Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Mica’s Featured Artist for December

Mica, the members owned cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, NC., continues its monthly special “Featured Artist Spotlight” series exhibiting the work of its member artists.

In December, Mica’s final month of their season, the gallery features the work of clay artist Lisa Joerling. “It’s been nice,” she says,” twenty-five years of working in the studio and it still makes for my favorite kind of day. Even better are the days when I add in a walk and some time in my garden.”

Joerling’s work combines three personal pleasures: The earthenware clay she uses is rich, dark, and gritty, much like the color, texture, and feel of her gardening. The animals and critters she meets on a morning walk frequently become the subjects for that day's clay work. And finally, the amusement she finds in her muse, “Riffing off a punch line or aphorism leads me in determining which animal I will choose to play the lead role,” she tells us. “I hope my work will make you laugh or smile, much as it does for me.”

Mica showcases the craft work of its 15 artist-members including sculpture, glass, jewelry, fiber, wearables, painting, printmaking, and functional pottery. This extraordinary collection, enhanced by a yearlong rotation of featured artists and the welcoming and beautiful setting, make Mica a must-see destination for those who appreciate the hand made.
As a child Joerling was constantly drawing and sculpting. “In the early evenings I would make clay animals with my father at his desk, she remembers, “and in the morning I would hurry to his desk, often times delighted to discover that my father had continued with the animals after I had gone to bed.”

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, NC. Mica is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12–5 p.m. For more information call 828.688.6422 or visit micagallerync.com. Follow the gallery on Facebook at Mica Gallery NC, or on Instagram at micagallerync.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Ceramic supplies and equipment for sale in Hendersonville, NC


Here are the details from Fern Carter:

Ceramic Supplies and Equipment

F-25 (3819, 3269, P-25)

Redart Clay
Blackbird Barnard clay
Albany Slip

Fine Grog
Tin Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Titanium Dioxide

Brent IE Wheel. (list new $979)
Northstar Slab Roller 24” with table ( list new $1050)
Skutt kiln-electronic KM 818, single phase (list new $2705)
Envirovent (list new $584)

All equipment in excellent shape. All shelves and kiln furniture included!

Entire inventory: $2,800  Local pick-up only. Sold only as a package deal. 

Contact Fern at fcclayworks@gmail.com or 404-388-5065

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Village Potters Clay Center - studio space for rent


Are you looking for a clean, creative, and healthy studio to work in? 
The Village Potters Clay Center has studio rental spaces available. 

See flyer below for details.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Toe River Arts Fall Studio Tour this weekend

Toe River Arts Fall Studio Tour
November 12th, 13th and 14th
Mitchell and Yancey counties, North Carolina

From the Facebook event page:

Toe River Arts will host a Fall Studio Tour with both in-person and online elements the second weekend in November, on November 12, 13, and 14, 2021. A Studio Tour Preview Exhibition at the Toe River Arts Spruce Pine gallery will accompany the Tour, on display November 12 through December 31, 2021. These dates are subject to change depending on case counts in the area and guidelines for public gatherings at that time.

While the Toe River Arts Studio Tours are typically held the first weekends in June and December, this Studio Tour will allow locals and travelers to safely visit with our artists while also providing online opportunities for guests to engage and support the artists.


(image from the Toe River Arts website)

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Weaverville Art Safari this weekend

Weaverville Art Safari Fall Studio Tour 2021
Saturday and Sunday, November 6th and 7th
10am - 5pm both days

The Weaverville Art Safari is one of the original studio tours in the Asheville Area. It is a self guided free event that offers a unique look at the artist’s work in their working environment, featuring artists who specialize in handmade pottery, glass, photography, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, painting, drawing, fiber art, wood art and more.

Studio tour map and more info: weavervilleartsafari.com 

(image from the Weaverville Art Safari website)

Friday, October 29, 2021

Glaze a Materials For Sale

Hey everyone, I got a note from Bill Campbell who has closed his studio. He has some things for sale. Pass it on to whomever: These supplies are for sale at 1/2 retail. FOB my studio. There is also a lot of random stuff that many potters could use. The prices will be attractive. 5 pallets of G 200 This is the spar that goes together with Minspar to make G 200 5 Pallets of Minspar 12 bags of bentonite 8 bags of Zinc 10 bags of F 75 Same as 3110 6 bags of Magnesium Carb. 5 bags of F 15 4 bags of dolomite 2 bags of gerstly borate 1 bag of copper carb 3/4 bag of copper oxide 75 lbs of cobalt carb 1 bag of soda spar 3 bags of red iron 2 pallets of Custer spar 3 pallets of neph sy 2 pallets of om4 1 1/2 pallets of tile 6 10 50# boxes of 644 There is also a lot of other stuff in random bags that will go cheap. Bill Campbell 814 336 9139 WHC228@aol.com

Beaverdam Studio Tour this weekend in North Asheville


4th Annual Beaverdam Studio Tour
October 30 and 31, 2021
Saturday, October 30th 10am to 5pm
Sunday, October 31st noon to 5pm

25 artists working in Beaverdam Valley—plus 5 guest artists—are excited to welcome visitors to their studios and homes to see their work, talk with them, and purchase handmade art and craft. Media include ceramics, painting, jewelry, sculpture, textiles, paper art, photography, and more.

All studios are off Beaverdam Road which is off Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville

Studio tour map and more info here: beaverdamstudiotour.com

(Image from the Facebook event page)

Thursday, October 28, 2021

2022 NC Potters Conference: Korean Influences

2022 NC Potters Conference: Korean Influences
March 3-6, 2022
Seagrove, North Carolina

From the email announcement:

Korean Influences! Our 2022 conference will feature several wonderful Korean potters and explore various Korean techniques and styles, both traditional and contemporary, as well as take a look at how Korean ceramics have changed and their influence on potters and pottery here in North Carolina.

Our Demonstrating Artists are Master Lee Hang Koo, Yeonsoo Kim, and KyoungHwa Oh. Our Speakers are Steven Young Lee, Sunkoo Yuh, Yoonjee Kwak, and Seo Eo.

Early Bird Registration ends November 31st.

Learn more and register via www.ncpottersconference.org!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Bracker Raku Kiln Kit for sale in Huntersville, NC


from Brackers.com
The Bracker Raku Kiln is a lightweight and portable design for firing ceramic pieces in your own backyard. The kiln we make today was designed by Bill Bracker in the early 1970's utilizing the technology of ceramic fiber. The kiln is made by lining a cage of wire fence material and a metal garbage can lid with one-half inch thick fiber blanket. The fiber is then rigidized with a mixture of sodium silicate and water. The use of the fiber allows the ceramicist to have the insulating qualities of 2-1/2 inches of soft insulating firebrick, yet it is light enough that anyone is able to pick it up.

