Thursday, May 15, 2014

1000 Bowl Challenge is COMING UP!

Hey Everyone...... 
who has volunteered to help us make 1000 bowls for John Hartom and Lisa Blackburn's Empty Bowls.

Thanks for volunteering!!! It should be a fun and memorable event and with your HELP ..... I hope we can make our goal of 1000 bowls in one day and trimming the next day. We have 6 wheels so will need to make at least 125 bowls an hour to make it to your goal. I THINK WE CAN DO IT!!

CLAY- I wedged up some clay to get us started but we may have to have people get their clay ready since everyone has different styles. We have Buncombe White and Brownstone clay (all cone 6).

TOOLS- Just a note, we have some tools and sponges but if you want special tools you should bring them. We have buckets and towels and 6 electric wheels. If you are coming on Sunday you may want to bring your own trimming tools. They get pretty dull after the first 100!! I will try to bring some files.

BATS- We also have bats and ware boards but if you have some you can bring please do so. Be sure to mark your bats so we don't get confused when you are leaving.

FOOD- We will have food for lunch - probably a deli tray from Ingles and fruit and other snacks but if you have special food requirements please bring a lunch. We will try to have coffee and some beverages ( If you have preferences please let me know by tomorrow so I can get you something.)

WEATHER - It looks like good sunny weather and that matters because we will have a lot of bowls and will need to get them dry to take them off the bats without deforming them. We will have to take them outside to dry and then bring them back in for the evening or when they get too dry. (As you know timing is everything.)

I really appreciate your help and I think that this will make a huge difference for the hungry in WNC!!!

Thank you,


John Britt Pottery

154 Sparks Road
Bakersville, NC 28705

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