Monday, July 25, 2016

Potter new to Western North Carolina seeks apprenticeship/work and kiln space

Here are the details from potter Tyler Anderson:

Hello all my name is Tyler Anderson, I am a potter and musician from California. I am recently relocated to the asheville area and wanted to contact some of the local artists to introduce myself. I am currently looking for an apprenticeship / assistant work and also a place where I can have my work fired. I had something worked out as far as kiln space but that recently fell through so I am on the hunt again. I work in cone 6 stoneware and until the move I had studio space, worked as an assistant, and did piece work in Tennessee. As an assistant to Susan Demay of Made by Demay I performed all sorts of studio functions including kiln loading and unloading, throwing and doing commission based piecework, mixing clay, glaze work, packing/shipping and invoicing, sanding and waxing pieces in prep for glaze, as well as all of the " clay chores" we all just love doing. I have been working in clay on and off for 10 years now but have been working consistently for the past year and a half or so. I currently run a small pottery business called Moon Hand Pottery and my work can be seen on my Instagram, FB, and tumbler. I am trying to make this a full time gig and get back to the scale of production I had in Tennessee, all the while learning from people whose ideas and techniques I could highly benefit from learning.
Thanks so much, Ty
(951) 639-7108

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