Special Event This Weekend - GR Pottery Forms

 Special Event, Sunday Oct. 23, 2:00 PM at Reems Creek Pottery

Location: 181 Reems Creek Rd., Weaverville

Jeff Rottman, Owner and Founder of GR Pottery Forms is hitting the road to introduce a new product to their line — the WA2 system. The WA system is designed to make plates utilizing the GR forms and a wheel, which produces good quality, consistent plates especially good for adding a variety of surface decorations. He will be demonstrating this new product as well as answering any questions that you have regarding the use of the GR forms in general.

His itinerary is taking him to Clay King on Monday, Oct 24th. At this point he is not scheduled to be at Highwater Clays, so it is quite an opportunity for us to do a meet and greet and watch him demonstrate. If you are not familiar with the product line check it out on Facebook, instagram or the website at www.GRpotteryforms.com  (for those of you that don’t know, GR stands for Grand Rapids, which is where they are located).

Rachel Smith of Reems Creek Pottery has been using these forms for about 6 years, and reached out to Jeff when she found out that he would be spending the weekend in Asheville during his promo tour. She also let him know about the NCCAF that is happening on Saturday, Oct 22nd at Pack Place. So, if you are one of the vendors there, you may see him checking out the festival.

If you have any questions, reach out to Rachel:  potterybyrachel@gmail.com