey Bakery
Madison County Potters: Emily Reason, Josh Copus, Joey Sheehan, Alex Matisse, Becca Floyd, Jim & Shirl Parmentier, Rob Pulleyn & Matt Kelleher
Guest Potters: Tom Clarkson (Charlottesville, Va), Joy Tanner (Bakersville, NC), Will Baker (Bakersville, NC), Julie Wiggins (Charlotte, NC), Ron Philbeck (Shelby, NC), Erik Haagensen (Greenville, TN), Luba Sharapan (Greenville, TN), Josh Manning (Copper Hill, Va), Kyle Caprenter (Asheville, NC), Joseph Sand (Randleman, NC), Maria Andrade Troya (Asheville, NC), Barry Rhodes (Atlanta, Ga), Mary Kay Botkins (East Dundee, Il), Melissa Weiss (Asheville, NC).  

for directions and information about exhibiting potters, visit: http://pottersofmadisoncounty.com/

Friday, April 12, 2013

The "Terry Gross," of Pottery - BEN CARTER

If you're a pottery geek, which are because you're reading this blog. Then, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast, hosted by Ben Carter.  Ben has released 19 episodes that can be heard at the website or downloaded through iTunes.  Listening to this podcast is like being a part of a friendly conversation.  One that delves into the interviewees' history, inspiration, techniques and accomplishments.  Ben's thought-provoking questions and insightful responses make this perfect studio listening.  Ben is a rambling man.  His travels in recent years have taken him, literally around the globe.  He guests include an international cast of artists working mostly in clay, but also music and other media.  See how friendly this guy looks?  Listen to his podcast.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clay Club April 10, 2013 Ila Prouty

We had a great time at Clay Club last night. I want to thanks Jann and the members of the ArtsCentered in Bakersville. They had an amazing food spread!!!

Also wanted to thank Ila Prouty who took out time to give us a talk about her work. 

The bowls above are what we made, which related to her current work.

You can see some of it on her website:


Dream Repeater

I’m fascinated with repetition and how it has the ability to intensify experience and create significance, even as each repetition drifts from the original.

I collect vivid and repeating dreams from others then create repetitions of them in various ways. I write the dreams, I retell them, I reenact them, and invite others to adopt them. I make prints, sculptures and videos as repetitions of them.

In each of these ways, I seek to reinforce and grow the dreams. Perhaps through this process, the dream of one person will transform into something beyond its own borders, just as an obituary begins the retelling of a life that might spin out through many iterations to become, eventually, the myth of a god.

I have been thinking about how repetition magnifies experience, and my role in that process. Each time I retell a dream, or make another version of it, I build another layer. In a way this is like the repetition of daily life. We wake each day, smile at the baby, change her diaper and make some coffee. We build ritual and meaning out of everyday repetition. This is especially true if we notice what we are doing as we do it.

or in this video:

Goldilocks, Save the World (making plans and getting ready)


Next month Clay Club will be at John Hartom's in Burnsville.

Linda McFarling Demo -FREE

In Building H #26 at Western Piedmont Community College. contact Shane Mickey for more info:  https://www.facebook.com/shane.mickey.39

Iwami Trimming

This might help loosen up the trimming .....


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Word of the Day - KILN


an oven, furnace, or heated enclosure used for processing a substance by burning, firing, or drying

From :

"Kiln" has been a part of the English language for over 1,000 years, its first known use in Old English (as "cyline") dating back to the early 700s. Unlike many words that descend from Old English, however, "kiln" is not ultimately Germanic in origin but was borrowed from Latin "culina," meaning "kitchen," an ancestor of the English word "culinary." In the 14th century, speakers of Middle English began to drop the "n" at the end of the word, and even to this day some English speakers pronounced "kiln" so that it rhymes with "mill." In fact, like "kiln," "mill" (from Late Latin "molina") was originally spelled and pronounced with a terminal "n." Unlike "mill," however, "kiln" has retained the final "n" in spelling, if not always in pronunciation.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Reminder :Clay Club in Mitchell County!!


Tomorrow, Wednesday April 10, 2013,  from 6:30-8:30 join Jann Welch and Artscentered in Bakersville as they host this month's clay club. 

Ila Prouty is the special guest artist, she will be doing a colored clay demonstration, Ila never fails to inspire!

ArtsCentered will be providing a honey baked ham, sandwich rolls, condiments, cider and sodas. Bring sides or chips or whatever!

All are welcome - as always and it is FREE!


71 N. Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, Nc

Phone (828) 688-6012 or (828) 385-6342
Email jann@artscentered.com

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wheelchair Accessibility Guidelines for Studio Tour

For Clay Clubbers participating in the Toe River Arts Council June studio tour: TRAC is adding a "wheelchair accessibility" symbol to the guidebook. They're relying on artists to indicate whether or not their studio is accessible. This information was requested in the studio tour application, but TRAC sent out a more detailed email about it today. They're requesting that tour participants respond by Wednesday (actually the email says "before Wednesday") - not a lot of time so I wanted to help spread the word here.

​Has anyone ever addressed accessibility in a studio tour situation like this? I would love to know how other individual artists and studio tour organizers have dealt with this issue.

