Hi! My name is Reuben, and I am coming to Asheville NC for the months of June, July for a short-term residency at Odyssey ClayWorks. I am posting to introduce myself to the potter community of NC and as an advertisement for my potential services! If anyone is looking for studio assistants or someone capable of odd-jobs look no further! I can help with clay recycling, kiln electrical repair, kiln building, glaze mixing, cleaning, supply runs, etc… I have a vehicle as well for any transportation needs. I have experience managing teaching studios: inventory management, studio flow, firing, etc… I have also built my own kilns (cone 6 updraft, cone 10 downdraft, raku). I look forward to meeting the NC clay community!

I have also attached a few photos of my pieces! Please reach out if you have any questions or opportunities for me! 


My website with more examples of my work is: