Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pots in D.C. & Baltimore

On a recent visit to Washington D.C. and Baltimore I was able to take in some exciting exhibitions featuring ceramics.
At the Hirshhorn Museum I took in Ai Weiwei's According to What? 
I had recently heard an NPR interview with Ai Weiwei and was particularly excited to see this show.

the pots in the top 3 pictures are, allegedly Han Dynasty and Neolithic, transformed and recreated by Ai Weiwei.  I still don't know if the pots are authentic antiques.  If they are, we're outraged.  If they're not, who cares?  I guess that's the idea.
The piece with the crabs, He Xie (or River Crab or "harmonious"), appears at first to be made of plastic, but is actually porcelain (fabricated by ceramics factory workers in Jingdezhen).

Baltimore Clayworks hosted a dinner for artists exhibiting at the ACC.  There, I saw 100 Teapots VI , juired by Jeff Oestreich.  Here's a few pics.  Sorry I don't know the names of each potter.

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