Monday, October 10, 2011

Article in Ceramics Monthly on Mesh Size

I have an article in October 2011 Ceramics Monthly on Mesh Size. Check it out!

Techno File: Mesh Size 
by John Britt
Parsing the numbers of particle size lets us know more about how our materials will act in clays and glazes, and those numbers may even open up some creative options; and creativity is what this is all about.


paradox pottery said...

Why is my new Laguna 60 mesh sieve a smaller mesh
than the one I bought 10 years ago? I sieve all the mullite that goes in my clay body 60 mesh for a smoother pitfire body and to avoid blow-outs in the surface caused by large incompletely fired chunks of
Kyonite. my old sieve works fine, I lose 20% of the bag.
The new seive takes out 50% and takes forever to sieve
A new 50 mesh is too big. The difference in the sieves
is a wire size issue not wear.
Also, I have 15 5gal. buckets of C/6 glazes I want to give away. I'm not glazing anymore and I need the space. How can I post it? Jim Whalen

paradox pottery said...

Free to good home- 5 Gal. buckets of C/6 glazes
All good glazes, low co. of expansion. I'm no longer glazing, need the space. call 828 890 0525
Jim Whalen, Paradox Pottery

John Britt said...


Not sure on the Laguna sieve, but they may know.

I will send you a permission to post on the blog, you just follow the instructions. You might include the names of the glazes and where you live.

Let me know if you need help.