Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clay Club was nothing short of spectacular

And by that I mean Josh Copus's Place!  It was just amazing all the work that he and his crew have done.  The 4 monster kilns the amazing shed and the entire feel of the place was just very very impressive. I am not sure that he realizes what a impressive place he has built and is continuing to build!  Fantastic.

It actually reminded me of something you would see in Korea or Japan at some museum in an archeological dig of the emperors palace!!!

In a few years when he gets some classes going The Copious Maximus will rule the world!!!! Watch out Penland and Arrowmont!!!  This guy is the for real!


Emily Reason said...

He knows ;)
That was great fun. Thanks for the host with the most.

Anonymous said...

Building kilns with free brick is one one thing, making pots to fill them is another!