Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wholesale Shipping?

I'm curious to know how folks handle the cost of shipping for wholesale orders.  I currently charge a percentage of the order amount for "packing," + UPS fees.  I'd love to find a simpler way, but don't want to "eat," the cost of shipping.  How do y'all do it?


Lynda Gayle said...

I don't think there is an easy way around it, especially for wholesale. Don't eat the shipping/ins costs though, and depending on the size of the order, you need to recover costs on packaging materials if you have to buy them, too. Every business out there will pass this cost on, but for some reason I always feel I should be apologetic about it. (Getting over that pretty quick though. Shipping is a hassle and I could be making pots, but instead, I'm wresting bubble wrap and toxic peanuts!) Unless prearranged, the retailer should expect these charges.

Ron said...

I don't do a ton of wholesale but when I do I charge the actual shipping cost plus a 6% packing fee. I have several friends who also do this. I've never had anyone complain about it.