Thursday, May 30, 2013

University of Dayton, Fine Arts Studios Coordinator

The Department of Visual Arts at the University of Dayton seeks a Fine Arts Studio Coordinator with an emphasis in Three-Dimensional Studios. This is a full-time 12-month position with benefits. The Fine Arts Studio Coordinator is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the Fine Arts studios, which include the sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, foundations, wood shop and welding areas. The Fine Arts Studio Coordinator is responsible for overall studio management as directed by the fine arts faculty.

Responsibilities include repairs and maintenance of the equipment or hiring repair work, managing inventory and ordering materials, troubleshooting student problems, kiln firing of student work, instructing faculty/students on use of the equipment, and responding to faculty requests to meet the needs of their courses. The position requires managing student studio monitors as well as being a liaison with the facilities maintenance department for overall maintenance of infrastructure problems in the studios.

This position requires a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in a Fine Art Three-Dimensional studio, along with a minimum of three years experience working in an arts-related field. Knowledge of tools, techniques and safety guidelines relevant to the day-to-day operations of Fine Arts studios is required. Experience working with kilns and the capacity to use power tools is required. Experience in woodshop, welding, or sculpture is required. Experience in coordinating projects, managing multiple tasks, problem solving related to general maintenance and repair, management of student workers, and attention to detail is preferred. The successful candidate must have excellent communication, collaborative, and organizational skills and be able to orient faculty, staff, and students in the proper use of all relevant equipment located in the Fine Arts area.


A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in a Fine Art Three-Dimensional studio

A minimum of three years experience working in an arts-related field

Knowledge of tools, techniques and safety guidelines relevant to the day-to-day operations of Fine Arts studios

Experience in both a ceramics and sculpture studio

Excellent communication, collaborative, and organizational skills


Experience managing student workers

Experience in metals and welding

Attention to detail

Experience coordinating projects, managing multiple tasks, problem solving related to general maintenance and repair

Send resume and a letter of application to by June 30, 2013. Position begins August 1, 2013. The letter of application should discuss the applicant’s level of knowledge and years of experience working with tools, materials and safety guidelines used within fine arts studios. 

 Three letters of recommendation should be sent to: Jeffrey C. Jones, Fine Arts Studio Coordinator Search Committee, Department of Visual Arts, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-2923.

The University of Dayton, founded in 1850 by the Society of Mary, is a top ten Catholic research university. The University seeks outstanding, diverse faculty and staff who value its mission and share its commitment to academic excellence in teaching, research and artistic creativity, the development of the whole person, and leadership and service in the local and global community. To attain its Catholic and Marianist mission, the University is committed to the principles of diversity, inclusion and affirmative action and to equal opportunity policies and practices. We act affirmatively to recruit and hire women, traditionally under-represented minority groups, people with disabilities and veterans.

Craft in America Season 5 Sneak Preview

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lisa Klakulak is awesome!

A Good Trade

A very nice surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox this morning.  I sent Sandy Pierantozzi a copy of my Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing, (Lark Books, 2010) and in exchange, she sent me this fabulous mug.  It's slab built porcelain with trailed and colored slips.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Giffin Grip for Sale BOTH HAVE SOLD - thanks!

I'm paring down things in my studio and am selling a fairly new, excellent condition Giffin Grip.  Bought just before the change to the new blue sliders so the old style sliders and a set of the new sliders are both included.  Rarely used so it's in great shape.  $90.00

I also have an upgrade kit available for sale. This upgrades an older Giffin Grip to the current version.  It includes three new taller blue sliders, all of the hands and rods, shims and O-ring, and the new improved bottom brackets.  $30.00 for all.  (bought because I lost all the parts once, replaced them, and then found them all again)

I'd prefer to sell to someone in Western North Carolina to avoid having to ship them.  But if you'd like either of the items and don't live in the area, we can talk shipping!  Price won't include anything other than local pick up.

Thanks for considering!

Marian Parkes
mlparkes (at)

Norway Glaze Workshop June 3 - 7, 2013 Risor Norway

Glasur Workshop 3-7 juni med John Britt

Description – This course is designed for ceramic artists who want to learn more about glazes and color development, or who are frustrated with not knowing what makes glazes work or fail, or for potters who want to develop or adjust their own glazes. We will work as a group with low, mid-range and high-fire glazes creating line and color blends to explore color possibilities over a broad range of bases. We will discuss what makes glazes work including, oxides, kilns, firing, cones, Seger UMF, recipe method, etc. We will mix and test glaze recipes on test tiles only. Intermediate to Advanced are best but all levels accepted.

Kurset ledes av John Britt fra USA som er ekspert på glasurer og har bl.a. Skrevet ”The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes”. Kurset holdes på verkstedet til Ole Morten Rokvam utenfor Risør. Kontakt Ole Morten for mer

Pris 1500 NOK, pluss materialer. Only a couple of spots open!

Workshopen mottar prosjektstøtte fra NK og Alt For Keramikk AS.

Ole Morten Rokvam

Adr.: Gardsli, Risørveien 827, 4950 Risør, Norway

Besøk min nettbutikk på:

Phone (47) 48 19 30 05

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Skeuomorph \SKYOO-uh-mawrf\, noun:  from

an ornament or design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques, as an imitation metal rivet mark found on handles of prehistoric pottery.

Skeuomorphs exist to make the population feel comfortable and assured of some cultural continuity — in architecture, a typical skeuomorph is a pseudo “Tudor” styled house in a suburban development.

-- Bruce Sterling, "Web Semantics," Wired, February 10, 2011

Such an object, in archaeological parlance, is a skeuomorph, a classic manifestation of technology as it leaves behind the realm of natural things.

-- Timothy Taylor, The Artificial Ape, 2010

Skeuomorph is a neologism that was invented in the late 1800s from the Greek roots skeû meaning "vessel, implement" andmorph meaning "of the kind specified by the initial element."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tony Clennell: Big Glaze Job

Here is an interesting kiln method. I know Robin Hopper did it to stop chips of brick falling into his pots!

Tony Clennell: Big Glaze Job: We're getting ready for take off in the new woodie. Kiln shelves and posts are all kiln washed. The interior of the kiln has been glazed...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is most likely a Denton Vars treadle wheel, he is Warren Mackenzies brother in law and he built these style wheels for some time. This wheel was purchased from mel jacobson by june perry. on clayart one can find mel talking about these wheels and how he sold several as folks seemed to just drop them off at his door! lol I have a few interested buyers but no sale yet. 

Near Penland NC, 1 hour north of Asheville, NC.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

One of the first Glaze Recipe books

In his book "Three Books of the Potter's Art" published in 1548, Cipriano Piccolpasso writes:

“To those who deem me presumptuous in publishing this secret I answer that it is better many should know a good thing than few should keep it hidden”.

"Three Books of the Potter's Art" (Li tre libri dell'arte del vasajo) is a description of the techniques of majolica. ( Ne quai si tratta non solo la prattica ma brevemente di tutti li secreti di essa, "in which are treated not only the technique but also briefly all the secrets of it.")

Friday, May 17, 2013

Artist Studios for rent at Ghost Town in the Sky in Maggie Valley

Maggie Valley’s Ghost Town in the Sky, one of North Carolina’s most unique amusement parks and family destinations, opened in 2012. Owner Alaska Presley worked diligently on getting the park prepared for a partial opening, Phase One. This phase included the famous chairlift ride to Ghost Town’s all new “Level Fun”. The chairlift takes passengers 3500 feet up and back down the side of Buck Mountain, with breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains above and the valley below.

Phase Two will be opening late May and will include 6-8 artist studios with 110/220 volt electricity. It is expected that over 12,000 people will visit a day and artists may sell their work directly from their studio. If you are interested please call Jena Sowers at 400.4584 or Larry Elliott at 850.545.4568.

Ghost Town is also looking for secular and religious art to sell in their gift shop, so if you are interested please call Jena Sowers at 400.4584 or Larry Elliott at 850.545.4568.

Requesting Information, be considerate!

I love sharing information and I've been fortunate to have had mentors, friends and strangers share their valuable information with me.  Remember though, that requesting information from a a human being is different from typing a question into a search engine.  It's important to be polite and considerate of peoples' intellectual property.  Years of trial & error and research go into how one arrives at a technique, glaze recipe and the like.

from Julia Galloway's Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans   (an excellent resource! I learned about it listening to her interview on Tales of  a Red Clay Rambler Podcast  (an excellent show!))..............................................

Information Request

It is common in our field to freely share information. However, this should not be taken for granted. If you are requesting information from an artist, for example, glaze recipes or building techniques there is some protocol to this. It is important to include this information:

Research the information that you want (it is very poor form to email a request for information that already is on their web page)

who you are

how you came across their artwork

why you would like this information and how you will use it

very politely ask if they are willing to share the information

thank the artist for their time

Be brief and polite. Do not demand or assume that they will share their hard earned information. Give them a reasonable amount of time to respond to you, at least two weeks. If you are requesting information or images for a school assignment, give the artist at least three weeks to get you this information – the night before the presentation is to late to request information.

