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Call for artists for Folkmoot

2019 Folkmoot Festival
Haywood County, North Carolina
July, 2019
Application deadline: March 28, 2019

There are several opportunities for craft vendors at Folkmoot. From the Folkmoot website:

The 2018 Folkmoot Festival was one of the most successful in recent history with more ticket sales, more venues and special events, more sponsors and more donors than we could have imagined. We are expecting to grow in 2019 and we are now accepting applications for vendor space and hope you are interested! Join Folkmoot friends for the events described below.

With good weather, we anticipate that the 2019 festival will attract more than 25,000 people to downtown Waynesville and more than 5,000 people to our other events in Hazelwood and Canton. Please notice below, we have two new events. For detailed information about the festival schedule, please visit For a brief synopsis of the vendor-related opportunities through Folkmoot, please read on:

Many Cultures Day (MCD) on Saturday, July 20, 2019 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Folkmoot is accepting 30 vendors for this event. The MCD focuses on children and families and features live entertainment by youthful singers and dancers, free dance lessons by international dancers, an arts and craft tent, food vendors as well as non profit organizations. This is the fourth year of MCD and we expect between 3,000 and 5,000 guests.

Mootennany- Americana Day, Sunday, July 21, 2019 12:00 pm -10:00 pm

A first year event, the Mootenany is a celebration of American culture, with an emphasis on Southern Appalachian folk music, arts, crafts, foods and beverages. Folkmoot will host musical acts on a main stage, dance lessons and vendors who specialize in southern Appalachian culture. We expect the Mootenanny will attract 1,500 guests and anticipate accepting 30 vendors for this event.

Folkmalt, Friday, July 26, 2019 4:00 pm- 10:00 pm

Celebrating WNC beer culture and the plethora of world cuisine in our region, Folkmoot is expanding our scope on Friday, July 26th to build a new festival event at Sorrells Park in Canton. We are looking for vendors who provide handmade international arts, crafts or who produce other cultural items including clothing, personal accessories are welcomed. We expect the Folkmalt will attract a minimum of 3,000 guests and anticipate accepting 30 vendors for this event.

International Festival Day (IFD), takes place on Saturday, July 27 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

We are accepting 100 vendors that offer unique, handmade items. Sales of quality arts and cultural crafts, gifts with an international flair and local and international foods have been successful at IFD. International Day is in its 36th year and Folkmoot anticipates a minimum of 25,000 guests to this event.

You must successfully submit your application by Thursday, March 28, 2019 in order to be considered in our review/ selection process.

Accompanying this letter, you will find our vendor guidelines and an application form. Please read the guidelines and complete the application online at The application must be submitted with three (3) to six (6) color images of the work the applicant intends to sell and one (1) booth image, along with a non-refundable $25.00 application fee.

We prefer that vendors submit applications online but will accept hard copy applications, postmarked by March 28, 2019.

Please contact Elizabeth Burson at 828-452-2997 or if you have any questions. We look forward to reviewing your application!

More info and link to application:

Penland Community Open House this Saturday

Penland School of Craft Annual Community Open House
Saturday, March 2nd
1-5 pm

From the Penland website:

The Community Open House is an annual event that opens the doors to Penland’s studios to more than 500 adults and children from Mitchell County and beyond, engaging them in free, quality hands-on studio experiences. The Community Open House also offers information about Penland’s upcoming workshops and other programs.

Each year, over 100 artist volunteers from the surrounding community make this day possible by helping visitors with the hands-on activities in the studios.

The 2019 Penland School of Craft Community Open House will be Saturday, March 2 from 1-5 PM.

The Mitchell High School Marching Band Boosters will be selling hot dog lunches in front of the Pines Dining Hall at Penland from 12:30 until 5pm. The Penland Coffee House will also be open to sell drinks and snacks.

More information here:

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Odyssey ClayWorks Summer Clay Camp for Kids 2019

Clay Camp 2019
Odyssey ClayWorks
Asheville, NC

10 Weeks
June 3- August 16, 2019

Ages 4-18

Young Adult Summer Intensive
Ages 12-18

Kelsey Sickmeyer

Saturdays 3-6pm
June 22- August 3

*No class July 5

We kept hearing that teens want more time to dive deeper in the world of clay, and that one week of the summer just isn’t enough! This class will meet Saturday afternoons, while offering additional open studio time for self-directed practice. We will be working each student on their own personal interests, be it sculpting, wheel-throwing, or a bit of both! We’re excited to bring more opportunities for our next generation to really push themselves in this exciting medium!

