Thursday, February 6, 2020

February Clay Club at Warren Wilson College: all the details edition!

February Clay Club will be at Warren Wilson College on Wednesday, February 12th from 5:30-7:30 pm (note that the time is different from our usual schedule). Thanks to Leah Leitson and everyone at Warren Wilson for hosting us!

Leah will give us a tour of the facilities and an overview of the program at Warren Wilson and we'll have a discussion with Leah's students. Some questions to think about to get the discussion started:

• How did you get started as a potter/ceramic artist?
• What do you do that makes your work unique to you?
• If you make a living at being a potter/ceramic artist, what is that like?
• What advice would you give to someone interested in making a living at it?

Leah will also set up a wheel for a demo for anyone interested in giving one.

We’ll have our usual potluck, so bring food to share. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, so please bring drink to share, just nothing alcoholic.

Directions from Leah:

• Take exit 55 off of I 40, turn left and then turn rt. onto highway 70.
• At the stoplight, Shell gas station is on left at the light, turn left onto Warren Wilson Rd.
• Pass Silo on right and then count four driveways on the right, including the first one which is the service drive.
• Turn Rt. into the 4th driveway, just past Kitteridge Theatre, cinderblock bldg. on Right.
• The ceramic studio is the middle bldg. of three, called 3D Studio.
• Feel free to stop anyone to ask where the 3D Studio- Ceramics is.
• I will have my cell phone on just in case anyone is lost, 828-230-7676

Carpooling: Claudia Green, John Britt and I are planning on carpooling from Mitchell County – let us know if you want to join us. If you’re interested in carpooling from anywhere else, leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post. You can also let me know and I will put folks in touch.

See you next Wednesday!

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Amy Waller said...

Susan Whitington is interested in carpooling from Burnsville - if you'd like to do that, send an email to and I'll put you in touch.