• The raku kiln
• Soft insulating firebricks – 1 box (24 bricks) • Concrete blocks - 8
• Propane torch/burner
• Propane tanks
• Tongs with teeth
• Pair of welder’s gloves
• 2 Small metal garbage cans
• Raku Clay
• 2 books on Raku
• Does not include shelf

Brackers.com has How-To videos 
You pick up – Huntersville, NC 
PRICE: $500.00

Lynn Poland 
cell: 203-640-9077

Monday, October 25, 2021

Mica’s Featured Artist for November

Mica, the members owned cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, NC., continues its monthly special “Featured Artist Spotlight” series exhibiting the work of its member artists.

In November, the gallery features the work of its member, Teresa Pietsch. “My pottery reflects the cycles of life and growth.” she explains. “My inspiration comes from the colors and textures of the flora on hillsides, fields, and the sides of the road. I use colored clay slips on top of a red clay body to give an earthiness and life to my work. By firing my work in a soda kiln, I give a variation and richness to the finished forms.”

“I decorate each piece using a mono-print slip transfer method. I start by painting slip onto newsprint and then burnishing it onto the leather hard clay. When I peel away the newsprint the image has been transferred onto the clay. This creates a slight texture and adds an aspect of imperfection. I then embellish the image with slip dots or carved lines for another degree of texture and detail.”

Mica showcases the craft work of its 15 artist-members including sculpture, glass, jewelry, fiber, wearables, painting, printmaking, and functional pottery. This extraordinary collection, enhanced by a yearlong rotation of featured artists and the welcoming and beautiful setting, make Mica a must-see destination for those who appreciate the hand made.

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, NC. Mica is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12–5 p.m. For more information call 828.688.6422 or visit micagallerync.com. Follow the gallery on Facebook at Mica Gallery NC, or on Instagram at micagallerync.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Raku tongs and gloves wanted

Terry Gess is donating the materials and labor to build a small, wood fire raku kiln for the students at Arthur Morgan School in Celo, NC.  https://www.arthurmorganschool.org/mission-history/

All they have now is an electric kiln - what kid do you know who doesn't need to experience making and firing pots with real fire? We have all the materials to build but am lacking raku tongs and long raku gloves. Anyone have anything extra? All  help will be appreciated!  tgesspottery@gmail.com
Text 828 467 0166

Friday, October 22, 2021

North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival this Saturday in downtown Asheville


October 23, 2021


North Pack Square Park, Asheville, NC

Enjoy Doc Brown’s BBQ and Sunshine Sammies at NCCAF this year!

Featured Artist: Zan Barnes Pottery

Artists: Byers Pottery * Carlisle Ceramics * Club Polska Pottery * Converse Creations * Crazy Green Studio * Gillan Doty Pottery * Goodnight Pottery * Green Thumb Pottery * Hannah Sidner Ceramics * Home Plate Pottery * IyaBlu' Inc * Jenny Cartee Pottery * Julie Koenke * Katie Meili Pottery * Kristen Easters Ceramics * Leslie Dinga Pottery * Lindsay Bostic Pottery * Little Blackberry Creek Pottery * Molly Walter Pottery * Motyl Pottery * Peaceful Path Pottery * Plays in Mud Pottery * Pure Ritual * RGHCreative * SoulPlay Clayworks * Sprouting Earth Pottery * Susan Coe Pottery * Turning Earth Studios


(image from the North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival Facebook page)

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Geil gas kiln for sale in Huntersville, NC


    •    see kilns.com for specs
    •    PAID $10,000.00 -- ASKING $9,000.00

    •    UNCRATED
    •    PAID $1000.00 -- ASKING $500.00

    •    PAID $491.00 -- ASKING $200.00



Friday, October 15, 2021

Recap: October Clay Club

Thanks to everyone who came to our first virtual Clay Club! We got to see friends new and old; some we haven't seen since before COVID and others we got to meet for the first time. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my limited Zoom skills and special thanks to John Britt for co-hosting with me and making sure everything went smoothly (and answering some glaze questions, natch). We talked about what we've all been doing during the pandemic. For some of us, getting studio time has been harder. Lots of events got canceled and galleries were closed, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, but some have been pleasantly surprised by old and new revenue streams.

We talked about possibilities for upcoming Clay Club meetings. John is working on a group firing opportunity. Another popular topic idea was a social media panel. We've done social media focused Clay Clubs before, but it's been a while. Some folks who attended the Zoom meeting talked about difficulties coming to in-person meetings and there definitely seems to be interest in continuing to have some meetings virtually. Let me know if you have ideas for Clay Club topics and/or how to hold upcoming meetings.

Some announcements: 

Lori Theriault shared that The Village Potters Clay Center Gallery is open and tonight (Friday the 15th) there will be a virtual opening for Grounded Flow. From the Facebook event page:

Grounded Flow is a special exhibit and sale featuring the works of TVPCC Apprentices Caroline Woolard and Keira Peterson. We will host a Live-Stream Opening Reception on Friday, October 15 at 5:00PM. Caroline and Keira will tour us through their exhibit and answer any questions in simultaneous Facebook and Instagram Live-Streams. We hope you'll join us!


The Village Potters Clay Center is also open for classes and clay sales. Check out their COVID policies here: https://thevillagepotters.com/but-wait-theres-more/covid-19-pandemic-policies/

Lori and Tori Motyl shared that the North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival (NCCAF) will take place next Saturday, October 23rd, in North Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville. Check out all the details about the NCCAF here: www.northcarolinaceramicartsfestival.com

Tori also told us about Double Island Studio, a teaching studio in Green Mountain, NC started by Liz and Scott Summerfield. They'll be coming out with their 2022 summer workshop schedule soon. (Tori will be teaching Wild Clay and Throwing Big workshops!) Check out more about Double Island Studio on instagram at doubleislandstudio. (You should also check out this totally unbiased review of Double Island Studio by Roby Summerfield here: https://nicelocal.com/north-carolina/utility_service/double_island_studio/) If you're interested in the possibility of teaching at Double Island Studio, contact Tori at tori@motylpottery.com

Thanks again to everyone who came and participated in the first virtual Clay Club!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Call for Entries for the Craft Your Commerce Handmade for the Holidays Gift Guide

Handmade for the Holidays Gift Guide
Submission deadline: October 22nd

From the Mountain BizWorks website:

Mountain BizWorks and Craft Your Commerce would like to invite any artist, maker, and/or creative product business to submit their information to be included in our Handmade for the Holidays Gift Guide. Participation is free and inclusive. Anyone who submits by the deadline of October 22, will be included. Your business must be located inside the Mountain BizWorks’ service region.

