Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance | "8" the Play

The play "8" will be performed on Saturday October 20, 2012 at 7:00  p.m. FREE and open to the public:

CLICK on this for more info:  Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance | "8" the Play

Amy Waller is producing the play and other potters in the area will be performing (if you can call it that?) John Britt, Ken Sedberry, and Pat Bernard. See comments for Amy's thank you!


Amy Waller said...

Thanks, John! But you left out the most important part about how you're playing a starring - if bad guy - role. And potters Pat Benard and Ken Sedberry and other local talents are in it, too. Really proud of this happening in Mitchell County and grateful to all the potters and other artists who contributed to the Mitchell County GSA "A Party for Equality" fundraiser earlier this year - without your support we would not be able to do this.

Sterling VanDerwerker said...


Homosexual Sin cannot be equal with Heterosexual sin. The former cannot produce offspring.

June Perry said...

Sterling, not all heterosexual marriages produce offspring either. Perhaps you weren't aware of that. In any case, your beliefs are yours and not shared by myself and fortunately, not by most caring and compassionate people.
Too many people hide their homophobia behind religions. I hope you are not one of them.
Sorry I won't be there to see the play. I'll be it's going to be great!

John Britt said...

I think Sterling is making a joke? But am sure he can tell you....

Amy Waller said...

Just to be clear - a lot of people worked on this production, including especially Allison Bovée (who directed) and Marsha McClawhorn. As I just posted separately, it was a great performance. I'm really stoked we did this in Bakersville.

And yeah - Sterling - I hope that was a joke?