Friday, April 1, 2011

Question about a Skutt 1027 kiln

Riddle me this: What happens if, instead of putting only one top/bottom element in the top and bottom sections, you put two top/bottom elements in? The recommended elements are a single top/bottom for the very top and the very bottom. They then recommend that a center element goes into the bottom of the top section, the entire center section, and the top of the bottom section. Right now we have 4 top/bottom elements and only 2 center elements. And they won't exchange them since the pigtails have been cut.

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John Britt said...

Call Skutt and ask them.

You will get uneven temperatures. I think, if I can remember, that the top and bottom get hotter than the middle?? Not positive. I think it helps compensate for the natural unevenness of electric kilns.