If the artist does not get back to you, you could send a second email, or let it go. I have heard of an artist getting 16 requests for glaze information in ONE DAY. The artist may not respond simply because they want to get to their studio. If they are able to get information to you, let them know that you received it and send them a thank you.

Susan Feagan rules!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hudson Valley Pottery School FOR SALE!!

Hudson Valley Pottery School Business Overview

Located in the village of Rhinebeck, NY, we are a fully equipped, welcoming pottery school and community of ceramic artists and students. We offer classes, private lessons, workshops and birthday parties for all ages and levels of ability. We currently have 4 adult classes, 1 family/kids class and a figurative sculpture session with a model.

Our studio includes:
8 Shimpo Whisper VL wheels and tables
2 Skutt electric kilns with furniture
1 18” slab roller and extruder
Bailey’s pugmill mixer
2 large handbuilding tables on casters
14 different glazes in buckets on casters
Wedging table
Many built in and portable shelves
Space that has just been created for rent to a potter as an independent workspace
Display shelves for student/instructor work on sale
Office area with a point of sale system including laptop with Quickbooks POS, cash register, receipt printer, and credit card machine. System is networked with office laptop running QuickBooks in upstairs office.
Air conditioning
Glaze mixing room with containers and shelves in basement
Outside covered counter space and work area
2nd floor: 400 sq. ft. well lit studio/gallery space, small office area with wireless router, printer, file cabinets, 2 storage closets, bathroom, small frig.

The business is a turn-key operation. It has been owned by Ann Moring and Carl Parris for the past two years. We took over the business when the previous owner wanted to move on. Ann is a painter who was renting the studio space upstairs. We wanted to help save a treasured resource in the community. This was a labor of love. We have made many renovations to improve the process flow and to facilitate faster turn-around for completion of student work. We have a wonderful studio manager and skilled staff of instructors. There is an attractive and thorough website:

However, not being potters ourselves we did learn that we were not in the best position to run the school from a financial perspective. We have had to pay for any skilled services required – primarily studio manager and instructors. We recommend that prospective buyers be experienced potters and instructors. We are prepared to share financials with serious candidates.

Rhinebeck is a unique community in the Mid-Hudson Valley that attracts a lot of artists, professionals and tourists. It is situated along the Hudson River between the Catskills and the Berkshire mountains with easy access to NYC. Please contact us for more information at: or 845-416-5467 Ann Moring

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ceramics Lab Tech Position Univ. Fl 2013

UF Ceramics seeks a new tech to begin this summer. Our current person, Ray Gonzalez, is becoming a faculty member at Berea College, Berea, KY. We’re very happy for Ray, and think Berea chose well. Now we are looking for a new tech to join us.

In addition to the items detailed in the attached flyer, we offer a lively, engaged community of people interested in Ceramics, and certainly feel our Teaching Lab Specialist is a valued member of the extended UF Ceramics family.

Please circulate to anyone who may be interested. Thanks!


Arbuckle SignatureSchool

Studio Equipment for sale- Kiln , wheel, slab roller, etc.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Pottery Studio Equipment for Sale

Item Retail price if bought new

Skutt Kiln KM1027 $2700
Furniture $ 395
Envirovent vent system $ 470
Shimpo VL Whisper Potters Wheel $ 950
Bailey Work Station for wheel $ 240

Scott Creek Extruder Aluminum $ 359
4” aluminum handle die set $ 35
4” aluminum multi shape die set $ 35
4” aluminum 24 piece die kit $ 115
4” aluminum blank $ 7
4” aluminum hollow die set $ 20

Giffin Grip $ 199
Lid Master $ 30
Bailey Slab Roller Basic 30 D with counters $ 725
Has canvas and slab mats included

Gleco Trap with 2 bottles $ 85
Wonder Bat system adapter w/ 6 inserts $ 35
Extra inserts
Quick Release Plaster Bat system 2 piece $ 35
Plaster bats $ 40
Talisman Production sieve w/ 2 screens $ 165
(2) HVLP Glaze Spray Gun (one never used) $ 137
Shimpo Banding Wheel $ 78

Misc. glaze chemicals, clay and glazes $ 500
Small tools $ 250


This equipment is in very good condition. Total package price $4500. 


