Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clay Club April 2011

Yo Clubbers,

Looks like we are having the Clay Club at the One Of A Kind (OOAK) Gallery on the Micaville Loop this  Wednesday April 13, 2011 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

OOAK Gallery
573 Micaville Loop
NC 28755
(828) 675-0690

Kari Hopkins, Linda Banner and Estella Shackleford are the new owners !  (I hope you were nice to them when they were nobodies and now that they are Gallery owners, I hope that they remember us peons!) 

You can bring any potluck item you like or just come on by and check out their new space!

Hope to see you there!


Barbara Rogers said...

Hi John and all Clay Clubbers...just a reminder that the clay studio of the Black Mountain Center for the Arts is looking forward to hosting a Clay Club pot luck on May 11. I hope to come to this month's meet...where is Micaville Loop, please?
Barb Rogers

John Britt said...

Barbara, You are on for May 11, 2011. Just google :

OOAK Gallery
573 Micaville Loop
NC 28755

And a map comes up. Between Burnsville and Spruce Pine on 80 .

Lynda Gayle said...

You ain't seen nothing yet John. Just wait till my book comes out! lol