We want to celebrate the ways in which you have developed resiliency, innovative ways to reach your customers, and strength through learning new skills by promoting what you make or offer to our audience for the 2021 holiday season. This virtual gift guide is all inclusive and will organize your products and services by category.

Any artist, maker and/or creative product business located in the Mountain Bizworks service region (26 western most counties in WNC) who submits their information will be included, but you MUST submit by the deadline of October 22, 2021. While having an e-commerce website is preferred, it is not required to participate.

They are also offering an Instagram takeover opportunity.

More details and links to submission forms here: https://www.mountainbizworks.org/event/cyc-2021-handmade-for-the-holidays-gift-guide/

Monday, October 11, 2021

October Clay Club details

I sent out the Zoom link for October Clay Club last night (Sunday night) by email. The meeting will take place this Wednesday, October 13th at 6pm. If you'd like to join us but didn't receive the email with the subject line October Clay Club this Wednesday!, contact me at amy@amywallerpottery.com and I will hook you up.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Judith Duff Pottery Studio Gallery Event

Judith Duff Pottery
October 22-23

From the website event page:

Since Judith's passing in March of this year, I have been thinking of ways to share the significant collection of her work that she left behind, much of which has not previously been viewed by the public.

Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville honored Judith's life work, interwoven with the words and art of potters she had influenced, in a Memorial Exhibition this past May and June. It was deeply gratifying to me and I am pleased that the gallery continues to showcase a selection of her pots.

Now I hope you will join me for a special Gallery Showing at Judith's Studio during this beautiful time of year in our mountain setting as a tribute to Judith's artistic talent, creativity, and kindness.

The event will be even more special because three of Judith's close friends, influenced by her in different ways, have graciously agreed to be part of this special show.

           Nancy Green - Pottery - Watkinsville, GA

           Christine Kisoba - Ceramic Sculpture - Brevard, NC

           Shannon Whitworth - Paintings - Brevard, NC

In addition, there will be ceramic works made by the amazing Korean Potter, Seungho Yang, who joined Judith to put on an unforgettable workshop at Judith's studio in 2015.

Please come and join Judith's many other admirers at this celebration of Judith's legacy.                       

Friday      Oct 22: 5 pm - 8 pm
Saturday    Oct 23: 10 am - 4 pm

450 Cedar Lane
Brevard, NC 28712


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Applications open for the Mars Hill Farmers & Artisans Holiday Market

The Mars Hill Farmers & Artisans Market is now accepting applications for its 2021 Holiday Market. The Holiday Market will be held on Saturdays from November 6 - December 18, 2021. If accepted into the market, fees are $10/day.

Application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCNKULM9-WTPrBUO3mYN3Os5MzikLYVJe55Qp2T9DrCUOWMA/viewform 


Monday, October 4, 2021

Glaze kitchen materials and equipment for sale in Barnardsville, NC

***UPDATE MONDAY AFTERNOON, 10/4/21: The glaze materials are SOLD. The slab roller is still available.***

Here are the details from Pam Witters:

I am liquidating my studio and selling my entire glaze kitchen materials and talisman sieve. The attached spreadsheet details every material with its current cost per Highwater Clays website. I am also including my talisman rotary sieve with an 80 mesh screen. I am asking $500 for everything. The detail file and photos are attached below.

I also have a Northstar Slab Roller with 4 canvas sheets for sale $250.

Text Pam at 828-575-4445 if you are interested.  

See the spreadsheet with materials details here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pFSIBMxSr3jhqUtw2HYXrfXovgDYKUbOulNsNfza-pg/edit?usp=sharing

Friday, October 1, 2021

October Clay Club (really!)

October 2021 Clay Club will take place virtually Wednesday, October 13th at 6 pm. More details coming soon, but the meeting will include John Britt sharing the details of an upcoming Clay Club glaze firing he'll be coordinating.

How to participate:

I'll share the meeting link soon via email. If you received an email from me with the subject line Clay Club returns! (sent yesterday, September 30th), you are on the email list and will automatically receive the meeting link. If you didn't receive that email, contact me at amy@amywallerpottery.com

See you on October 13th!

Free cones in Weaverville

Jim McDowell has nine boxes of large cones available for FREE! Must come to Weaverville to pick them up. The cones he has are:


Interested? Contact Jim at 828-989-8484

Now free: Flourish brand display tent Mars Hill, NC

UPDATE 10/2/21: the tent has been adopted and is no longer available.

Greg Stuart now says he would like to donate his tent to the the first interested party. Here are the details from his earlier post:

The tent is an 8(H)x10(L)x10(W) trimline canopy, purchased from Flourish Displays in 2002 and used only 5 times. Flourish brand is the "Cadillac" of display tents. A mesh display panel was added in 2010. All in mint condition. All I ask is a small offer for this $1,500 value.


Contact Greg at highlands1603@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Transylvania Community Arts Council Ceramics seeks Studio Manager/Artist in Residence

 Transylvania Community Arts Council

Ceramics Studio Manager/Artist in Residence


Transylvania Community Arts Council seeks a qualified individual to serve as Studio Manager/Artist in Residence for the Council’s ceramics program. 


The ideal candidate will be: a practicing ceramic artist/potter with teaching experiencefamiliar with maintaining an organized and safe working environmentkind, patient, punctual, responsible; and able to lift 25-50 lbs. 


Job duties and responsibilities include monitoring, maintaining and organizing studio equipment and supplies; scheduling and overseeing kiln firings; implementing and maintain a safe working environment, including the proper disposal of waste materials; maintaining and overseeing an open studio schedule for students; and teaching at least 2 introductory classes each month.


A key role of the Studio Manager/Artist in Residence is to provide a welcoming and inspiring presence in the studio so that it serves as a creative gathering place for students of various skill levels. The Studio Manager/Artist in Residence will be offered broad access to the facilities for his/her ongoing creative output. 


The work/studio hours, which will include some evenings and Saturdays, and salary are to be determined. 


