Monday, December 29, 2014

Tracking the price of The Completer Guide to Mid-range Glazes


I don't know if you all know about

But it is a price tracking site for Amazon. You  just put in what you are interested in and it will show the price fluctuations. You can enter a price you are looking for and it will alert you when it happens.

It is amazing to me to see  how they use some algorithm to balance price, availability and demand to vary current prices daily. I have just been watching my two books and thought someone else would find this interesting or useful.

It is just like the airlines and ticket prices. Everyone on the plane gets a different priced ticket.

 I guess that it is like in the old days when you bargained for something with a vendor, only now it is being done by the seller and a computer.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Health and Safety - Talc

I thought I would post this about the safety of Talc containing slips. It is from :

But they may have gotten from ACTS FACTS a Monona Rossol's newsletter on Health and Safety:

Monday, December 22, 2014

Paragon Electric Kiln SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD


 Attached are images, it has a few minor flaws in the soft brick that can be seen in the photo but is otherwise in great working shape. 

It includes shelves and furniture if you have any more questions please ask! 

My asking price is $450.00 but am willing to negotiate. 


Friday, December 19, 2014

For Sale Bailey 18" mini slab roller

I have an 18" Bailey mini might table top slab roller that I am wanting to sell. Includes boards for slab roller for desired slab thickness, canvas for red and white clays, and a length of formica for additional work space. Private message me if you are interested.

Morgantown NC area

Thanks, Tria 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ProPanels for sale in Kernersville, NC

Debbie Sells has ProPanels for sale:

BUFF color Professional ProPanels used by a potter doing art festivals and always well taken care of. Panels are in very good condition. For more information about these ProPanels and to see how they work look at

Included are:
7 - 7 foot tall panels (38.5" wide)
42" tall collapsible desk with shelf
Stiffners - 4 straight, 2 L shaped, 1 T shaped
Support bars - 2 short, 1 Long
Assorted Hangers and Extenders
Lights (low voltage) also included.

Price - $725; Location – Kernersville, NC

Call (336-813-5400) or email ( for more information about these ProPanels.

 Pictures can be emailed upon request. Available for pickup only.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anyone need a pottery assistant??

NC people... a friend of mine is moving soon to the Seagrove area and is trying to find an opportunity related to ceramics. This could be a job as an assistant, an apprenticeship, a residency, or even a studio space in exchange for work, etc. His craftsmanship in clay and wood is A+. He'd be open to something in the Asheville/Penland area too as long as he could find a place to also reside. Please let me know of any leads and spread the word!


Jeff Campana

Sunday, December 14, 2014

calling all pug mills

I am looking for a de-airing pug mill/clay mixer — a compact model with a small batch size. Anyone know of a used machine that needs a new home? I would be so very grateful if ye 'ol clay clubbers could hook me up.

Please e-mail me at


I heard this great TED talk on NPR on Friday:

It was about how the Libby Mine was forced to admit they were the cause of the towns asbestosis problem caused by a vermiculite mine.  Thought it was a great  final link which I never knew about.

The story on Will Full Blindness

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cool Craft Market this weekend in Asheville

HandMade in America's Cool Craft Market starts today at 5 and continues Saturday and Sunday - come on by if you're in Asheville!

Check out all the participants here:

More info here:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Donations wanted for ArtSpace Charter School Silent Auction

Clay Clubber Atcha Turner is looking for art donations for the ArtSpace Charter School Silent Auction in March. ArtSpace is a charter school in Swannanoa - from the auction donation request letter:

"ArtSpace Charter School is a tuition-free public school and a 501 C-3 organization. We serve 384 students, over half of which are living at below the poverty level. Our hands-on, arts integrated education provides an innovative and effective approach to the standard North Carolina curriculum. We hope you’ll make the easy decision to support our students and our school."

Atcha is willing to pick up items - call her at 828-460-3694 to make arrangements or for more information.

Clay Club at Cynthia Bringle's

Awesome Clay Club last night! Thanks to Cynthia for hosting and to everyone who came from near and far with food and drink to share and cups and objects to exchange.

And not to get too schmaltzy or anything, but special thanks again to Clay Club President/Organizer/Ringleader/Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer Emeritus John Britt for leading Clay Club since 2008. (Six years, people!) Thank you, John.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Torch Bearer Kiln FOR SALE

Olympic Torchbearer Updraft Gas Kiln 1827G for sale $700.
This is the 37 x 40 inch (4 cubic feet) cone 10 updraft gas Torchbearer Kiln with two propane burners. Included with the kiln is the Furniture Kit and all the hoses and connectors and two 20 pound tanks. Everything needed to start firing.

Pick up in Lizella, Georgia (8 miles west of Macon).

Jim Sandefur

Clay Club tonight at Cynthia Bringle's studio!

Despite some area schools being delayed and closed today, Cynthia reports there is absolutely no snow at her place and so Clay Club is on!

The details, in case you missed them before (and don't miss the addendum that Clay Club is BYOB!):

When: 6 pm tonight

Where: Cynthia Bringle's studio:

160 Lucy Morgan Lane
Penland, NC 28765

Directions available here:

What: ​Bring food and drink (I neglected to mention drinks before - as Cynthia asked me to make clear, Clay Club is BYOB!!!) to share. We'll have a short discussion about Clay Club in 2015 and the annual cup/object exchange. (A few more details about the cup/object exchange here:

See you tonight!

Bonsai Potters of North America

Did you know that there was a listing of Bonsai Potters of North America?

not a very long list....might be a place to increase your business??

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 10 Clay Club details

As promised, here are the details about December Clay Club:

We'll be meeting at 6 pm on Wednesday, December 10, at Cynthia Bringle's studio:

160 Lucy Morgan Lane
Penland, NC 28765

Directions available here:

​Bring food to share for the potluck. We'll have a short discussion about Clay Club in 2015 and - drumroll! - the annual cup/object exchange.

(In case you haven't been before, here are the details on the exchange, as explained by John Britt for a previous exchange: "The Cup Exchange doesn't have to be a cup but more like any "object" , so think creatively about what you have laying around. Just something to swap. You could even bring an old used shitty cup from the cupboard as long as it is a Hamada made it.")

So - bring food to share for the potluck, your suggestions and ideas for Clay Club, and a cup/object if you want to participate in the exchange.

See you there!

Beginner's Play

I have made some videos on throwing on the potter's wheel.  The videos are intended for beginners needing some guidance learning basic techniques.  The production is rough and ready, very amateurish, made at a pottery coop in Southern California, for members' use. No retakes, just shoot and be damned! A caveat: The videos are detailed; you might say they slog through the throwing processes at a snail's pace. Can't be helped; I forgot so many of the crucial details when I was learning. If you find yourself taking a snooze during a slow movement, you can review. Rewind, go forward.  I hope beginners will enjoy the journey.

The link:

Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen
Residing temporarily in the wilds of SF Bay area, trying to make sense of why everything is so expensive and the aesthetic is so elusive and the traffic is relentless

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rhonda Gouge and the Roan Mountain Rain FREE concert tonight

Here is a personal invitation to everyone  to come on out and celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with Rhonda Gouge and Roan Mountain Rain tonight at Bowman Middle School Auditorium at 7:30.

It's FREE! It's FREE! We would be honored and happy to see you there!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review - The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes - Suzy Staubach

Suzy Staubach's Review and blog

Book Review 
Wednesday December 3, 2014

You might be tempted to read through the glaze recipes in John Britt’s new book, The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing & Firing at Cones 4 – 7, and skip the text. Don’t do it. You might think that because you fire at higher or lower temperatures, the book would be of no use to you. Big mistake. The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes is packed with information and belongs on every potter’s bookshelf.

“Iron oxide, “ Britt tells us, “makes up about 7 percent of the top layer of the earth’s crust, and it’s the most common coloring oxide in ceramics. In fact, iron is everywhere on our planet. Technically speaking, all glazes contain some iron.” Elsewhere in the text he points out, “There are four major forms of iron oxide. These are red iron oxide, magnetic iron, black iron oxide, and yellow iron oxide.” He then goes on to explain the differences between them and how they react in the fire.

Writing of feldspar he tells us that “most feldspars melt at cone 9, the lowest melting feldspar is nepheline syenite, which melts at cone 6.” Each paragrapah is packed with nuggets like these.

Britt also gives an overview of each type of glaze along with its history. In the section on Temmoku he tells us, “During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the Japanese visited a monastery in a Chinese mountain called Tianmu Shan (Mount Eye of Heaven), where they collected some Jai (oil spot temmoku) tea bowls. The Japanese were inspired to imitate their look. They referred to their highly prized bowls as Tianmu or Temmoku (sometimes spelled Tenmoku.” Later he tells us “Tea dust is a low alumina temmoku glaze that contains magnesium oxide, which is responsible for the yellow-green pyroxene crystals that are of typical of this type.”

Added to this wealth of glaze and materials information, are charts, photos, advice on mixing and applying, and the recipes themselves. Stunning.

Britt devotes an entire chapter to making his argument for firing at cone 6, citing savings in time and money and the reduction of one’s carbon footprint. “For functional ware,” he writes, “cone 6 stoneware is an excellent choice because it’s very durable and vitrified…so it can withstand repeated trips into the dishwasher and microwave. Also, glazes can be made that are stable and don’t leach harmful chemicals.” He goes on to share his ideas on how best to move from cone 10 down to cone 6.

The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes is a must for every potter’s reference library. Thank you John Britt for your extensive research and in depth understanding and your ability to explain what you have learned so clearly.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 10 Clay Club at Cynthia Bringle's studio

Great news: Cynthia Bringle has offered to host Clay Club next Wednesday at her studio. I will post more details soon, but wanted to go ahead and let you all know this so you can plan on coming! (It will be potluck and there will be a mug/object exchange, so you can plan on that, too.)

Thanks again Cynthia!

Awesome fivesome returns to John Britt Pottery for the TRAC Studio Tour this weekend

We had such an awesome time doing the Toe River Arts Studio Tour together last year that we're doing it again this year. We being:

John Britt

Kristin Flournoy

Lisa Gluckin

Rodney Hopkins

and Amy Waller

The tour starts Friday at noon and runs through Sunday - get all the details here at the link below and come by John Britt Pottery to see us!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wanted: meeting place for December Clay Club meeting

I am taking over the Clay Club organizing from John and my first order of business is to find out if anyone would like to host our December meeting next Wednesday, December 10. I know this is not a lot of notice, but if anyone is up for this, let me know by Friday so I can let everyone else know. You can respond in the comments here or send me an email at

If we do meet, we can do the annual mug/object exchange. Additional ideas (demos, discussion topics, etc.) for this and future meetings also wanted!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Potter wanted to help throw mugs!

Julie Pane needs help throwing mugs!
Will pay well -- located in Mooresville, NC
Call her at 704 658 9665

STUDIO TOUR this weekend (Dec. 5-7, 2014)

Studio Tour in Spruce Pine this weekend! No Snow this year!

I am sharing my studio with Lisa Gluckin, Amy Waller, Ka Flournoy and Rodney Hopkins!

Come on buy !

 Here is more info:
Or click on this;

Join us in December for the Holiday Studio Tour Event!

The Holiday Studio Tour will be held December 5-7, 2014. Hours of the Tour are 12pm to 4pm on Friday, 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. We have information up about the participants, tour particulars, sponsors and have the Guide online (see below).

This is our 21st year and the December Tour is our biggest yet with 104 artists and 9 galleries. The Toe River Studio Tour is perhaps the largest and the longest running studio tour in the country; you will find craftspeople and artists in nearly every medium, many tops in their field and several new-to-the-tour participants.

The tour is a FREE, self-guided trip that will lead you to some unique places in our community that is situated between Mt. Mitchell and Roan Mountain. Visitors travel through valleys, past streams, across rivers, over hilltops, and experience breathtaking mountain vistas as they those many out-of-the-way studios. Meet the artists, see where they create and where they live. Our small towns also offer an array of galleries, studios, and other quaint businesses you won’t want to miss.

To take the tour all you need is this guide, and then follow the red, arrowed tour signs. Stop by either one of our TRAC Galleries to pick up your map and view the artwork on display. The TRAC Spruce Pine Gallery features an exhibit of tour participants well-ahead of the tour weekend and provides a great visual tool for planning your trip (November 22-December 31). Also, this year, TRAC’s Burnsville Gallery is showcasing some of the original TRAC Studio Tour participants who are still “in the business” and still opening their doors in an exhibit entitled, “Then and Now” (November 8-December 15).

Here’s the December guide and information.

The Studio Tour Guide is ready online and at venues around town and around the region.

And our Advertisers. For a listing of them with telephone numbers and web links, click Sponsors.

Click to see a list of artists and galleries participating in this year’s tour with links to their websites.

Then contact the Yancey Chamber of Commerce and the Mitchell Chamber for a list of places to stay during your visit. There are over 100 places–from quaint bed and breakfasts to cabins in the woods to mom and pop motels–to hang your head in our area.

For questions, contact Toe River Arts Council at 828.682.7215 or 828.765.0520.