Here's the text of the email TRAC sent out today:​

Some of you may have missed the option on handi-cap accessibility that we had included for the June Tour application. This is a direction we are moving towards to make all TRAC programs and facilities accessible and open for all people to enjoy, including the tours. We will be planning accessible workshops in the future to help us all move in this direction, but for the this tour we are boldly moving forward by including a wheelchair accessible symbol on the guide at each site that feels like they can provide this accommodation. The concern of liability was discussed by presenting this symbol, and some had thought it would be better not to include. But from the state’s standpoint liability is presented whether is it marketed or not, and doing nothing is a greater liability.

The North Carolina Arts Council has provided guidance and support for TRAC to move in this direction. If you have any questions/concerns, we would be happy to research and get back with you.

Some of the features to consider when checking off on this feature (wheelchair accessible) include:

• Door to studio – that it is at least 32” wide and easy to o pen.
• The door is either at ground level or there is a ramp to your studio.
• The pathway to your studio is either paved or packed.
• Accessible parking is available.

Another option we discussed was listing sites that could accommodate wholesale orders. We decided not to include this in the guide, but will be happy to keep an internal list for only qualified wholesale purchasers.

We have also had calls concerning commission work. Inquiries came primarily for organizations seeking quantity. Again, this is not included in the guide, but we will keep an internal list for qualified inquiries.

We are in the final stages of proofing the Tour Guide. If you wish to add the wheelchair accessible symbol to your listing, please email toeriverarts@gmail.com before Wednesday.

Add the Wheelchair accessible symbol to my site ____

Internal TRAC document only:
I accept wholesale orders (qualified buyers only) ____

I accept commission orders (qualified inquiries only) ____

Silk Moth Cocoon

Saw this on a walk. I think it is a silk moth cocoon?!

Fire Bricks SOLD SOLD SOLD in Raleigh NC

Insulating Fire Brick for Sale

100 Babcox-Wilcox K23 – New in the box $4.00 ea.

280 + Used K23 – Like New (all whole bricks) $3.00 ea.

260 + Used K26 - Like New (all whole bricks) $4.00 ea.

50 Used K26 – # 1 Arch Brick Like New $4.50 ea.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quote of the Day

"A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain. "

- Mildred W. Struven

Leach Treadle Wheel FOR SALE in Virginia SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Glaze Calculator


You may already know this...but here is a FREE glaze calculator program:


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clay Club Artscentered Bakersville.


On Wednesday April 10 from 6:30-8:30 join Jann Welch and Artscentered in Bakersville as they host this month's clay club. 

Ila Prouty is the special guest artist, she will be doing a colored clay demonstration, Ila never fails to inspire!

Be sure to check out the new student gallery while you are at ArtsCentered!

ArtsCentered will be providing a honey baked ham, sandwich rolls, condiments, cider and sodas. Bring sides or chips or whatever!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pottery Equipment FOR SALE

Pottery Equipment

$30.00 Raku Tongs 31" in length 45°. Never Used

$60.00 Men’s 23” Insulated Leather Gloves cut fuller for larger sized hands. They feature “sock” fit liner and aluminized Kevlar™ layer. “Sock” fit liners don’t have the seams that other liners have, thus preventing heat seepage through the seams. Never Used

$150.00 Giffin Grip Model 10
Re-Centering and Holding Tool
Very Little Use!                
Basic Blue Sliders - for centering plates, bowls and lids
2" & 3" Arms - for holding mugs, tea cups, casseroles                                  
4" & 5" Arms - for small bottles, pitchers, jars
6" Arms - for taller bottles, pitchers, large vases

Eric Moore
604 Rountree St.
Wilson, NC 27896


Monday, April 1, 2013


Shane Mickey has made historic announcement this morning: He is taking a break from his rigorous schedule of climbing in an out of electric kilns, harassing the ladies of Mitchell County, and napping in his office to run for Governor of the State of North Carolina .

 "Hell's fire, if Arnold can do it so can I" said Mickey

" I have thought about this for a long time and feel that I haven't been actualizing, or for that matter, sharing my tremendous god given talents adequately with the citizens of this great state. That has been a mistake on my part which I need to rectify immediately" said the visibly aging Mickey.

"So I will announce my candidacy for Governor and try to spend less time with my family. They are sick of me anyway. " lamented a seemingly tearful Mickey.

"Sitting at the Pizza Shop in rural Mitchell County, on very small bar stool, for over 4,000 hours has not only given me a severe case of hemorrhoids but also the needed time to construct my campaign. I have decided on a slogan",  said the jubilant Mickey, "What do you think?"

 "Pots for One and Pots for All"!

He has already picked out his theme song: "Oh Mickey you're so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, Oh Shane Mickey".

" I think it is a great song, I sing it to myself every day and it gives me the strength I need to get out in the world and change things, like elements, tires, my underwear, etc." said Mickey "You know what I mean!"

" I also have a beverage sponsor " Mickey's Big Mouth" which pretty much states my position on a range of issues".

Shane will need lots of money to mount his failed historic campaign  so send checks of under $1,000 to his Paypal account, Shaneneedsyourlove@gamil.com

  "We want to keep this a grass roots campaign for the little people" says Mickey.  I refuse to sell out to special interest but I can be rented!"

Captain Cone Pack for Governor!
(Dennis Allen strategist)