Please submit resume and cover letter to info@tcarts.org.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Extruder for sale in Weaverville

Wall mount clay extruder, hardly used, good condition, has all parts and accessories. $150. Call Kathy Seltzer at 386-290-4616

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mica’s Featured Artist for October

Mica, the members owned cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, continues its monthly special “Featured Artist Spotlight” series exhibiting the work of its member artists.

In October, Mica will feature the work of Vicki Essig in a display of her small, handmade books in an exhibit entitled “Bookstone.” The term, ‘bookstone' is a very old name for the gallery’s namesake, ‘mica' - the silicate mineral which has been mined and processed for hundreds of years in the Spruce Pine Mining District. She notes, "Each one of my small handmade books is constructed incorporating mica. I love how my hand bound sculptural pieces and small journals represent and signify the geologic and mining history of our mountain culture."

Essig grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her move to Appalachia allowed her to join and pursue the long craft tradition of hand weaving. Exploring textiles throughout Europe and parts of the East and Middle East she brought with her to the Smokey Mountains the love of textiles.

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, NC. Mica is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12–5 p.m. For more information call 828.688.6422 or visit micagallerync.com. Follow the gallery on Facebook at Mica Gallery NC, or on Instagram at micagallerync.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Cathy Gerson Looking For a Production Potter


Cathy Gerson is looking for a Production Potter. She writes:

"Looking for an experienced production potter to throw various items. I have a beautiful studio in Barnardsville. Can throw here or in your own studio. I need someone now!!! Thanks"

Her email is: cathy@cathygerson.com

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

RIP Kent McLaughlin

Mica Gallery shared this sad news and details about the celebration of Kent's life this Sunday:

Kent McLaughlin
July 26, 1953 - August 11, 2021
With deep sadness in our hearts, Mica announces the loss of founding artist member and dear friend, Kent McLaughlin.

We want to let Mica’s extended family know about the celebration of Kent's life.

Firm protocols for COVID will be in place for attendance.

Please refer to the August 29th post on the following link prior to attending:

Celebration of Life
Sept. 26th, 3PM on the Knoll at Penland School

Monday, September 20, 2021

Flourish brand display tent for sale in Mars Hill, NC

UPDATE 10/2/21: the tent has been adopted and is no longer available.

10/1/21 UPDATE: Greg now says he would like to donate his tent to the the first interested party.

Here are the details from Greg Stuart:

The tent is an 8(H)x10(L)x10(W) trimline canopy, purchased from Flourish Displays in 2002 and used only 5 times. Flourish brand is the "Cadillac" of display tents. A mesh display panel was added in 2010. All in mint condition. All I ask is a small offer for this $1,500 value.


Contact Greg at highlands1603@yahoo.com

2021 Spruce Pine Potters Market will be Virtual Event this Year

Given the continuation of the Covid pandemic, The Spruce Pine Potters Market will held as an online virtual event on Saturday and Sunday October 9th & 10th, 2021. All details are listed on the website: www.SprucePinePottersMarket.com

The Spruce Pine Potters Market was designed and built by a group of Mitchell County, NC potters as a collaborative venture. Currently, the members of the Spruce Pine Potters Market work together on all phases of the show, from management, promotion, display set-up, and all of the many particulars of a very successful annual event. “The Market is unique because of the extraordinary quality of the work produced by its members,” says Spruce Pine Potters Market member Jenny Lou Sherburne. “Individually, the participating artists are some of the finest craftsmen in the country. Collectively, they bring their high standards, imagination and camaraderie together to produce a really outstanding show.” 

For more information:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sprucepinepottersmarket/Instagram: @sprucepinepottersmarket
Email: info@sprucepinepottersmarket.com
Phone: 828 467-0166

Friday, September 3, 2021

Bowls wanted for Yancey County Empty Bowls event

Tori Motyl sends this message about Dig In's 2021 Empty Bowl event:

I participate in Empty Bowls because I’ve been inspired by the social change that artists around the world make by contributing their craft to their communities. YOU inspire me when I think of all the bowls thrown, blown, and built so that Dig In can share food with more than 200 families each week in Yancey County.
The theme of Dig In’s 2021 Empty Bowl event is “Community Care”, which will be held on Burnsville’s Town Square on October 8th from 4-7PM.
Thanks to the care of so many artists, both in their own studios and at our bowl making and glazing days, we currently have 179 bowls ready for our event. That leaves just 121 more bowls to reach our goal of 300 bowls for the Dig In Empty Bowls event. Can you help us get there?
Bowls can be dropped off between September 7th-October 6th at the fabulous OOAK Gallery.
If you would like someone to pick-up donated bowls or need more information, please contact me and I’m happy to help.
If you would like to help but are finding it financially difficult in these times to donate your work, please let us know. We would love to find ways to bring everyone together regardless of means.
Please also forward this email to any artists also making bowls, whether they be wood or glass or clay.The work Dig In does is made possible by the time, effort, and resources that you invest to make your beautiful bowls. Thank you, Artists, for your community care.  

Tori Motyl

Dig In Empty Bowls Potter
Dig In 2021 Empty Bowls Event is an invitation to celebrate community care. The bowl pick-up will be held on October 8th on Burnsville’s Town Square from 4-7 PM (rain location 1st Baptist Church of Burnsville). Participants are encouraged to host a meal at home to reflect on our communities' resources and response to create food security. More information to come on the Dig In Empty Bowl Website: www.diginyancey.org

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Cone 10 downdraft sprung arch kiln for sale in Asheville

35 cubic Foot 
Cone 10 Downdraft Sprung Arch Kiln 
 in Asheville
  Brookfield Design. All hardware,  2 power burners with blowers, baso valves, regulator - the works.
  35  - 8” X 21” X 1” silicone carbide shelves - nice and flat. All the posts, hard brick stack. Plans and firing log. 
Built and first fired 1997. Last fired 2009 (14 firings in all) - once a year in Dec. for our holiday home show. 
Must be taken down and moved by buyer 
2 kiln dragons free with the kiln.  

Contact Chiwa 
or 828 298 0426

Friday, August 27, 2021

Call for art for "Local Inspirations" at the Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League

Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League (A3L) in Old Fort, NC
Call for Art for "Local Inspirations"

THEME: “Local Inspirations” - What a beautiful area we live in! Rivers, mountains, exquisite flowers, trees abound & change of seasons as well. There are many activities here from mountain biking and hiking, to walks by quiet streams. Let the beauty of the area sink in and submit creations based on this theme. 2D & 3D welcome.

