Citizen-Times: In Asheville, does art compete with food and beer?

More in the Asheville Citizen-Times on the art scene in Asheville, this time with a comparison to Burnsville:

"'Let’s take Burnsville, for example," she [Karen Wells of Arts North Carolina] said. 'They don’t have the beer industry. They don’t have the food. … Boy oh boy they can really shine when it comes to considering the arts as an economic development engine.'

"Evidence of the strength of the arts in Burnsville: The Toe River Arts Council, which represents roughly 33,000 people in Mitchell and Yancey counties, raised 35 percent more in contributions, gifts and grants in 2014 than the Asheville Area Arts Council, which represents about 250,000 people."

The article by Emily Patrick is titled, "In Asheville, does art compete with food and beer?" Ceramic artist Robert Milnes is quoted in it, too. Read it here: