Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jim McDowell featured in premiere issue of Asheville Made magazine

The premiere issue of Asheville Made magazine features Jim McDowell and his face jugs. From the article:

According to stories passed down from his fourth great-aunt Evangeline, herself a village slave potter in Jamaica, relatives would place the vessels on the graves of the recently deceased. The jugs’ grotesquely exaggerated features were meant to scare off the devil as the departed went to heaven.

Face jugs now give McDowell a medium to support contemporary social justice. In his 2012 piece “Trayvon,” for example, the artist cut a hoodie-shaped hole from the side of a jug and placed a small face on the darkly glazed inside wall, highlighting unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin’s attire and youth at the time of his killing.

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Asheville Made is “a magazine celebrating our region's makers — the artists, craftspeople, food producers, and homesteaders that give Asheville its irreplaceable vibe. Pick up your free copy at galleries, cafes and shops throughout the region.”

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