KEY DATES: October through November Exhibit.
Intake will be on October 7th from 1-6 P.M. (no exceptions unless you make arrangements in advance. If you can't come, send it with someone else.) The show will be hung and judged October 8th.

The awards ceremony will be held Saturday, October 9th from 2-3:30 P.M. Best of Show, 1st, 2nd 3rd places and honorable mention. are the ribbon awards. There will also be a People’s Choice Award, available for visitors to choose their favorite throughout the months of the show.

The winners will have their art featured on both the AGS and the A3L web-site, A3L newsletter, our Facebook page and in press releases in the local paper.

ELIGIBILITY: Everyone is eligible to enter (need not be an A3L member) and are encouraged to submit their best works. Both 2D and 3D work will be accepted as long as they are in good taste and go by the guidelines. All work must be ORIGINAL.. NO Prints or reproductions accepted.

Click here for prospectus: https://mcusercontent.com/2f78044520e8d4b5ef46a6aa7/files/6e037817-dbdf-0d80-5f0b-f80850930e5c/PROSPECTUS_Oct_through_Nov_2021_Local_Inspirations.pdf

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Greening Up the Mountains Festival this Saturday in Sylva, NC

The Greening Up the Mountains Festival
Saturday, August 28th in Sylva, NC
10am - 4pm

From the festival website:

The Greening Up the Mountains Festival, now in its 24th year, is a heritage arts festival that celebrates the arrival of Spring through both traditional and contemporary forms of Appalachian art, music, food, and beverage which honor our community and local artisans. The festival is sponsored by both the Town of Sylva and the Main Street Sylva Association and will be held in historical downtown Sylva, North Carolina. The Greening Up The Mountains Festival enjoys crowds upwards 12,000 attendees and has 175 vendor booth spaces. In addition to a variety of arts, crafts, and food vendors, attendees can enjoy a 5k run, youth talent contest, beverage arts featuring local craft breweries, and live music throughout the day.

More info: www.greeningupthemountains.com

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Mica Gallery Presents September’s Featured Artists


Mica - the members owned cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville - presents a monthly special “Featured Artist Spotlight” exhibiting the work of its member artists.

During the month of September, the Featured Artist Exhibit, “Weaves and Tapestries,” will feature new work by Bakersville‘s Fyreglas Studio.

Owned and operated for more than 20 years by artists JJ Brown and Simona Rosasco, Fyreglas Studio is noted for its enhancement of a process of making kiln-formed glass art by first making colorful pattern bars that are cut with a wet-diamond saw, arranged, and repeatedly fired to achieve unique designs. “This September, we will introduce new woven designs, continuing an evolution of colors and patterns, Brown notes, “and we will present a new process and series of colorful and dramatic geometric designs entitled: Tapestries.”

Mica showcases the craft work of its 15 artist-members including sculpture, glass, jewelry, fiber, wearables, painting, printing, and functional pottery. This extraordinary collection, enhanced by a yearlong rotation of featured artists and the welcoming and beautiful setting, make Mica a must-see destination for those who appreciate the handmade.

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Ave, Bakersville, NC. Mica is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12–5 p.m. For more information call 828.688.6422 or visit micagallerync.com. Follow the gallery on Facebook at Mica Gallery NC, or on Instagram at micagallerync.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Kiln for sale in Spruce Pine

Here are the details from Bethany Berres:

I am selling a 1977 L&L ceramic kiln. I bought this to cast glass, and built an electronic controller box for it. I have changed my path toward climbing and traveling with my dog so it feels like the right time to sell this. I am selling it for $800. And comes with a 40 foot 50amp wire, the outlet, and breaker switch.

I put together the controller box myself, however I was instructed by Eddie Bernard of Wetdog glass who makes glass making equipment.

If interested,
Email bethanyberres@gmail.com
Or call/text 920-716-0563

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Come to Leicester Studio Tour this weekend

Come to Leicester Studio Tour
Saturday and Sunday, August 21st and 22nd
10am - 6pm both days

Note (from an announcement in the Mountain Xpress): "Due to increasing cases of COVID-19, visitors will be required to wear masks  at all indoor locations on the tour. [...] Artists are taking additional precautions in their studios with capacity limits and extra sanitation."

From The Laurel of Asheville:

For the 16th year in a row, artists in Leicester open their studios to the public for the annual Come to Leicester Studio Tour. This free, self-guided event is held every third weekend in August. Upcoming tour dates are Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors choose their own tour stops along the scenic route using a printed map of the area, along with pictures of each artist’s work. Detailed brochures with maps are available at various locations in Leicester and the surrounding communities before the tour, as well as at each stop on tour days. Signs along the route direct visitors to the individual studios.

“The artists are open, friendly and eager to share about their art and the process of making it,” says participating potter Barbara Hebert. “Many artists invest much time in readying their work and their property for visitors.”

The tour comprises both local and visiting artists working in a variety of media including clay, fiber, jewelry, metal, glass, wood, natural materials, painting and mixed media. Many artists open the doors to their home studios only on this weekend, providing a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the mountain community while getting a glimpse behind the scenes of the artist’s life and work. Some stops also offer insight into Appalachian tradition, art and folklore.

Read the full article here: https://thelaurelofasheville.com/arts/come-to-leicester-studio-tour-set-for-august-21-22/

Mountain Xpress article: https://mountainx.com/arts/around-town-marshalls-mermaid-parade-returns-to-its-roots/

More info, including studio tour map: cometoleicester.org

Friday, August 13, 2021

Studio equipment for sale in North Asheville

***8/14/21 update: everything has sold except the Master gear motor wheels that are great for throwing large pots; details below.***

Here are the details from Sandy and Bob Kinzie:

We have a Skutt KM-1027, with rolling stand, environvent, many shelves and posts, asking $2500, a complete Laguna spray booth Pro-V, including stand, shelf, fan ($845 new) compressor, and excellent spray guns and regulators, and compressor starting at $2000 and is negotiable. An extruder, wall mount with lots of dies, for $150, etc. A throwing stool ($50) Slab roller and wedging table are gone.

If you know anyone who throws large, we also have 2 of Bob’s old Master gear motor wheels that are great for throwing large pots, with many wheel heads to use with them. Prices negotiable.

We are unable to disassemble or move any of the equipment, so the buyer is responsible for that.

