Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ProPanels for sale in Kernersville, NC

Debbie Sells has ProPanels for sale:

BUFF color Professional ProPanels used by a potter doing art festivals and always well taken care of. Panels are in very good condition. For more information about these ProPanels and to see how they work look at

Included are:
7 - 7 foot tall panels (38.5" wide)
42" tall collapsible desk with shelf
Stiffners - 4 straight, 2 L shaped, 1 T shaped
Support bars - 2 short, 1 Long
Assorted Hangers and Extenders
Lights (low voltage) also included.

Price - $725; Location – Kernersville, NC

Call (336-813-5400) or email ( for more information about these ProPanels.

 Pictures can be emailed upon request. Available for pickup only.

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Debbie said...

ProPanels are no longer available. Someone picked them up today.