Tuition $225 + $35 Lab Fee

A Bug’s Life

Ages 4-8
Paige Janeri

June 3-7, 9am-12pm

What do you think of bugs? Are they eww gross? Or way cool?! One thing is for certain, they are super important for our environment and ecosystem. We can learn a lot from these little critters and in this camp, we will do just that! We will dig into the mud like worms and get wiggling away with our ideas. In this camp, we will focus on hand building techniques and use our imaginations to create unlikely bugs and their homes!

Creative Kitchen
Ages 8-12
Sara Ballek

June 3-7, 2-5pm

Learning about foods and objects in your kitchen can be exciting and fun to explore, but what if you had the chance to make some of your own? In this class students will develop work relating to items they use or find in their kitchen while learning a variety of techniques on how to make functional and sculptural objects. We will be focusing on using the wheel and a variety of hand building techniques to create fun, functional objects for everyday use or play!

Playful Patterns
Ages 4-8
Sara Ballek

June 10-14, 9am-12pm

This week at camp we are going to explore different ways to construct objects using clay and explore patterns through color and shape. This week will be filled with activities that will encourage campers to think about colors and shapes and how to put them together in different ways to create unique designs that reflect your unique personality. Each piece will be a one of a kind work of art, just like you!

You Gotta Wheely Want It!
Ages 8-12

Eliana Rodriguez

June 10-14, 2-5pm

The perfect intermediate class for students who have worked with clay before and are ready for more! We’ll spend plenty of time on the potter’s wheel, learn how to sculpt and build with coils, and spend time decorating our work with sweet patterns and designs.

Magical Mystical Creatures
Ages 4-8
Laurie Caffery Harris

June 17-21, 9am-12pm

Do you catch yourself daydreaming of a magical world full of dragons and fairies and centaurs? In this camp, we are going to sculpt all of the mystical creatures from our imaginations out of clay. Get ready for a fun week of handbuilding, working on the wheel and creating a fantastic and whimsical world!

Ages 8-12

Sara Ballek

June 17-21, 2-5pm

Your dreams of becoming a Clay DJ will come true in this week full of wheel throwing! Not only will students learn how to throw, but they will also create a variety of objects for daily use! In this course students will start with the very beginning steps of how to use the potter’s wheel and successfully develop various forms throughout the week. They will have the opportunity to explore decorating and hand building techniques to add final touches to their masterpieces!

Pedal To The Metal
Ages 6-10

Kelsey Sickmeyer

June 24-28, 9am-12pm

We are going to go learn how to use a pottery wheel to make cups, bowls, vases and plates! Students will learn different ways to decorate these vessels, and once finished, they will be food safe treasures for the whole family! This is a super fun exploration of the clay studio.

Clay In The Wild
Ages 4-8

Eliana Rodriguez

June 24-28, 2-5pm

Let nature be our inspiration as we create beautiful works of art! A great class for young beginners, we’ll learn different hand building techniques and use them to create your favorite animals, plants, and ecosystems. Experience the joys of nature and the fun of clay all mixed into one class!

Wheel Throwing 101
Ages 6-10

Laurie Caffery Harris

July 8-12, 9am-12pm

You’ll learn how to work on the potter’s wheel in this fun-packed creative camp! We will be learning all sorts of hand-building and wheel-throwing skills to create amazing works of art that you can use! Bring all of your creative and interesting ideas and we will turn them into reality.

Clay Characters
Ages 8-12

Sara Ballek

July 8-12, 2-5pm

Have you ever seen a fox turn into a coffee mug? Or used a unicorn horn for a handle? What if you could make your own with clay? This camp will focus on getting students comfortable on using the wheel while having the creative freedom to turn their pots into fun characters along the way! We will be learning how to make several types of functional objects and incorporate sculpture techniques to give them a personality!

Pottery With A Purpose

Ages 6-10
Kristen Easters

July 15-19, 9am-12pm

In this beginner wheel class, students will learn the ropes of throwing and will make their own pottery to take home and cherish for years to come. They will have the opportunity to experiment with different decoration techniques, work on a large group sculpture, and show their work in our gallery!

