Monday, October 31, 2022

Don't miss the Carolina Pottery Festival!

 Info links:;events&rciv=evn&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-9smluYj7AhX5FFkFHW1NCx8Q5bwDegQIHhAB#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=L2F1dGhvcml0eS9ob3Jpem9uL2NsdXN0ZXJlZF9ldmVudC8yMDIyLTExLTA1fF82NzAxMDk0MjY5NDc1MDY3MTA5&htivrt=events&mid=/g/11pv4vq13k

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Equipment for sale

*If you are having trouble reaching Kathryn, you can try these numbers:

 404-841-8211 and 404-229-8227 

Equipment for sale:

> Olympic Oval Bartlett digital high fire kiln.  Asking $3,900. (Retails for $6,500, have seen delivered price at $5,400 plus $450+ for kiln furniture) Includes two sets of shelves, kiln posts. In really good condition.

> Bluebird Pugmill, #425 non deair and extruder.  Asking $1750.  (Retails for $3,500 plus extruder dies $450+).  Includes full set of extruding dies plus custom dies. 

> Northstar table top 24” stainless slab roller.  (Retail $729+).  Asking $150. 

> 8 tier rolling ware cart.  Heavy duty, in good condition.  Asking $240. (these retail from $655 up to $850+)

> 5 tier rolling ware cart.  Sturdy. Asking $75.

> Display pedestals, white, several heights. Asking $40-$50.

> Custom made art fair show display pedestals, low table, also use as packing containers.  Grey.  Asking $95 for entire grouping. 

> 10X10 Blue pop up tent with new blue top. Asking $45.

> 10X10 Black pop up tent, used once. Asking $45.

> Large 4X8 work table on casters.  Has lower storage shelf.  Asking $75.

> Chrome and melamine white 5 tier display shelf.  Asking $65.

> Clay by the bag.  Majority Aardvark Soldate 60, excellent absorbing thermal shock, throwing, high fire.  Retail $13.50, asking $10 per 25lb bag. 

> Other misc. clays, high fire stoneware…. Standard 112, etc.  $10 bag.  Some bags stiffer than others as have been in studio fir 10+ months.  Can hydrate by putting 1 cup water in bag, twist tight, put in 5 gal. bucket water up to twist tie, overnight and should be good to go.  In total have a ton+ of clay.

> Sleeper sofa.  Camel back designer style. Recently reupholstered.  Arm protectors. Asking $240, have $ wiggle room.

> 2 and 3 drawer metal file cabinets.  Asking $18 each. 

> Room / studio space dividers, white. 4X8 and 4X4.  Asking $50-$75 each.

> Glaze minerals.  Full range of base chemicals, colorants.  Will have full inventory and weights in two weeks.  Approx value for all is $3K.  Will price well below current retail. 

>Tile Press, 12X12 up to 16X16.  Includes custom spacers.  Excellent condition.

Asking $90. 

Contact Kathryn Bryant <>

A Very Special Exhibit at Mars Hill University

 The Harvest Gathered: 

New Work by Terry Gess (Clay) & Colleen Connolly (Textiles)   

 Oct 19th - Nov 10th, 2022 

For this exhibit, Terry Gess will be presenting a series of large thrown forms - exploring scale, surface treatment and the beauty of irregularity.

Please join us for the Exhibit Reception: Wed, Nov 2nd - 6 to 8 pm’

Weizenblatt Gallery at Mars Hill University 

79 Cascade Street 

Mars Hill, NC 28754 

Gallery hours open: Mondays - Wednesdays -Thursdays -  Fridays 10am–4pm

Looking to borrow a 24" bat for a couple of weeks

 I promise to return it, and in the same shape as when I borrow it. Jillian Wolf 828-275-0878 talk or text.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Looking for Bricks

 I am looking for a small quantity of high heat/super duty hard bricks (straights). I thought I had enough for an upcoming project, but I am shy by about 50 or so bricks. Either used or new brick will work! If anyone has any they would be willing to sell me, or any leads, I would appreciate it. My email address is - Thanks! Lindsay Rogers

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Lost Key at Clay Club

 If you lost a set of keys at Clay Club, send an email to

"Cider Sippin' Seconds Sale" at Odyssey this weekend

 *You may need to click the photo to enlarge and see the whole flier* 

Special Event This Weekend - GR Pottery Forms

 Special Event, Sunday Oct. 23, 2:00 PM at Reems Creek Pottery

Location: 181 Reems Creek Rd., Weaverville

Jeff Rottman, Owner and Founder of GR Pottery Forms is hitting the road to introduce a new product to their line — the WA2 system. The WA system is designed to make plates utilizing the GR forms and a wheel, which produces good quality, consistent plates especially good for adding a variety of surface decorations. He will be demonstrating this new product as well as answering any questions that you have regarding the use of the GR forms in general.

His itinerary is taking him to Clay King on Monday, Oct 24th. At this point he is not scheduled to be at Highwater Clays, so it is quite an opportunity for us to do a meet and greet and watch him demonstrate. If you are not familiar with the product line check it out on Facebook, instagram or the website at  (for those of you that don’t know, GR stands for Grand Rapids, which is where they are located).

Rachel Smith of Reems Creek Pottery has been using these forms for about 6 years, and reached out to Jeff when she found out that he would be spending the weekend in Asheville during his promo tour. She also let him know about the NCCAF that is happening on Saturday, Oct 22nd at Pack Place. So, if you are one of the vendors there, you may see him checking out the festival.

If you have any questions, reach out to Rachel:

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Buckets Available

*Claimed. No longer available* 

 I have a source for lots of used 5 gallon buckets with lids. Just need rinsing out - otherwise clean. For farm and studio use, not for food use.

Terry Gess - text (828)467-0166

October Clay Club Follow Up

 Hello Clubbers!

What a fantastic and festive fall clay club we had at Baxters!

Here are the links to the lights and for those of us that are inspired to up our photography game!

See you all in November!

Friday, October 14, 2022

 Just wanted you let you know.....Estate Liquidation sale in Bakersville NC at David's on the Corner. It is on Main Street. This is all I know...I just drove past them setting up. Probably a lot of pottery equipment and gallery shelving. Katy Bryant 404-229-8227