Text 831-332-1779 for details.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Applications open for 2021 Made in NC Awards

Made in NC Awards
Submission deadline August 16, 2021

From the Our State magazine website:

The Made in NC Awards are for all you North Carolina makers, bakers, crafters, and creators. Maybe you run a microbrewery or sell handmade soaps at your local farmers market. Perhaps you’re a skilled woodworker or create incredible custom clothing. Whatever it is that you make and sell, we know you’re proud to produce it right here in North Carolina — and we want to help you show it off to the entire state. 

* * *

Craft category

Craft includes decorative and functional artisan items that aesthetically enhance your everyday life. This category includes: paper goods, such as stationery and journals; celebratory creations, such as party decorations and wedding products; carefully crafted embroidery; and knitted, dyed, and quilted goods. Decorative pieces such as candles, ceramics, and glasswork also fall into this category. Visual art, such as wall prints, is included as long as items can be merchandised or reproduced for sale.

Entries may include:

    • Paper
    • Pottery
    • Glass
    • Artisan textiles
    • Fine basketry
    • Woodwork
    • Metalwork
    • Instruments
    • Candles
    • Artisan soap
    • Body products
    • Other

More info and link to application: https://www.ourstate.com/madeinnc/

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Call for artists for the Madison Heritage Arts Festival

Madison Heritage Arts Festival
October 2nd, 2021
10am - 4pm
Mars Hill, NC

From the festival website:

This year’s Madison Heritage Arts Festival date is Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Welcome to the Madison Heritage Arts Festival! We are excited to be back after a year off due to COVID. Our last Madison Heritage Arts Festival in 2019 had 61 vendors participate in our traditional First Saturday in October event. The crowds were great and many vendors reported record sales for the day.

For all of its years, this festival has run concurrently with the Bascom Lamar Lunsford Festival which began in 1967. This Old Time Music festival is held on the Upper Quad (Lunsford Quad) of Mars Hill University which adjoins College Street where the Madison Heritage Arts Festival is held. With the Quad filled with music and College Street filled with arts and crafts, the Town of Mars Hill will be hoppin’ on the first Saturday in October!

As in years past, we plan to close College Street in downtown Mars Hill, and will provide shuttle service from the Ingles parking lot to minimize parking problems. We will use a one-way vehicle pattern for vehicle entry and exit for setup and breakdown. Separate setup instructions will be sent closer to the event.

For returning Artist/Crafter Exhibitors, if you wish to request the same booth space as last year, your application must be received by August 30, 2021. Booth spaces not reserved by this date may be assigned to other applicants. Corner booths are $60 and Standard Booths $50.

After the August deadline has passed, all booths still available will be assigned to our Waiting List of artists. This process will continue until all booth spaces have been assigned.

More info and link to online application: https://marshillheritagefestival.wordpress.com/vendors/

Monday, July 19, 2021

Mica Gallery Presents August Featured Artists

Mica Gallery - the members owned cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, NC - presents a monthly special “Featured Artist Spotlight” exhibiting the work of its member artists.

For the month of August, Mica members Vicki Essig and David Ross will be featured in the gallery.

Essig’s exhibit, “Memento Mori,” will show how some of her work is a collaboration between silkworms and herself as the artist. “The silkworm process is fascinating and educational,” she notes. “Some of my diaphanous fabric is created entirely by approximately three hundred silkworms -- with the help of choreographed interventions by myself.

“The process of designing and planning a piece such as this begins when the silkworms (caterpillars) hatch from their eggs and begin to eat. After four weeks and pounds of mulberry leaves the worms are ready to spin. The silkworms try in earnest to find a corner to attach their silk web, so the process of building a protective cocoon can begin.

“It is not in the silkworm’s nature to create fabric or even spin their silk on flat surfaces. The worms need continual reminding to work on the flat surface and not to wander; at this stage, the worms are placed on a platform that is cut to the size of the finished art piece. “Three days later they enter their resting state, without a cocoon. I careful collect and protect them, allowing for their transformation into adult silk moths. Two weeks later, they are ready to mate and lay eggs. The eggs are gathered and kept cold.

“The following May, when the mulberry trees begin to leaf out the eggs will be ready for the process to begin again.”

Ross will exhibit a collection entitled, “Africa Dreaming.” Ross explains, “The Pandemic gave me time to read and reflect on the series of historical novels by Wilbur Smith -  set during African Colonization, which inspired me to create a series of pottery with African imagery.”

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Ave, Bakersville. Mica is open daily, Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12–5 p.m. For more information call 828.688.6422 or visit micagallerync.com. Follow the gallery on Facebook at Mica Gallery NC, or on Instagram at micagallerync.

ETSU is hiring a Ceramics Technician & Artist in Residence

East Tennessee State University is seeking a Ceramic Technician & Artist in Residence for the upcoming academic year. This is a paid 12 month, part-time (20 hr/week) position in which the resident will serve as the technician for the ceramics studio. Duties will include tasks like maintaining proper levels of shop materials, reclaiming clay, loading and firing kilns, etc. For the full job description and outline of the requirements of the position, please see the link included in this post. In addition to monetary compensation, this position will also offer the selected candidate access to the ceramics facility and a private studio space in a communal area to produce their own work. The ceramics studio is equipped with gas, electric, wood, soda, and raku kilns. 

ETSU is located in beautiful Johnson City, TN. The campus is one hour from Asheville, NC, one hour from Penland School of Crafts, and two hours from Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. Please share with anyone who may be interested in applying.

Job Description:

Information on the ceramics area at ETSU:

Lindsay Rogers
(Associate Professor, Ceramics - ETSU)

Friday, July 16, 2021

Fire brick for sale in Bakersville, NC

Here are the details from János Herr:

K-23 (2300 F) Insulating Fire Brick: 9" x 4.5" x 4.04 x 2.5"
Regular price $5-$5.25 selling it $3/ea.
These are so-called key bricks; one end is slightly smaller than the other (see dimensions above). You can still use it as regular even sided bricks. I have 35 boxes of 25, 875 bricks all together.

János Herr and Jindra Vylet
828 260 6734
We are in Bakersville, and this is our website: https://www.egfstudio.com/

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Update: Buncombe County Commissioners vote unanimously in favor of economic development agreement with East Fork Pottery

From WLOS:

Buncombe County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to enter into an economic development agreement with East Fork Pottery.

East Fork Pottery asked the county to provide economic development incentives to help it with its expansion and the creation of new jobs. The ceramic dishware manufacturer and distributor, which employs about 100 people, recently announced plans to invest $2.38 million in its Asheville operations. The investments will include renovating and purchasing property, adding 50 full-time jobs that pay an average wage of $22.46 an hour, and hiring from disadvantaged populations.

