Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Haywood Community College Classes

Heya Clay Folks!

Great things are happening these days at Haywood Community College! Along with the creative energy that hums from the studios of the Professional Craft Program, there is also a vibrant selection of Continuing Education classes. Check out the link below to see a full listing of all that they are offering. It's a great studio in a LOVELY setting to expand your ceramic repertoire.




John Britt said...

Lindsey, which classes are you teaching? It doesn't make it clear??

Lindsay Rogers said...

John, I will be teaching: For the Love of Flowers, Drink This!, Caffeine and The Dynamic Surface. Thanks!

John Britt said...
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John Britt said...

For The Love of Flowers: Hand building with
Clay – Have you ever looked at a vase sitting
on your table, or a planter hanging in a shop
and wished you could make one? Well then
this is the class for you! From the flower brick
to the traditional vase, to hanging baskets,
the demonstrations in this class will cover
a variety of vessels used for the display of
flowers. Techniques covered will include: hand
building with clay slabs, using paper templates
as a design tool, surface decoration, glaze
application and firing the finished the pieces.
We will cover designing the surface and the
form to best suit its intended use. Students will
come away from the class having learned the
basics necessary to use clay slabs to create
functional vessels.
#19947: 8 weeks, W 10/2- 11/20, 2- 5pm.
Register by 9/25
Location: CAB, Main Campus
Fee: $185, all supplies included

John Britt said...

Caffeine! Ceramic Coffee and Teapots – What
part does ritual play in our modern lives? More
and more, the breaks we take from the chaos of
our hyper-connected days involve stopping for a
hot cup of coffee or pausing with a warm cup of
tea. In this intermediate wheel throwing pottery
class, we will work to design and make ceramic
sets for both tea and coffee. We will start by
making teapots and cups and move on to drip
creative arts: personal enrichmentConTinuing EDuCaTion Fall 2013 : HayWooD CommuniTy CollEgE : 5
coffee cones and carafes. Technically, students
will learn how to make vessels with lids,
handles and spouts, with a focus on how pieces
fit together to make a cohesive and stable set.
Students should come willing to talk about their
daily caffeinated (or decaffeinated!) rituals.
#19950: 10 weeks, T 10/15- 12/17, 6- 9pm.
Register by 10/8
Location: CAB, Main Campus
Fee: $215, all supplies included.
Prerequisite: Participants must be able to
comfortably throw a small cylinder on the

John Britt said...

The Dynamic Surface – Using the three basic
functional clay forms (cylinder, bowl and plate)
as our canvas, we will discuss and explore the
difference between slips, underglazes, and
glazes; as well as take an introductory look
into the wide world of underglaze transfers and
decals. With the pottery wheel as our primary
starting point, we will create both visual and
tactile pattern on rounded vessels. Techniques
will include, but are not limited to: stenciling,
stamping, mishima, sgraffito, printing slip from
paper, underglaze transfers, decal application,
oxide application and wax resist. Although we
will work on forms made on the pottery wheel,
demos will focus mainly on surface application
and not on the details of how to make pots.
By the end of the class we will be combining
multiple techniques to create new and dynamic
#19946: 10 weeks, Tu 10/15- 12/17, 2- 5pm.
Register by 10/8
Location: CAB, Main Campus
Fee: $215, all supplies included.
Prerequisite: Demos will focus primarily on
surface application, so familiarity with throwing
on the wheel or hand building is required.

Lindsay Rogers said...

Thanks again, John! :)