Buying pottery in Asheville

A comment by Reddit user 4Nails on the Asheville subreddit post, "Awkward Asheville Conversation, or #NotPortlandia":

20 years ago I moved to Asheville for a job and got an apartment while my wife and son stayed where they where until I decided if I liked the job. So I needed a dish on which to place a candle. I drop in a pottery shop and saw a dish I liked. I take it to the register. "Don't you just love his new glazes?" The person at the register said. I had no idea what she was talking about. She Flipped over the dish and taped to the bottom was a photo of the Potter, a description of his choice of clay (there are choices?), and a full description of the potter's journey from one glaze to another and finally the one on the plate I was buying. I figured right then Asheville was not your average place. I also never again took for granted that simple things were not commodities but work's from an individual. It made common place things, personal things.

– Reddit user 4Nails

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Me: A coffee for here, please

Him: We have a single-origin Ethiopian, or a blend of two different Ethiopian varieties

Me: How would I choose?

Him: Uh . . . you just tell me which you want, and I get it for you.

Me: . . .

Me: What I meant was, you said there are two choices, but they are very similar sounding, can you help me decide which one I might like?

Him: well, they are both going to have deep, floral, and fruity flavors.

– Reddit user 6seed

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