Full story here: https://wlos.com/news/local/buncombe-county-east-fork-pottery-enter-into-economic-development-agreement

Monday, July 12, 2021

Fundraiser for Kim & Pete McWhirter

Christina Gordon is coordinating a fundraiser, including a Music Benefit at OOAK Gallery in Micaville, for Kim & Pete McWhirter. From the Facebook event page:

What: Music Benefit for Kim & Pete McWhirter

When: July 24th, 2021 - 1pm to 5pm

Where: OOAK Gallery in Micaville, NC

Why: Supporting neighbors in need!

Who: Multiple Bands & Musicians:
    ♫ Denny Hawthorne of Denny Blue
    ♫ David Wiseman of Micaville Music
    ♫ Pine Blue: Eric Witherspoon and Steve Barnes
    ♫ Ron & Minnie Powell
    ♫ Jodi Pred
    ♫ Smokey Joe
    ♫ Z & the Tallboys

;)  Please see "Here's how you can help" details at the end!

Nestled in a little river valley below the Black Mountain range in Yancey County, N.C. is a small pottery shop that has been operating since 1963. Here you will find two dear souls, Pete and Kim McWhirter, who have been creating beauty for the community here in more ways than one for many a year. Here you will find music, pottery and love.

Working with clay mixed by hand and lead free glazes they make themselves, this duo creatively blends, mixes, tests, forms, carves, glazes and fires pieces that hold nourishment and joy for anyone who uses them.

Broke Holler is the name you'll hear when their music is the topic. These two talented songwriters have picked a lot of strings and sung hundreds of songs for many to enjoy, from gigs as large as Merle Fest to hometown events like Mount Mitchell Craft Fair, backyard BBQ's and weddings. They have also been key supporters offering their talents at multiple music benefits like the “Hard Times, Helping Hands” fundraising concert for our local Reconciliation House, to help neighbors in need in Yancey County.

2020 brought about hard times for humanity. Some have thrived, but most have struggled. After a lifetime that Kim describes as “so abundant and so blessed”, they have hit some hard curves in the road. Amidst the pandemic unfolding and their music and pottery festival work closing, Kim was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Hard times occasionally hit more than once and the cancer diagnosis was followed by a pottery kiln breakdown, foundation issues with their home, multiple vehicle repairs and a severe hand injury. The medical bills are beginning to roll in along with the kiln repair, auto repair and foundation expenses. Insurance only goes so far.

While Kim is navigating this new road with cancer and treatment, Pete is right beside her and caring for her. This now also leaves Pete as the sole employee many days at their McWhirter Pottery store on Hwy 80 South. With a reality that their capacity to bring in income is also now diminished, not only by their journey with cancer, but also through the needed kiln repairs in order to keep some pottery production happening, they could use our support.

♥  Here's how you can help:

1. Send some love. A card, a picture, a story of how they helped you or made you smile and, if you are able financial support. Everything helps. Let them know you are here and they are not alone. If you plan to include a monetary gift, please make a note of GIFT in the memo line on checks or money orders. Cash is nice too and hand delivered cards or gifts can go direct to the store as well.

Mailing/Store address is:
McWhirter Pottery
139 Red Clay Rd.
Burnsville NC 28714

2. Shop with McWhirter Pottery. Purchase some pottery and let them know it's ok to send it later, maybe some months down the road, if needed. Better yet, buy a gift card for yourself or think ahead on gifts for others this year and buy a few gift cards now.

You can buy pottery and gift cards on their website:  https://www.mcwhirterpottery.com/

3. Support the “Music Benefit for Kim and Pete McWhirter”.

~ Participate in the Benefit:
Join us Saturday, July 24thth at OOAK Gallery in Micaville from 1pm to 5pm for a free music event. Please consider a “Gift” of $25-$50 (or more) made direct to Kim and Pete McWhirter.

If you cannot make it the Music Benefit, you can make a gift through Venmo here: @Kim-Mcwhirter-3

~ Volunteer to help us work the music benefit. We will need actual bodies to make this happen. If you are available and want to support these two dear friends, please also contact Christina Gordon at: cg@animalphat.com

5. Help spread the word. Share this notification and let's drum up some support. These two people have reached far and wide with their work and good spirit and we want those folks who may not be physically close in proximity to know their love and support helps also.

(image from the Facebook event page)

Sunday, July 11, 2021

East Fork Pottery looks to expand

Today's Asheville Citizen Times has the details on East Fork's expansion plans. From the article:

A local pottery company is set to begin an expansion that will make it one of the country's largest of its kind, investing $2.8 million and hiring 50 workers, including people who may have barriers to finding work because of involvement with the criminal justice system.

East Fork Pottery, started in 2009 on a former Madison County tobacco farm, will spend the money primarily on a 30,000 square-foot expansion of a facility at 144 Caribou Road, between the Asheville neighborhoods of Shiloh and Oakley.founder Alex Matisse said July 9.

"(It) includes increased kiln capacity, advanced forming processes and an expansion of our fulfillment capacities. The overall project will give East Fork a production capacity of around 1,000,000 units per year making us one of the largest dinnerware manufacturers in the U.S."

For the investment and creation of new jobs, which will pay an average of $22.46 an hour, Buncombe County government has offered East Fork an economic incentive of $40,000, a deal that is set for a vote by the county's Board of Commissioners July 13.

East Fork currently employs 100 at two retail locations in downtown Asheville and Atlanta and a Biltmore Village production facility.

The expansion's estimated completion date is 2023.

"A portion of the grant may only be earned if East Fork demonstrates its ability to hire from a disadvantaged population as defined in the Buncombe County Economic Development Policy (e.g., STEP Program, justice-involved individuals)," according to a report to commissioners by county Economic Development Director Tim Love.

Complete article (with online title "East Fork Pottery to hire 50 at $22.46/hour average, including those with criminal records") here: https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/2021/07/09/east-fork-pottery-plans-expansion-50-job-openings-hiring-people-criminal-records/7904439002/

Saturday, July 10, 2021

2021 Spruce Pine Potters Market Returns This October

Ruth Rutkowsky, Plate with Dots

Jason Hartsoe, Bottle Vase

Liz Summerfield, Box

The 15th Annual Spruce Pine Potters Market will return to Spruce Pine’s historic Cross Street Commerce Center in downtown Spruce Pine, NC on Saturday and Sunday October 9th & 10th, 2021 from 10am–5pm.

