Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cheap Oxides -US

Hey Potters,

I was just trying to get some Cobalt Oxide and called Highwater and the price is $32.45 a half pound! And $64.90 a pound! 

But you can get it at US Pigment for $35.00 a pound. So you save $30 on that one pound.

US Pigment also has:
Tin Oxide for $18.00 a pound and Highwater is $37.40
Cobalt Carbonate for $25.00 and Highwater is $45.10
Inclusion stains are $25.00 while at Highwater they are $42.00.
Synthetic Yellow Iron for $4.00 and Highwater is $7.90
Synthetic Red Iron for $3.00 and Highwater is $6.60 (they call it Crocus Martis but don't be fooled by the name -it is Bayferrox 180M See MSDS)

You can order a Flat Rate Box and it come US Postal for $12 for about 20# of oxides.  You can save hundreds of dollars!I don't now about you but I could use a couple of hundred of dollars!

If comes in about two days.  Plan ahead potters unless you like to pay double.

John Britt


Mud Duck Pottery said...

I've used their oxides for some time now. Haven't noticed any difference in my glazes. But did notice a difference in my checking account.

Miri said...

I get ALL my glaze materials from Syed at US Pigments and am very happy with my results. Syed is the sweetest guy and a pleasure to deal with but more importantly, he is a magician when it comes to PACKING a flat rate box. Shipping in a large flat rate box will cost you $16, for ~30LBs of materials. Tell Syed what you want extra of if there is room, and he'll do it with a smile.

Maggie said...

10Q britt!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, this is good to know, thanks so much.