Request: clay to-go kits and firing services in Asheville?

My name is Kayla Rakower, I am a New Yorker and a full-time UX Designer at IBM, staying with family in Asheville and looking for an opportunity to stay creative. Back home I am a member of a pottery studio and have been for about 3 years now. They are doing to-go kits where we can pick up clay and drop off work to be fired. I am really just looking to get my hands dirty and hand build, but with confidence that I will be able to have whatever I were to make bisque fired in a state that wont break when I eventually get to travel home. Alternatively, I would love to rent a wheel or a kiln. In exchange, I am happy to offer my UX Design services or pay a deposit.

Contact Kayla at if you are offering something like this or know of anyone/any place that is.

(note: I've shared with Kayla the info about Tryon Arts & Crafts School's new clay takeout and delivery services, but is anyone doing this in or closer to Asheville?)