Monday, August 26, 2013


Hope you all are atuned to The Splendid Table.  Their recent post is a review by their road warriors on a Fr Chick restaurant in Statesville, NC.  So if you're wandering around Statesville looking for JC Steele, and a monster pugger, stop in at:
Keaton's Barbecue Inc

  • Address: 17365 Cool Spring Rd, Cleveland, NC 27013
    Phone:(704) 278-1619
    The best bb ever acc. to our road warriors--who prove their lustiness via girth.
    Mikpo, blogging from lost in So CA.  And you guessed it: it's a waste land.

    OOT: Have a look at Red Clay Rambler, by Carter Pottery.  Thanks to a link from M. Kelleher.

    So stay out of trouble, stay out of So CA. 

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    John Britt said...

    Glad you are still alive Mikpo!