Dream Big!
Ages 8-14

Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 15-19, 2-5pm

This week we will focus on HANDBUILDING strategies to make BIG pots and sculptures that you actually get to KEEP! We are aiming for 1-2 foot sculptures and vessels. We’ll warm up to proper construction methods on the first day with 1-2 smaller pieces that we will raku on the last day, and then spend the rest of the time focusing on just 2-3 larger pieces- constructing them well so they can survive the firing, while bringing those dreams to life! Come with BIG ideas :)

Here We Throw!
Ages 8-12

Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 22-26, 9am-12pm

Wheel 101- Come dressed to make a mess!
We are going to go learn how to use a pottery wheel to make cups, bowls, vases and plates! Students will learn different ways to decorate these vessels, and once finished, they will be food safe treasures for the whole family!

Fantastic Folklores and Fairytales

Ages 4-8

Paige Janeri

July 22-26, 2-5pm

Once upon a time, fairytales and folklores were used to explain great mysteries, tell epic stories, and learn awesome lessons. In this clay camp, we will revisit some old favorites and create our very own stories using clay! No experience or prior knowledge of clay is necessary to enjoy working on our projects together. We will hand build and use the pottery wheel in this clay camp to create functional and decorative items that tell our stories.

Advanced Wheel
Ages 7-14

Kelsey Sickmeyer

July 29- August 2, 9am-12pm

This is the camp for students who have taken at LEAST one wheel camp at Odyssey in the last year or two, and want to hone their skills further, making bigger and better vessels on the wheel! We will move faster and have more freedom, so start sketching some ideas now and we will make them come alive!

​Dining In Style 
Ages 6-10
Eliana Rodriguez
July 29- August 2, 2-5pm
Get ready to set the table! A great class for beginners, students will learn basic pottery techniques like wheel throwing and hand building to make beautiful ceramic pieces that they can use every day. Join in on the fun of creating your new favorite mug, bowl or plate!

Fairy Houses and Clay Critters
Ages 4-8

Laurie Caffery Harris

August 5-9, 9am-12pm

Do you love to explore the outdoors? Do you daydream about the little fairies and critters that live there? In this class, we will be creating dwellings for all of these fantastical and magical creatures to live called Clay Worlds! For everything from fairies to garden gnomes, from porgs to pollywogs – we will create a place for everyone to live. We will exercise our imagination and creativity in this hands-on class!

It’s Wheely Fun! 
Ages 8-12
Halima Flynt
August 5-9, 2-5pm
Learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel during this wheelie fun camp! We will learn how to make, and decorate, functional mugs, bowls, and more! Join Halima for a fun camp with an upbeat atmosphere.

Sculptures From Scratch 

Ages 6-10

Kristen Easters

August 12-16, 9am-12pm

In this class, students will follow their imagination to create small scale figurative sculptures of animals, people, or whatever their little heart’s desire. I will demonstrate a series of different projects for students to customize to reflect their unique worldview. All pieces will be glazed so you can take them home and use them every day.

Finding Your Spirit Animal
Ages 8-14

Paige Janeri

August 12-16, 2-5pm

We can learn a lot from nature when we observe animals in the wild. We can see their characteristics of strengths and weaknesses. In this week of camp, we will dig into some clay and explore our spirit animals; determining how they uniquely relate to us. No experience or prior knowledge of clay is necessary to enjoy creating hand-built wall hanging tiles and sculptures of our spirit animals. Sculpture techniques will be taught in this camp and kids will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, animals, and ceramic art.

Tuition: $225. $25 discount for a sibling in the same camp. Use discount code claycamp25.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Architectural Digest profile of East Fork Pottery

Thanks to Gail Stockdale for sharing this Architectural Digest article about East Fork Pottery (ahead of East Fork hosting Clay Club on March 13th)!

Here's the start of the article:

There are probably few 21st-century business owners who can say that the spiritual foundation for their factory is based on the utopian thinking of William Morris and John Ruskin—artists and theorists who believed that craft should come before quantity, that art should be affordable and handmade, and that where you make a thing should be as important as the thing you’re making. But for married couple Connie and Alex Matisse, this idealistic philosophy is a large part of why their East Fork Pottery has been wildly successful. “Our company serves our employees and community as much as our customers,” says Connie. “Making pottery won’t necessarily be in our mission, but it’s what we do to support our mission,” adds Alex.

That sincerity has struck a deep chord among East Fork’s clientele, allowing the Asheville, North Carolina–based company to open two new retail stores (one locally; one in Atlanta) in the past year, and it’s why the company’s Instagram account—featuring mostly dinnerware—has more than 70,000 followers. It sells 5,000 pieces of pottery every month.

– Laura Raskin, writing for Architectural Digest

Read the complete article here:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Gas kiln for sale in Black Mountain, NC


The new owners of Black Mountain Studios have a Geil gas kiln for sale. Here are the details from Dolly Cairns:

Here are the specs on the main Geil kiln we are trying to sell to free up space:

Selling a great used condition kiln, that was obtained with purchase of a building/business of owner who retired. This was well taken care of and not ever used with salt items.

Pickup up only, please email to schedule a time to come look at it if you are interested.

Below are the specs for the kiln based on website.


Fiber Lined Front Loading Natural Draft Kilns

Model Number DL-18F

Inside Volume -Cu.Ft. 31

Setting Space-Cu.Ft. 18

Setting Area-Inches W D H 28x28x40

Inside Dimension-Inches 39x34x40

Outside Dimension-Inches 54x63x70

Instrumentation (Microprocessor Controller Optional Equipment) DD1 Controller

Stacking Height-Inches 40

Temperature Range 0-2500� F

Shelf Size-Inches Per Level 2-14x28 or 4-14x14

Maximum BTU/HR. Input 224,000

Maximum Gas Consumption CFH 203

Minimum Gas Pressure 6 Inches Water Column Pressure

Gas Line Inlet Inches 3/4

Number of Burners 6

Average Firing Time-Cone 06 6 Hours

Average Firing Time-Cone 10 8 Hours

Approximate Shipping Weight 2,100 lbs.

Contact Dolly at

Accessibility 101 workshop for artists and other businesses and organizations

Accessibility 101
Monday, February 25th, 2019
9:30-12:30 pm
Burnsville Town Center
6 South Main St.
Burnsville, NC 28714

From the email announcement:

Toe River Arts, in partnership with Arts Access, NC State Arts Council and the Mayland Small Business Center is pleased to offer Accessibility 101, a workshop that will enable business and cultural organizations to better include people with disabilities. The workshop content is targeted for business owners, artists, administrators, board members, volunteers, ushers, teachers, and front line staff.

We especially welcome organizations who are just beginning to address ADA accessibility issues!

Participants will learn about:

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) overview and how it impacts arts organizations

• Common accommodations for customers with disabilities

• Sensitivity and disability etiquette in communications and offering assistance

• Emergency procedures and safety issues

• Steps for writing your organization’s ADA plan

Let us know if you need an ADA accommodation when you register (ASL, Large Print, etc)

Registration Fee: Waived

More info and registration:

Friday, February 15, 2019

Spring Class Lineup for Odyssey Clayworks

Spring 2019 Class Descriptions
Odyssey Clayworks
Asheville, NC

Spring Session
March 18-May 11, 2019

Find Your Way With Clay

Kristen Easters

Mondays 6:30-9pm
March 18-May 6

Totally new to clay? Or have you tried it out, got hooked, and can’t wait for more? In this entry-level class, we will approach making with a meditative and intentional, but lighthearted and fun mindset. We will cover all the technical basics of wheel throwing and learn to make a variety of functional forms including bowls, mugs, vases and more. We will explore several different surface design techniques to guide students in discovering new aesthetic possibilities. During the last couple weeks, we will discuss glazing and firing the work to add dynamic finishing touches.

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner
Tuition: $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Illustrated Layers and Handbuilt Containers

Lynne Hobaica

Tuesdays 11am-1:30pm
March 19-May 7

Join “decorated” instructor Lynne Hobaica for a fantastic exploration of surface decoration on handbuilt lidded containers. We will spend time making our forms then decorate the containers by building up layers of colorful underglazes, slips and glazes. We will carve into the clay and discuss where you can find inspiration for drawings, pattern, and design.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Good Forms, Good Firing: Making Pots For The Reduction Kiln

Gillan Doty

Tuesdays 3-5:30pm

March 19-May 7

Come experience the excitement of Cone 10 firing! This class will be geared towards making more intricate forms on the potter’s wheel intended for the reduction kiln. Building on student’s basic wheel throwing knowledge, we will explore more complicated techniques, including stacking pieces together to create taller, more intriguing pots. Students will gain insight into the Cone 10 glaze firing and will assist in firing the gas kiln.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $65 Lab Fee

Let’s Get Plastered:
Introduction To Plaster Mold Making

Tyler-James Anderson

Tuesdays 6:30-9pm

March 19-May 7

Let's Get Plastered is a mold making class for beginner to intermediate students who would like to learn new ways of creating with clay. In this class we will make and utilize mold systems to produce beautifully replicable results. While we will focus heavily on plaster casting, there will also be demonstrations on how to use our molds to create lovely, crisp finished work.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Under The Glaze: Scratching The Surface

Sara Ballek

Wednesdays 6:30-9pm

March 20-May 8

Discover how to personalize your work with decorative techniques that will give each piece a unique finish! Using a rich clay body, along with colorful underglazes, and slips, we will explore the ways of how to control and enhance what happens under the final glazing process. During this session, the work made will be fired at different mid-range temperatures to reveal the beautiful reds and browns in the clay body along with the vibrancy of the decorating colors. We will discuss how to maintain different clay consistencies to accomplish various surface techniques. This class will allow students to be flexible in forming their work through hand building and/or wheel throwing. We will treat each piece as a canvas to explore what can happen under the glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Scaling Up: Creating Larger Sculptures

Mac McCusker

Thursdays 11am-1:30pm

March 21-May 9

Let's scale up your ceramic sculptures! Come learn basic sculptural techniques (building solid, using slabs and coils) and combine these skills to make larger creations. Ever make a sculpture the size of the kiln? We dare you to try! Make work up to 24 inches tall and 27 inches wide. This class is going to be challenging and loads of fun!

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $65 Lab Fee

Beginner Wheel Throwing

Laurie Caffery Harris & Nich Daunis

Saturdays 10am-12:30pm

March 23-May 11

Have you never used the wheel before or are you looking to improve your throwing skills? This is the class for you! We will explore fundamental forms for functional pottery including cups, mugs, and bowls. While focusing on growth on the potter’s wheel, students will also be given creative freedom to have fun and explore new ideas. Classes will include demonstrations, group exercises, and one-on-one guidance. Expect to get messy, be challenged and leave with a new skill set!

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner

Tuition: $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Ready, Set, Throw! One Night Pottery Classes

Kelsey Sickmeyer & Cayce Kolstad

#3 Friday, March 29, 7-9pm
#4 Friday, April 19, 7-9pm
#5 Friday, May 10, 7-9pm
#6 Friday, May 31, 7-9pm

Ever wanted to try your hand at the pottery wheel? Have you always wanted to learn to throw but you’re not sure if you want to commit to an 8-week class? Or maybe you and some friends are just looking for something different to do in Asheville on a Friday night. Well, look no further. Ready, Set, Throw is here!
Even if you’ve never touched clay before, our highly skilled staff will guide you through the entire process. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun! All ages and skill levels are welcome.
Level: All Levels, Beginners Welcome
Tuition: $55 Per person, per night

Youth Classes:

Teen After School Ceramics

Ages 13-18

Alyssa Ruberto

Mondays 4-6pm

March 25-April 29

Do you know nothing about clay, but always wanted to try? Join us! Do you already take pottery class in school? Here’s two more hours of every week where you can practice those skills while learning new ones without the pressures of getting graded. Come make with us! You’ll meet students from other local schools while you get your hands dirty on your own clay creations. We will learn basic hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques that you can use to create amazing works of art.

Tuition: $225

Kids Class:

It’s Wheely Fun!

Ages 8-12

Halima Flynt

Thursdays 4-6pm

April 4-May 9

Learn to throw on the potter’s wheel in this super fun 6-week class for beginners. Students will learn how to make all kinds of cups, bowls, plates and more. You will leave feeling the confidence to create beautiful artwork in the studio!

Tuition $225

Weekend Workshops

Introduction To Copper Metal Clay

Barbara McGuire

April 6-7

Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm

Discover Copper Metal Clay and the dynamics of adding metal to your work. This beginning class will cover the basics in a demo/workshop format. You will create earrings, charms and adornments in your personal style. Bring your hand sculpting skills to create a classic tree of life medallion.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250 + $50 Lab Fee

Looking Into The Heart Of The Matter: Making Space With Kurinuki

Shinara Taylor

April 27
Saturday 1-4:30pm

Slow down and relax in this afternoon kurinuki workshop. Enjoy the simple, nuanced Japanese technique of carving cups, bowls, and jars out of solid blocks of clay. An introduction to creating surface textures and alterations will be provided. Participants will finish with up to four unglazed pieces fired to cone 6 (optional).

Level: All Levels

Tuition: $85, No Lab Fee

Raku Magic

Paul Gisondo

Saturday, May 18, 9:30am-4:30pm

Experience the drama, amazement and instant gratification of Raku in this one-day firing workshop. Bring up to 5 bisque fired pieces (vertically oriented vase and cylinder forms up to 12 inches in height preferred). We will glaze the pieces using a variety of crackle, iridescent luster and matte glazes and fire the work outdoors in our Raku kiln. Pieces will be removed from the red-hot kiln and quickly transferred into ash cans lined with flammable materials. Participants will go home the same day with dramatically transformed, finished work! 

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $115 + $25 Lab Fee

5-Day Workshop

Amazing Glaze

Gabriel Kline

Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm
May 20-24

Do you hate glazing? I mean, do you really HATE glazing? Have you experienced the frustration of making a beautiful piece, then ruining it with a flawed, or perhaps worse, boring glaze? Would you rather spend your time doing just about ANYTHING else, even cleaning your studio? Then this is the workshop for you! Join best-selling author of the book, Amazing Glaze, Gabriel as he demystifies the techniques that will help you learn to love the glazing process, achieve more dynamic results, and get your work noticed. Topics will include under and overglaze decoration, glazing large and delicate work, spraying glazes, and multiple firings. We will also examine the basics of formulating, mixing, or altering a glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $595 + $75 Lab Fee, Includes a copy of the book Amazing Glaze.

Hand Building with Templates and Models

Eric Knoche

5-Day Workshop
 Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm
August 19-23

In this workshop we will combine simple hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling, modeling and slab construction with the use of models and several different kinds of templates. Emphasis will be placed on gaining a deeper understanding of the clay itself, establishing a paradigm of creative problem solving and developing a personal set of integrated building methods that accomplishes each students’ artistic goals.

Level: All Levels

Tuition: $595 + $50 Lab Fee

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Recap: February Clay Club at Mars Hill University

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the Empty Bowl-a-thon at Mars Hill University last night! A big thank you to these 13 potters who threw over 200 bowls (!!) in about 90 minutes:

Erika Arroyo
John Britt
Jacquie Lopez
Dennis McAvoy
Jim McDowell
J.R. Page
Michael Rutkowsky
Ruth Rutkowsky
Ron Slagle
Geni Stephenson
Allison Tomlin
Rachel Veirheller
Kari Weaver

All proceeds from these bowls will benefit Neighbors in Need of Madison County. The Empty Bowls event will be held at Mars Hill Baptist Church on April 10th from 5-7 pm.

Thanks, too, to the non-throwers who came and hung out and helped out, and a special thank you to John Hartom (co-founder, with Lisa Blackburn, of Empty Bowls) for joining us. When the throwing was done, we enjoyed kiln-warmed pizza and more.

A few announcements:

• I shared some information from Lori Theriault of the Village Potters about a Downtown Welcome Table plate-decorating opportunity and clay that is available for Empty Bowls events. See this post for all the details:

• Michael Rutkowsky shared information about the class he and Ruth are teaching at John C. Campbell Folk School in March. More info here:

• and John Hartom shared that the opening reception of the In Tandem Gallery exhibition of his and Michael Kline's work will be this Saturday from 4-7 pm.

March Clay Club will be at East Fork Pottery in Asheville on March 13th - look for more details about that soon.

Thanks again to all the Empty Bowl throwers, to Shane Mickey and the Mars Hill University students - and to everyone who came!

Downtown Welcome Table plate-decorating opportunity and Empty Bowl clay available

I shared these two announcements from Lori Theriault of the Village Potters at Clay Club last night - they're pretty lengthy so I wanted to share the details again here.

Contact Lori at


I am working on a project for Downtown Welcome Table (soup kitchen that serves 800+ meals) - they want to upgrade their commercial plates to handmade, and I'm working with East Fork Pottery to make the plates to fit their system of service/storage. Laguna Clay is donating the clay for this - East Fork Pottery is ram-pressing the plates (cone 10, Laguna 850 clay), and bisque-firing them. I'll be looking for potters, individually, by the group, and /or by the school, to volunteer to glaze and fire the plates - anyway they want, as long as it's cone 10/vitrified. There's not really a timeline on this - East Fork has already made and donated 500 plates, our part will make another 500. Anyone interested can contact me for info - the plates aren't pressed/fired yet, but will be in the next month or two I think, and then I'll have them to give out for glazing and firing.


So Laguna very generously donated 1000 pounds of clay for the above, but it needed to be mixed to a certain moisture content for ram press - this meant they had to mix a minimum 2000 pounds. So I wrote another donation request for Empty Bowls, and while we didn't quite get a full palette, I have 900 pounds of donated clay for Empty Bowls. This clay is VERY firm, as it's mixed for ram press, but I've slabbed some to test, and (with a good, strong slab roller), it rolls to the perfect consistency for slump/drape molds. Overly ambitious potters may want to try to throw it, but it's FIRM. But as I said, I did my test slabbing, and depending on the size of the bowl mold, I expect 18-24 bowls per bag. Any potter who would like to request clay for an EMPTY BOWLS event (could be the Avl event in September, the Dig In event - any event as long as it's Empty Bowls), they can contact me. About 500 pounds is already spoken for, possibly more, but I can designate at least 250 to the first takers - in 25# increments if desired.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Glaze Discussion - focus on cone 6 John Britt

Cone 6 Glaze Discussion Village Potters Asheville NC
A few spots still open. Call for more info.
John Britt Cone 6 Glaze Discussion Workshop

March 9-10, 2019

This is a 2 day discussion of cone 6 base glazes. It will also be a general overview of ceramic glazes, focusing on but not limited to cone 6 glazes. It is designed for beginner to intermediate potters. We will discuss cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles. This will lead us into some basic classifications of glazes, like ash, celadon, temmoku, etc. We will discuss how and why each type of glaze works and how you can achieve them, how to adjust your glazes and how to find new ones. We will discuss glazes from my new book: “The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing and Firing at cone 4 – 7”, but will go into more detail than the book allowed.

John will bring his sets of 2500 test tiles that will inform the discussion. NO TESTING.

He will also bring samples of pottery, Books and DVD’s.
COST: $265.00
(828) 253-2424

Monday, February 11, 2019

Intermediate-Advanced Wheel Class at The Village Potters

Intermediate-Advanced Wheel Class


with Julia Mann

8 week class

This intermediate-advanced class is for the potter who want to hone their skills in creating beautiful pieces for the dining table. Students will explore new forms, attachments, and alterations that will greatly elevate their current skill-set.

Students will make 4 place settings and 3 service ware pieces (small plate, dinner plate, bowl, cup/mug, 2 platters, and a serving bowl). There are cone 7 and cone 10 firing options. Class fee provides one 25-bag of a Laguna Clay of your choice, mid range or high fire glazes, and firings. Students must purchase any additional clay and provide their own tools. If you are excited by this challenge get registered! Space is limited. Intermediate - Advanced students only.

Day/Time: Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:30pm

Start/End Date: February 28 - April 18

Fee: $355

To Register: Click HERE or call (828) 253-2424

Location: The Village Potters Clay Center
191 Lyman St. #180
Asheville, NC 28801

Call The Village Potters with any questions.

For more info on weekly classes offered at The Village Potters click HERE.

Clay Club this Wednesday!

February Clay Club will be at Mars Hill University from 5-7 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule) this Wednesday, February 13th! Thanks again to Shane Mickey for hosting us and organizing this Empty Bowl-a-thon.

Directions and details here:

Carpooling: I am very much up for carpooling (see the comments from John Britt and me on this blog post) - if you're interested in carpooling from Mitchell/Yancey County or from anywhere else, leave a comment on that same blog post or on this facebook post. You can also let me know and I will put folks in touch.

See you Wednesday!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Slab roller and Talisman Rotary Sieve for sale in Seagrove, North Carolina

***2/8/19 update: the sieve has been sold***

40" BAILEY ELECTRIC SLAB ROLLER, LONG TABLE, EXTRA CANVAS, EXTRA TABLE $1800 (New this is $3600 "on sale" at plus shipping)
We are closing our studio because of arthritis. This slab roller is in great condition. You will be amazed at the time saved in not having to reprocess clay due to the width of this slab roller. I take a 25lb bag of clay, "throw" it into a thick slab and process it through the Bailey to create a very large, uniform slab and very little unused clay. 12ft long total work surface.
Cady Clay Works Beth Gore 910 464 5661

We are closing our studio due to arthritis. These sieves are in great condition:

+ TALISMAN STUDIO SIEVE (same screens fit in both sieves)
100m screen
80m screen
All $125
The Talisman Rotary Sieve has a rigid plastic body, interchangeable stainless steel screens, crank handle attached to 3 replaceable nylon brushes that sweep the ingredients through the screen.
Top dia 16", bottom dia 8.5", 6" deep - meant to fit a 3 - 5 gallon bucket. With bracing I use this on my 32-gallon-trash-can-glaze-buckets.
Works on liquid or dry materials.
CADY CLAY WORKS Beth Gore 910-464-5661

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Studio equipment for sale in Canton and Weaverville

***2/9/19 update: the shelving has been sold***


I hope to be moving my studio soon and am doing some downsizing. This shelving holds a ton of stuff and is on heavy duty wheels.

Dimensions: 56 3/4" wide, 24" deep, 66" high. Bottom to middle shelf is 22". Middle shelf to top shelf is 24" $125.00 firm You will need a truck or trailer. Located in downtown Weaverville.


5 Pair of raku tongs plus heavy kevlar gloves $75.00 firm. Located in Canton or can bring to Weaverville.


89 3/4" Long, 38" wide and 30 3/4" high. $25.00 Located in Canton

Please contact Trish Salmon at or 828-246-1930

"Design and Function, Scandinavian Style" taught by Ruth and Michael Rutkowsky at John C. Campbell Folk School

"Design and Function, Scandinavian Style." March 17-23 at John C. Campbell Folk School. Taught by Ruth and Michael Rutkowsky will explore Scandinavian folk traditions to create simply elegant pottery embellished with folk patterns, or patterns of your imagination, or just simply elegant forms. We will explore the elements of form, and the use of colored clay slips to embellish form, and reduction fire to cone 10. See for registration or call Michael or Ruth at for more info at 828-675-9745.

Applications Open for The North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival

We are excited to say that applications for the North Carolina Ceramic Arts Festival are open through March 31st!

Now in our 3rd year, the festival will be held once again at Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville on Saturday, September 21st. To read more about our show and how to apply, please go to our website at

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Treasures of the Earth Pottery Show and Sale in Shelby, North Carolina

Treasures of the Earth Pottery Show and Sale
February 7 - March 13
Cleveland County Arts Council
Shelby, NC

Treasures of the Earth Pottery Show and Sale runs from February 7th through March 13th at the Cleveland County Arts Council in Shelby, NC.

Opening reception Friday, February 7th from 5:30-7:30.

From the arts council website:

This promises to be the best exhibit yet with the works of local and regional artists plus lots of NEW potters! The works on exhibit include sculpture and pottery in a wide variety of styles. It is a must see show!

More info:

Facebook event page:

(image from the facebook event page)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Josiah Wedgwood, 18th century tech bro?

The Hustle - an email newsletter aimed at young professionals - shared the story of Josiah Wedgwood this past weekend. The piece focuses on Wedgwood's entrepreneurial success, comparing it to modern-day entrepreneurs and tech companies like Google. The piece starts:

The name “Josiah Wedgwood” doesn’t pique the interest of most tech bros.

He didn’t grace stages clad in a black turtleneck. He didn’t build a steel or railroad empire. He wasn’t the richest man of all time, or the most powerful. But nearly 300 years ago, in a small village in the English hills, he revolutionized the way the world thought about business and entrepreneurship — by making pottery.

Wedgewood (sic) has been called the “first tycoon,” the “Steve Jobs” of the 18th century, and “one of the most innovative retailers the world has ever seen.” Scholars regard him as both the father of modern marketing and the creator of the first luxury brand.

In his quest to invent and sell ceramic wares, he pioneered sales techniques like money back guarantees, free delivery, and “influencer” marketing.

This is the story of a small-time potter from the middle of nowhere who turned a “rude uncultivated craft” into a thriving global industry.

– Zachary Crockett, writing for The Hustle

Read the full piece here:

As of my sharing this here, there are just two comments on the piece itself and they both ask the author to fix the spelling of Wedgwood.

There's some more substantive discussion on Hacker News:

Sunday, February 3, 2019

February Clay Club: Empty Bowl-a-thon at Mars Hill University

February Clay Club will be at the Mars Hill Center for the Ceramic Arts at Mars Hill University from 5-7 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule) on Wednesday, February 13th. Thanks to Shane Mickey for hosting us!

We will be having an Empty Bowl-a-thon. Highwater has provided clay (thanks, Highwater!); just bring tools, a bucket and a towel to use and come throw bowls. If throwing is not your thing, you're welcome to come hang out with us at the MHU ceramic studio.

Shane will provide pizza and drinks; if you'd like, bring a dessert to go with that.

Directions to Mars Hill University are available here:

Once you get to the campus, the Mars Hill Center for the Ceramic Arts is located at 79 Cascade Street in Mars Hill. Coming from Highway 19-23 (Future Interstate 26), turn left at Wells Fargo Bank. The studio is down the driveway to the right. For help with directions, email Shane at

Carpooling: if you’re interested in carpooling, let me know and I will put folks in touch. You can also leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post.

Saturday, February 2, 2019