Noted for its small scale and intimate layout, this event offers visitors an opportunity to view a variety of pottery work as well as the chance to meet and converse with each maker. “It’s a very friendly show, lots of lovely work and a chance to shop a wide variety of pottery,” noted one past-years visitor.

The Spruce Pine Potters Market was designed and built by a group of Mitchell County, NC potters as a collaborative venture. Currently, the members of the Spruce Pine Potters Market work together on all phases of the show, from management, promotion, display set-up, and all of the many particulars of a very successful annual event. “The Market is unique because of the extraordinary quality of the work produced by its members,” says Spruce Pine Potters Market member Jenny Lou Sherburne. “Individually, the participating artists are some of the finest craftsmen in the country. Collectively, they bring their high standards, imagination and camaraderie together to produce a really outstanding show.”

This year’s participating Potters Market members include: Stanley Mace Andersen, Terry Gess, Ken & Galen Sedberry , Michael & Ruth Rutkowsky, Cynthia Bringle, Pam Brewer, Gertrude Graham Smith, Nicholas & Lisa Joerling, Susan Feagin, Shaunna Lyons, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Teresa Pietsch, Linda McFarling, Shane Mickey, Melisa Cadell, David Ross, Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish, Courtney Martin, Joy Tanner, Jenny Lou Sherburne.

In addition, this year’s show will include visiting artists Lynne Hobaica & Rickie Barnett, Jason Hartsoe, and Reiko Miyagi.

While admission to the Potters Market is free, all visitors are encouraged to join the potters in supporting a selected local non-profit organization. This year, several participating potters have donated pottery door prizes for this raffle.

For more information:
Website: www.SprucePinePottersMarket.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sprucepinepottersmarket/
Instagram: @sprucepinepottersmarket
Email: info@sprucepinepottersmarket.com
Phone: 828 467-0166

Friday, July 9, 2021

Registration OPEN Professional Crafts Clay at HCC

Registration for the Fall semester in the Professional Crafts Clay program at Haywood Community College is OPEN through August 6. To schedule a tour and interview contact Emily Reason at eareason@haywood.edu

Be sure to check out the HCC Professional Crafts Graduate Exhibition at the Folk Art Center in Asheville through August 22. 

The Big Crafty this Sunday in Asheville

The Big Crafty Together Again
Sunday, July 11th
Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville

From the Facebook event page:

Join us on July 11 for good times with great artists!

Through this long quiet, artists have kept Asheville's creative fires burning hot. Our artists have forged new paths, explored new mediums, and embarked on new collaborations, and we can't wait to glory in the creative efflorescence of it all with you all.

The Big Crafty is a hand-to-heart celebration of creative exuberance held twice annually in the heart of beautiful Asheville, NC. Our guiding principle is that supporting creative venturers makes for a stronger community, and our aim is to make doing so fun.

We extend warm welcome to the rich pageant of basement and backyard artists, juried prize-winners, and those who delight in them. And we’re so grateful to have been voted Best Arts/Crafts Fair (Mountain Xpress) every year since we began in 2008! Join us as we support our creative communities in all their go-for-broke, full-of-heart, boundary-pushing, human-scale, all-in, full-tilt glory.

The Big Crafty is made possible through community partnerships with the Asheville Area Arts Council, The City of Asheville, & Explore Asheville.  


Thursday, July 8, 2021

July is Blue Ridge Craft Trails Month in Henderson County


This July Hendersonville encourages you to follow some of the most creative routes in the region and meet the artists who live and work here.

Blue Ridge Craft Trails Month highlights three distinct trails throughout Henderson County that bring together studios and galleries filled with work by nationally renowned artists.

This year’s event includes artist demonstrations, exhibit openings and other special events.

“When people come to our area, they have things in mind that we are known for, and one of those is handmade, one-of-a-kind crafts,” says Michelle Owens, director of Henderson County Tourism. “Craft Trails Month is a way to highlight these wonderful artisans, so visitors are able to find what they’re looking for.”

The second annual Craft Trails Month is a partnership between the Henderson County Tourism Development Authority and the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, which introduced the trails in 2020 and is working on similar initiatives in 25 WNC counties.

“We’re excited that Henderson County is celebrating July as Blue Ridge Craft Trails Month,” says Angie Chandler, executive director of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. “This monthlong event emphasizes the richness of talent in the area. Henderson County is a perfect example of how Western North Carolina is a vibrant center for craft.”

The three trails are: Touring the Heart of Hendersonville, Wandering Flat Rock and Finding Wonders in the Outskirts. Fourteen sites are located along the trails, and visitors are encouraged to create their own itineraries based upon geography and personal interest.

Throughout the month, visitors can experience a wood kiln firing at Dian Magie Pottery, see Lorraine Cathey work her magic with needle felting, marvel as Melinda Lawton turns metal and stones into intricately designed jewelry, and watch blocks of wood transform into children’s toys at Apple Country Woodcrafters.

While most galleries keep regular hours, some studios are open by appointment only, so visitors should call ahead. For information about Blue Ridge Craft Trails Month in Henderson County — including maps, artist profiles and a full listing of special events — go to visithendersonvillenc.org/businesses/craft-trails or call (800) 828-4244. Printed map brochures are also available.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Free online programs from Haystack

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine is running an impressive series of online programs through October. The presentations are free and open to the public. (Registration is required.) From the Haystack website:

Haystack’s 2021 online programming will feature 70 presentations across 10 program threads led by an innovative group of artists, designers, writers, curators, and historians. Through our commitment to increasing access to the School, each of these online programs will be presented as free and open to the public.

Presentations include artist talks, panel discussions, craft history & theory, craft & technology, demonstrations, professional practices, craft of critique, writing workshops, and mentorship & collaboration. The July programs are listed in the image above. See the complete schedule with more details and links to registration here: www.haystack-mtn.org/online-programs

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Clay for sale

Anita Walling is trying to find if there is anyone who uses Laguna B-3 brown clay. Interested? Contact Anita at prayerpots@anitawalling.com.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Update: following the blog by email

For folks who follow the blog by email, hopefully you're reading this post in an email from the follow.it service. I have turned off the old service so (fingers crossed!) you shouldn't receive duplicate messages from the two services.

If you're not following the blog by email but want to, you can enter your email address in the upper right corner of the blog (in desktop mode, as shown in the image below) to subscribe. You can also go to follow.it/clay-club to subscribe and/or make changes to your subscription.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions!