Monday, October 31, 2011

La Meridiana Workshop 2012

Is anyone interested in attending the Ellen Shankin workshop at La Meridiana ( Italy ) Sept. 16th - Sept. 29th 2012?

Please check out the website :

You can contact   Carol is looking for travel companions. Private rooms are available at the farmhouse.

Rutile 11

Here is a nice glaze sample from a workshop I gave at SUNY New Paltz last week.  I have a bunch of the images on my Facebook page.

Detail : Rutile 11 glaze with 5% rutile in oxidation cone 10/11.

Rutile 11 cone 10 

28.9 Custer Feldspar
20.6 Whiting
31.6 Silica
18.9 EPK

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheryl's Band

"First Public Performance of Aspiration"

Here is a photo of Cheryl and her band - "The Aspirations".  They played at the Apple Butter Festival in Bakersville last weekend.

Tonight Rhonda plays at the Bakerville Ole' Courthouse 7 - 9 p.m. FREE

Bryan Czibesz at New Paltz

Just got back form a workshop at SUNY New Paltz and wanted to show some interesting work by the two professors there, Bryan and Jelena.

  Here is Jelena Gazivoda's work:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FREE CONCERT with Rhonda Gouge


If anyone wants to see the most exquisite display of musical talent in Mitchell County then 
you need to come to 
Rhonda Gouge's 

Free concert beginning at 7 PM at the historic Bakersville Courthouse this Saturday,

October 29th. Try to make it--she's great!!!

Fall Arts Sunburst Hollow Oct 29, 2011

Fall Arts at
Sunburst Hollow Studios
2212 Green River Road
Zirconia, NC
Saturday, October 29, 2011
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(rain date Sunday, October 30)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Odyssey Mural

Alex Irvine and Kathy Triplett are making and installing a wall mural at Odyssey.  You really need to check out the details on this blog:

Best Mural EVER!

Gas Kiln FOR SALE!! SOLD!!!!!!!!


Gene Young has a kiln to sell.  It is a natural gas Geil soft brick kiln.

 DLB-14 with Automatic Damper control with Microprocessor.

 Fired 30 times, like new - It is the bomb.


In Shelby North Carolina

Call for details:   XXX-XXXX  cell

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A lot of us muckers are dyslexic.  If you struggle with reading, math, reading relationships, wish you were asian so you could read backwards, there's help:  Talked to a dyslexic dyslexia therapist from  Blacksburg VA, about conquering the jumble of letters and visual cues.  It's remarkable how many Great Men and Women were dyslexic (e.g., FDR, maybe Edison and Einstein, though that might be wishful thinking-- non-dyslexics can check).  The book touted at the dyslexia site is supposed to be terrific though I don't know why you'd recommend a book to a dyslexic.  But there's hope!  The woman I talked to--at the So Highland Craft Show now going on, by the way--is Jamie Worley, 540-552-0603.

Ceramics - A Fragile History 1. The Story of Clay.mp4

Wheel Bug

Looked this bug up....there are a shit load of weird bugs!

Here is a description from the Wiki link below:

"The wheel bug (Arilus cristatus), in the family Reduviidae, is one of the largest terrestrial true bugs in North America, being up to 1.5 inches, or 38 mm, in length; it is the only member of its genus. A characteristic structure is the wheel-shaped pronotal armor. They are predators upon soft-bodied insects such as caterpillarsJapanese beetles, etc., which they pierce with their beak to inject salivary fluids that dissolve soft tissue. Because most of their prey are pests, wheel bugs are considered beneficial insects, although they can inflict a painful bite if handled carelessly.
Wheel bugs are common in eastern North America, although many people in the region have never seen them. They are camouflaged and very shy, hiding whenever possible. They have membranous wings, allowing for clumsy, noisy flight which can easily be mistaken for the flight of a large grasshopper. The adult is gray to brownish gray in color and black shortly after molting, but the nymphs (which do not yet have the wheel-shaped structure) have bright red or orange abdomens."

If you want to freak out just Google "Wheel Bug" and then click "Images".

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weird Bug/Beetle

Best part about it was this weird bug on the studio wall complete with shadow (for Ian Meares and the Art Crowd).

Empty Bowls - CNN Filming

A bunch of us were at Lisa and John's for the CNN interview before the Dig In Dinner tonight.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Interpreting the cup" - Process, Influence and Intent. Nov 5th.

Cups today and throughout history have reflected the way we live. Whether it’s function is utilitarian, or an abstraction of an idea, this simple form is complex. Artists from all over the world have been selected for this exhibit to represent how they interpret the ceramic cup through their range of processes, influences, and intentions. This exhibit will feature more than 400 cups representing 84 of the finest potters from around the world. The exhibit is curated byJason Bige Burnett.

Jason selected the artists based on the range of possibilities found among firing methods, construction techniques, and surface design. He is fascinated with how artists use traditional and more contemporary processes, from digging their own local clay to slip casting with commercial made slips. Then he focused on the unlimited ways to decorate surfaces from dipping into glazes to brushing on slips and carving into the pot or layering with decals and overglazes. Then he began to look at influences of the artists themselves and their own creative styles and whether or not work was utilitarian or conceptual.
Among the pieces in this exhibit Jason is particularly intrigued by Pattie Chalmers use of the ceramic cup as a fragment in her narrative sculpture that observes relationships and social phenomena. He also appreciates that Benjamin Carter's utilitarian cups are essentially a metaphorical landscape for southern comfort and hospitality. He found a sense of intimacy in the surfaces of Emily Schroeder's fingerprints and Susan Feagin's collaged fragments of written letters and journal pages as opposed to the controversial content that can be discovered in works by Tom Spleth and Triesch Voelker. Also, the range of narrative discovered on the cups surfaces of Ayumi Horie, Kathy King and Rough and Perfect. In the work of Elisa Helland-Hansen's mugs and gwendolyn yoppolo's cups and saucers Jason recognizes the beauty of form. The fantastic range of atmospheric surfaces can be found in the work of Shawn O'Conner, Lindsay Oesterritter and Judith Duff. Finally, Jason is fascinated by the influences of kitsch and souvenir portrayed by potters like Amy Santoferraro, Jeremy "Jr." Kane and Mark Burns. Every artist included in this exhibit contributes in some significant way to interpreting the cup.

This exhibition will open on
November 5th and remain through December 31st. The exhibition will also be available online onNovember 4th at Midnight! Please join us for an artists reception on November 5th at 6pm. For more information call 828-688-3599 or online at

Empty Bowls from Clay Club

Hey Clubbers,

Remember the Clay Club in July where we had a decorating festival with Cynthia Bringle...well here are the bowls and they will be at the Dig In Garden fundraiser tomorrow.  Thanks to all who helped!  Jim Sockwell, Gay Smith, etc. etc. You know who you are, Marian Parkes, Dyann Myers and Lynn August, etc.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dig In Yancey Community Garden- Fund Raiser

This Friday, October 21, 2011 is the Dig In Community Garden fundraiser at Higgins United Methodist Church. It is 101 North Main in Burnsville, NC.

This is a great cause and they really need our help!  Please consider helping!!

For more information contact :  John Hartom: 

ART FOR ANIMALS SAKE - Fine Craft Sale to benefit Mitchell County Animal Rescue

Oct. 21-23, Ridgeway Bldg  (opposite Penland Gallery),
Penland School of Crafts

Fri. 7-9 pm; Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6.

It will feature the donated work of area artists, and the proceeds will benefit the many programs at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue.

 For more information, or to donate work, call Jan at (828) 688-4437.

How to Get Your Work Seen FREE workshop Oct. 20, 2011

Arts and Business Classes

Only 2 more FREE Artist-Focused Craft Labs and seminars to be presented on the EnergyXchange campus.
Join Handmade in America’s Executive Director, Gwynne Rukenbrod and Director of Craft Entrepreneurship, Kari Rinn as they bring their highly applauded Craft Labs to the campus on the hill.  The series focuses on artist concerns, and over the next few months Gwynne and Kari will present five timely FREE workshops.

Mailing Address

66 EnergyXchange Drive
Burnsville, NC 28714
T: 828-675-5541
F: 828-675-5542

Mt Mitchell 2011

Was out riding and had some great views from Mt Mitchell.  If you ever get a chance to head up, do it.  Great place. Highest point on the east coast.

Boating with the Master

Went out kayaking with the Master (Terry Gess) at Lake Watagua yesterday. What a fantastic day.  Hope we have a few more warm ones.

Rough Winter Ahead

Saw some Willy Worms this weekend and you all know what this means!!  Rough winter ahead.  Hope it isn't true!

Great looking fall

Got a great looking fall this year. 

Wall Mural at Odyssey

Here is an image of the Wall Mural at Odyssey that Kathy Triplett and Alex Irvine are installing. Not sure how far along they are but it looks great!

Here is a link describing the process. It is worth a look!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cone 6 Glazes for Electric

You guys should check out Terry Rorison's Blog.  He has done a lot of work testing cone 6 glazes with and without cooling soaks and then documenting and sharing the recipes.  Outstanding!!!

Group 5 with controlled cooling

Group 6 with controlled cooling

Group 7 with controlled cooling

Group 8 with controlled cooling

Monday, October 17, 2011

Handmade, fair trade coming to Walmart

Just a follow-up to John Britt's posting a while back about the mugs available for sale at Walmart: now they're going to be selling handmade, fair trade crafts by women artisans from developing countries. More here (hat tip to Handmade in America).

Friday, October 14, 2011

17 WNC Craft Artists Show this weekend

HandMade in America is hosting Crafted, a juried exhibition of 17 WNC Craft Artists, sponsored by Kemper Strategy. The vibrant community of artisans has made Western North Carolina a destination for American craft. In a region of diverse artists with unique aesthetics, craft has brought the worlds of traditional and contemporary artists together in a union spanning from funky to functional.

Traditional furniture by Alan Arcand displayed in conjunction with contemporary sculptural ceramic work by Erin Essin Campbell illustrates how two beautifully crafted, yet completely diverse artistic approaches can communicate with one another.

Please join HandMade in America for a reception to celebrate the work of 17 regional craft artists during American Craft Week on Friday, October 14 from 5:30 to 8pm at HandMade in America located at the corner of Church and Hilliard in Downtown Asheville. HandMade in America is located at 125 S Lexington Avenue, Suite 101.

Additional artists showcased in wood, fiber, glass, metal and clay are: Andrea Brewer, Pam Brewer, Marissa Domanski, Sondra Dorn, Ben Elliot, Paul Frehe, Lesley Keeble, Blake Kennedy, Selinde Lanier, Martin Libman, Zac Lopez-Ibanez, Libby & Jim Mijanovich, Richard Montgomery, John Shearin, and Doc Welty.

Boo Boo Loves the Ball!

Clay Club Car Pool

Yo Clubbers.

I can always help with carpooling. On Wednesday Linda Banner and I went together. We had a great time getting lost. We rarely get to see each other so traveling in the car is just like sitting on the couch "visiting". So if you ever want to go to Clay Club and think it is too far let me know because I will probably already be driving and you can just join in.

I know that some people think we have Clay Club in far away places and that is a hardship. "It was too far".  But, for the record, I will have Clay Club anywhere someone offers. It is a gift to be able to go. And there is no substitute for going to see someone's studio. Photos don't do it. Doc was great and we met his wife and the majestic horse as well as the three kilns, all his pots, we had an informal "guess whose pot", etc. Some of the most memorable Clay Clubs were outside of Mitchell County! Imagine that.

I am reminded of my Judo instructor who talked about his teacher and how he would take three buses to get there and it took two hours. Then he had to take 3 buses home. He said that there was no substitute for getting instruction from the best.  Sometimes we have to make an effort and put ourselves out, be uncomfortable and  struggle to get the reward. And sometimes there is no reward. It might suck but it is worth the risk.

So any offers on the next Clay Club venue?  We can have it at my studio anytime! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jenny Lou Sherburne – Demonstration Workshop

Dates: Saturday, December 10 and Sunday December 11, 2011
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 10, 2011
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 11, 2011

Location: Rockingham Community College
                Wentworth, NC

Cost of Workshop: $60 for Guild members, $70 for non-members

Type of Workshop: Demonstration by Jenny Lou Sherburne

Click here for more info

Ceramics in America

Doc gave us a nice presentation of this book- "Ceramics in America" which showed some Moravian pots as well a a bunch of other nice stuff, mostly from central North Carolina.

If you don't know about Ceramics in America (and I didn't )  ... get with it!

It is now in its tenth year of publication, Ceramics in America is considered the journal of record for historical ceramic scholarship in the American context. The 2010 issue, which is intended to be a companion to the 2009 volume, will expand the discussion of the Moravian story by presenting a series of groundbreaking articles on other major centers of slipware production in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Setting a new standard for American ceramic studies, this transdisciplinary effort draws on archaeology, art history, religion, ceramics, technology, and many other areas of inquiry resulting in a substantively revised history of this much-admired North Carolina pottery tradition. Many examples
of highly decorative slipware and intriguing figural bottles are illustrated here for the first time with the precise color photography of Gavin Ashworth.

The 2009 and 2010 Ceramics in America journals are centered on the traveling exhibit, Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware, a ground-breaking exhibit that features masterfully decorated slipware, sculptural bottles, refined creamware and faience that are but part of the rich artistic legacy of North Carolina's first earthenware potters.

Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware Exhibition Schedule:
The Milwaukee Art Museum: September 2, 2010 - January 17, 2011
Old Salem Museums & Gardens: March 2011 - August 2011
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: September 26, 2011 - June 24, 2012

Doc's Pots

 He had a great pot collection..... arguably better than Tom Turner's!

From this 3000 BC pot to.....

This unusual Hamada pot.  Just amazing!

October Clay Club 2011

Had a great time at Doc Welty's place in Leicester NC last night. He has a great place....

Here the front wall of his studio....

Here is a detail of the design...

Here is everyone arriving on a beautiful fall day.  Think we all got lost a bit but you have to really want to go to Clay Club. 

Here are some of his pots in the show room...

And a horse which his wife loves a lot more than she loves him!

So don't mess with the horse!