Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stuff for Sale in Asheville NC
828 713 3482

Editor’s note: Catherine Brown used to live in Celo, but now lives in Asheville. I wouldn’t normally send a listing for stuff being sold in Asheville, but since this is glass and clay studio equipment, I thought it would be of interest to many on this list.

Jen-Ken GS Oval 13 glass casting kiln with viewing glass window and shelves. In great condition.
Retail price - $2733
My price $1000

Somaca 106" wet belt sander with 3M platen and two partially used belts. Works perfectly.
Retail price - $2581
My price - $1000

Steinert Lap machine with a box of diamond pads (used but not used up). In great condition.

Felker Mason-Mite 11 wet cut saw with custom metal table stand and one blade. Works like new.

Box of 25 fire brick rated 2300 degrees. New.
$3.50 per brick

Digitry GB4 programable temperature controller with sending units & surge protector. Works reliably.
Retail price - $1525
My price ~ $700

Skutt 1227 ceramic kiln (240 V, 48 amps) with Environvent and shelves.
Recently totally rewired. 20 years old but in great working condition.
Retail price - $2733
My price - $1000

Casting glass - Uroborus, Bullseye, and Schott - clear & some colors
Half price

Bullseye frits & powders ~ many colors.
Half price

Orton cones and kiln furniture
Half price

Glass enamels - Paradise & Sunshine
Half price

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