Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Soft brick, kiln shelves and more for sale in the Asheville area

***UPDATE 6/7/21: the bricks and shelves have been sold; the Insblock fiberboard and the buttons are still available***

Bill Muerdter has the following for sale in the Asheville area:  

Insblock 19 Fiberboard 

        1’ x 3’ x 2”   great for adding insulating back up to kilns or in making a raku kiln - still in original sealed box  (8 pieces per box)                                                      

(Ward Burner System has it for $239. box)   (have 2 boxes)       $ 98. box

Ceramic Fiber buttons for securing ceramic fiber blanks

(have 57)          (Axner $1.25 ea.)                 $ .50 ea  

contact Bill Muerdter   (Asheville area)  at  buddyhobo@gmail.com

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