Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Work 2011

Here is a tea pot with Snow Flake Crackle. Still working on it, but some progress!


Nora Thomas said...

This snowflake crackle is beautiful!
Congrats on the development of it.

wabi sabi said...

Beautiful glaze!
I have seen celadons in pictures similar to this. I would pay good money for the recipe to this glaze. Really stunning!

Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

Very interesting crackle effect John! Have you given any thought to adding colorants yet?

John Britt said...


I am working on that as we speak. It is hard because they change the COE or make it opaque and you can't the crackle.

Hey, did you ever get my note about a clay that would be prefect for you? Earthen Red from Highwater fired to cone 6.

Anonymous said...

Effect looks similiar to this one.

Cheers Jaja

John Britt said...


That is it. But I am at cone 6. Either way thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I haven't noticed that you're at cone 6 I've just remembered I've seen similiar one over the net on Cory's ware so I tried to google it.
Have you already tried your snowflake glaze with different clay bodies?
Colorants in glaze, apart from COE change, might be too many visual effects together.
Maybe color engobe strikes under the glaze would be interesting to test and more decent in look.
Looking forward to see more tests. Jaja

John Britt said...

Hey Anonymous,

I have tried it and am writing it up into an article for CM. But write me back a bit later and I will share the recipes.(have to keep them until the article is out.) I am working on the cone 10 stuff for the same article so love the link! I have a couple of those in my book but the clay body really makes a difference.