Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Workshop at Western Piedmont College in Morganton NC

Wednesday, October 20 · 10:00am - 2:00pm

LocationWestern Piedmont Community College
1001 Burkemont Ave lower floor of H building
Morganton, NC

For more information contact Shane Mickey at 828-467-1208
or on Face Book, or John Britt 828-467-5020. 


Lori Buff said...

What's the topic of the workshop?

John Britt said...

I am throwing for his class (thrown altered and assembled) and then a slide show on Peach Bloom and probably glaze questions.

barb said...

Thanks for a great time...very comfortable to be part of this group as a guest, and I left feeling ready to assemble little doo dads and wigets. Barb Rogers

John Britt said...

Glad you came Barb!

morning.sky.pottery@gmail.com said...

On behalf of all of us from the Black Mountain Center for the Arts- thank you for the valuable insight, information and inspiration!
Maureen Joyce

John Britt said...

My pleasure Maureen.