Erect Trillium

Saturday, May 11, 2013

TIm Rowan Workshop in NJ


MAY 18 & 19

Workshop At The Peter Callas Studio Belvidere, New Jersey
At this two day workshop May 18 & 19th 10AM - 4 PM, Tim Rowan will make signature pieces, boxes, and some cups... with his "Funky Clay" and talk about the aesthetics and challenges of making this style of work. He will also discuss fired examples, and give a slide talk on his work. Tim has a masterful touch that exemplifies his mindset and unconventional use of materials,. He uses imagery that cuts into connecting past and present, and invariably has us listening to his inner voice. His vision merges expressive forms into personnel commentaries and sculptural dialogue with recognizable references. His educational training began in Japan apprenticing in Bizen under Ryuichi Kakurezaki from 1992-1994. He later received his MFA with Chris Staley at Penn State in 1999. Tim currently lives and works in Upstate, NY.

For more on Tim: Tim Rowan Website

Registration Fee. $225 REGISTER HERE

Make Checks Payable To: Peter Callas

Peter Callas
One Orchard Street
Belvidere, NJ 07823 Tel: 908-475-8907



The new regional Arts and Events Calendar for Yancey and Mitchell County is brought to you by the Burnsville Development Group and Toe River Arts Council. is networked with 135 other calendars across the state. Simply load your event or portfolio and it goes everywhere. You get your message in front of an audience of over 8.5 million annual users across the state and beyond.

To learn more, join us for our Information and Training Session.

The Artists Training at 5:30 will include all of the above plus how to:
*Post your portfolio, up to 24 items entirely free
*Sell items for 3.50, no commissions

WHEN: Thursday, May 23,2013
WHERE: Yancey Campus, Mayland Community College, computer lab

TIME: 5:30 for artists
ADDRESS: 107 Wheelers Hill Road, Burnsville, NC 28714

We will go over how the network is structured. How to load and market your events and portfolios for free. How to share with your social media sites with one click. There are even Co-Op Advertising Packages offering you discount ad space on the network.

This network is result of hard work and partnership. We hope to see you there.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Apprenticeship Needed or Ceramics related Job!!!


I am one year out of Mass College of Art where I studied ceramics.

I am looking for an apprenticeship or job that will teach me more about the craft of pottery as well as the practicality of running a studio.

I have experience mixing clay and glazes as well as firing wood and gas kilns.

I live on Cape Cod right now but am willing to move for the right opportunity.

If interested check out my website and/or contact me at

Thank you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bob Weisgerber

A bunch of us are meeting at Mary Jane's at 8 am tomorrow (Friday, May 10 , 2013) to pay respects to the family of our friend Bob Weisgerber. Pass the word, please, and come if you can.

Wendy Reid:

Soda Firing Workshop in Asheville

Do you like soda firing? Silly question. Do you want to learn more about the firing process and how to get successful results from the kiln? Sure, we all do. June 10-14 I will lead a soda firing workshop in Asheville, NC at the Odyssey Center. We will load and fire a cross draft soda kiln, and then dissect the results at the end of the week. There will be wheel demonstrations, participants will be able to work hands on, and of course there will be talk around the kiln.

Check out the link for details on how to sign up, time is running out!

I would love to see you there.
William Baker


The DO GOOD Residency

Red Lodge Clay Center | Deadline: September 2, 2013 |

The DO GOOD-MJ Wood Memorial Short-Term Residency is an
underwritten residency intended to support ceramic artists who wish to
develop a body of work with a socially-conscious spirit and a strong sense
of community engagement. Through a competitive application process one
candidate per year will be selected to work at the Red Lodge Clay Center
Studios with a full waiver of the residency fee.

An additional stipend may be available for selected projects to assist with travel and/or production costs during residency.

Dates of residency: Any time between December 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you John Hartom!

Tonight's Clay Club was really fun!!! We decorated lots and lots of bowls! There had been several groups that came earlier in the day to decorate bowls! The shelves were full of decorated bowls!! Thank you to everyone who came out to decorate bowls for Empty Bowls! There were maybe around 10 people in attendance tonight! John gave out information on Empty Bowls events and how we can help.

  July 27 Black Mountain Community Garden Empty Bowls

  August 2 & 3 Imagine Render Empty Bowls Booth at the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair in Burnsville

 August 6 Avery/Madison/McDowell/Mitchell/Yancey Counties Food Security Summit at Mayland Community College

  September 16 Manna Food Bank Luncheon @ Biltmore Doubletree Inn and than dinner @ Biltmore Park Hilton

  October 8 Dig In! Yancey Community Garden 3rd Annual Empty Bowls Dinner at Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church in Burnsville

  On-going Design Gallery Empty Bowls Sales Display in Burnsville.

On May 8th at 8 pm in the Northlight Building at Penland there will be a screening of Neil Lawrence's To Spring from the Hand, a new film about Paulus Berensohn.

Please join the Gay Straight Alliance on May 9th at 6pm to celebrate at Foxfire Downtown in Spruce Pine for all the good things that have happened in the last year, as we look forward to all the good things to come!
May 9th is the anniversary of the day after the Amendment One vote. On that day President Obama announced his support for marriage equality.

Join Jessica Frelinghuysen and Germination Corps on Saturday May 11, 10 am until 1 pm at the Yancey County Library in Burnsville help create "Plant Backpacks" (individual garden plots in a shoulder-hung bag). Visit for more information. There is an exhibition of Jessica's work at the Green Plum Cobbaboratory at 130 Oak Ave on upper street in Spruce Pine. Visit or for open studio hours and details on relate activities.

Next month we will have Clay Club in Asheville at Michon Sentner's studio. More information coming soon about that!

Again thank you John Hartom for hosting Clay Club!! :)
Regards Tria

Clay Club tonight at John Hartom's

Yo Clubbers. 

Tonight is Wednesday May 8 and we will have clay club at the Empty Bowls studio in Burnsville!

It would be great if you could come and help decorate bowls from 2- 6pm. We have about 200 to choose from.  

As they say "These Bowls won't decorate themselves!"

Then the our regular Clay Club 6- 8:30p.m. meeting and potluck. Bring whatever foods you would like.

Here are directions to the Empty Bowls Studio if you have never been. Take 19 E between Burnsville and Spruce Pine. Turn north on Arbuckle Road(you will see the large Arbuckle Rodeo sign on south side of road at Arbuckle). 2 miles +/- to Lynnwood Lane on east side of road. Follow the signs to studio.
Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom 134 Lynnwood Lane Burnsville.

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Animal Gods - by Becca Floyd Opens @ Flow in Marshall

Animal Gods - Recent work by Becca Floyd

Intrigued by Cambodian lime pots,
used both in ritual offerings to supernatural animistic forces and
as functional containers for the lime paste employed in betel nut chewing,
Floyd uses animal imagery, highly decorated surfaces and bold forms
to explore a distant culture's idea of elevated function.

Join us for a reception Thursday May 9, 5-9pm at Flow, 14 South Main Street, Marshall, NC
The show will run through June 15.

Monday, May 6, 2013

House for Rent Near Penland NC

NC friends please share.

Our house in Mitchell County is for rent. 

2 bedrooms, wood or oil heat, hardwood floors, with gardens and studio space. 

Close to Penland School of Crafts and the Energy Exchange. $650 a month. Available now. 

Call Sara if you are interested 619-780-2579.


I just want to say that Simone Travisano was the finest Penland Coordinator of all time ! She worked at Penland for about 11+ years !

Simone- "gifts baskets"? Really?!  Please!  You made us all look like slackers.

Best to you Simone!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Asheville Ceramics Gallery - NC

Asheville Ceramics Gallery,

located at 109 Roberts Street in the heart of the River Arts District, is now open and will host a Grand Opening Celebration on May 11. Come check us out on Saturday from 10-6.

-lots of great pottery from 11 local artists

-snacks and refreshments

-live music and pottery demonstrations

-pottery raffle featuring one piece from each artist in the gallery

-tons of fun!!!

Asheville Ceramics Gallery is a new cooperative gallery that I have founded in the Phil Mechanic studios building. We are a group of local artists who have come together to collectively display and sell our work in a clean and comfortable setting easily accessed by the general art seeking public. We hope to provide access to our best work and continue to educate with ongoing in shop demonstrations and discussion. The gallery is always manned by one of our own artists with a solid background in the clay process. Please come by anytime Tuesday through Sunday from 10-6 to see what's new at the Asheville Ceramics Gallery.

Copyright © 2013 Melting Mountain Pottery, All rights reserved.

Thank you for signing up for my mailing list.

Our mailing address is:
Melting Mountain Pottery
109 Roberts Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

Resident Artist Position

Dear Ceramics Colleague,

A resident artist position has become available at Art Center West for the 2013-2014 year, and needs to be filled as soon as possible.

We are currently seeking a skillful and tenacious ceramic artist that is well spoken and has both skill set and desire to teach handbuilding and/or throwing courses at our developing community studio. 

The position includes studio space and housing as well as other opportunities that will aid in professional and portfolio development. 

Will you please forward this information to interested candidates that you think may be a good fit for our program based on these and other criteria below?

Thank you for your time and help with our search,

AJ Argentina
Art Center West Supervisor
1355 Woodstock Rd
Roswell, GA 30075


Reached 700 Followers today!

Blog on !

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Empty Bowls Clay Club

  On Wednesday May 8 we will have clay club at the Empty Bowls studio in Burnsville! John would like to provide the opportunity for people to make and decorate bowls for them for local events. The agenda is as follows:
 From 2-6 pm there will be optional bowl making and decorating. The bowls made will be used at upcoming Empty Bowls events. John will provide both high and low fire bowls available for decoration. Phoenix clay will be made available for throwing and handbuilding. It could be entirely possible that spontaneous  demonstrations might break out.
  From 6:30-8:30 we will have our regular Clay Club meeting and potluck. Bring whatever foods you would like.

  Here are directions to the Empty Bowls Studio if you have never been.  Take 19 E between Brunsville and Spruce Pine. Turn north on Arbuckle Road(you will see the large Arbuckle Rodeo sign on south side of road at Arbuckle). 2 miles +/- to Lynnwood Lane on east side of road. Follow the signs to studio.
Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom 134 Lynnwood Lane Burnsville.
   Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Historic Potters Road in Charlotte NC

Excerpt from :

Some well-known intersections in the city hide the remnants of a now forgotten, but once major highway through the Carolinas. It was known as Potter Road and its name referred to the one-time pottery industry in western Lincoln County. Today, after neighbors pushed the city to save a piece of the old road's route, an obscure patch of trees at Central Avenue and Kilborne Road is all that’s left to tell the story.

During its settlement in the 18th century, two main roads crossed through what is now Mecklenburg County, the Great Wagon Road and Old Potter Road. These roads crossed at today’s intersection of North Tryon Street and Eastway Drive.

Today, traces of Old Potter Road are visible in Evergreen Nature Preserve in east Charlotte, just north of the wooden footbridge near Tarrington Drive. On the 1886 deed of nearby Amity Presbyterian Church, which is framed and hanging on the wall of the Church's history room, the road is labeled "Old Potter Road" where it passed the Church. The road is also depicted on maps of 1808, 1833, 1888, and 1911.

The name “Potter Road” originated during the early 19th century when commercial potters in western Lincoln County, N.C., began using this route to transport wares to markets in Charleston, S. C. (see Charlotte Observer editorial below).

NC Potters are headed to Austin!

Art of the Pot celebrates 10 years of opening studio doors to the public for the 2013 AotP Studio Tour.  Hosted by Austin-based artists Chris Campbell, Keith Kreeger, Ryan McKerley, Lisa Orr & Claudia Reese the tour will have 10 guest artists from across the country for the prestigious event.

2013 Guest Artists: Dan Anderson, Cynthia Bringle, Joan Bruneau, Kyle Carpenter ,Bryan Hopkins
Forrest Lesch-Middleton, Courtney Murphy, Jim Smith, Daniel Ricardo Teran & The Artstream Nomadic Trailer!

Art of the Pot is held on Mother’s Day Weekend May 11th & 12th.  The VIP Collectors Preview tour is Friday May 10th

Cynthia Bringle ::: Penland, North Carolina

Kyle Carpenter ::: Asheville, North Carolina



We have uploaded the May 2013 issue of Carolina Arts - all 88 pages. Yes, more and more all the time - the most ever.

Here's a link to that download (it will take several minutes to download ( Downloading the entire PDF file to your desktop is the best way to view the paper - then you can enlarge the page to any size you like. And, you will be able to check it out from time to time without having to download it again.

Last month's cover featuring works by Jane Filer was our most popular cover ever. Does that sound familiar? It should - I said the same thing last month. Of course you can read all about that in my commentary. We also set a new record for downloads last month.

If you are receiving this because you are on someone else's list, you can send us an e-mail to ( to be placed on our main list, so you can make sure you will get a notice of every new issue.

If you like what you see and decide that you want to participate in our next issue - either with content or to advertise an exhibit, a visual art event or your art - our deadline for the June 2013 issue will be May 24 at 5pm. Here's a link to our advertising info ( And, you can find other info about sending press releases and gallery listings on the website at (, choose "How the Paper Works".

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Again, thanks for your support! Help us make this issue one that everyone sees - or at least everyone you know sees.

Tom and Linda Starland
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